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01 May 2016

Serd built home from a bar 8,5h10,5 m for year-round use.He notes that from the outset it is important to understand that all buildings need careful planning.Even at the design stage should consider all the utilities: heat, water, ventilation, sewerage, electricity.Also, do not forget about the stairs - is necessary to calculate its size and think about its location.

Plan every detail, down to the placement of furniture, colors and textures of finishing materials will help the modern three-dimensional modeling software, such as Archicad.

Members Active notes a "plus" of his house, as a base-plate.We were close Serd ground water, in the spring they were 5-10 cm below the surface: kopnesh shovel - and pit water.Battle of the alignment of the bases was on this earth, the owner inherited from his grandfather, all the time tried to poles, tape, other designs.The new foundation - a monolithic slab - Validating satisfied.

From what he would have done differently:

  • not used unplaned timber.The w
    all was built of conventional lumber 150x150.Outside - insulation, so the appearance is not so important, but inside he would prostrogat bar before folding walls.In this case, the inner surface of leave without finishing - would save money and space.
  • Do not use an ordinary tow for mezhventsovogo seal only special lnodzhutovoe canvas.After laying a tow sloppy sticking out of the walls, it konopatka - labor-intensive

savings initially later translates into significant costs.

  • would not do gables of the timber.This complicates the operation and can lead to problems with the roof if mauerlat rests on the wall of the timber height, for example 4 m, and horse - by the same, but the height of 9 m, the wall will give different shrinkage (nine meter sits more).It can bend the rafters if they are not designed.Serd advises if you build a house from a bar, do the wall of this material to mauerlat, and anything above must be frame structure.
  • should be good to think of truss system.It should match the load is not subject to deformation due to external factors, errors in design (incorrectly linked elements) or materials (not section).
  • Until relatively square log walls.It is necessary to ensure that used wooden pins with a diameter shovel.Each nog must communicate, at least three timber.In addition, if the house interior walls - of the beams, they must be joined with other walls as reliable as other components, such as "dovetail joint".In Serd partition installed just in a groove.As a result, when the timber has become dry, and pressed on mauerlat roof and outer walls, they are arched.This happens partly due to improper roof structure, and partially - from the fact that the inner wall is kept outside.

monitor work!No matter how much you paid to the builders, hired a firm or Uzbeks, should thoroughly examine the question: what should be in the end, as it should be done, etc.Do not rely on arguments such as "we are doing so many years, and no one had no problems."

errors and their correction

SergeyR oversaw the construction of the neighbor's house.Pie overlap there was: a crate across the floor beams, between the beams - mineral wool top - OSB sheathing at 50x100, laminate has ever had.
OSB 18 mm was planed, and this was the cause of the pop creaking floor.The neighbor had to get rid of decking fasteners, make cuts on the joint, remove the NDE self-adhesive glue on crate soundproofing tape to metal profiles (insulated plasterboard on the profile), and then re-attach already neshpuntovannoe OSB, leaving a gap of 2-3 mm and closing up their glue.

Skorpiyonik suddenly just solved the problem of insulation and leveling tile floor.Rather than remove the tile and make a new tie, he used polystyrene.IeI bought two bags of polystyrene beads, mixed in a concrete mixer according to the instructions, filled with a thin layer, and on top put a tile.The result - fast, small labor and cash costs, smooth and warm floor: a feeling as if you walk on the carpet.

This floor is not difficult to push, for example, a leg of the cabinet.Validating recommended if you do not lay tile, pour a layer of self-leveling mixture 5-10 mm.

Validating give advice on the construction of the house :

  • carefully select performers.Give builders a simple first job (shed, fence, shed) and look at the result: if right, we can put the problem more complicated.
  • For installation of special equipment, such as plumbers, take a trusted professional rather than working among the builders.
  • If there is something you do not like - to adapt immediately, even if it leads to additional costs.Then it will be more difficult or, more likely, will remain so.
  • main room, where residents spend most of their time (kitchen, dining room) should be spacious and well-lit.
  • House makes it simple and small (children disperse and clean, and contain a large house would be difficult and expensive), the roof - also simple.

  • The stone house is better to do concrete floors.
  • immediately provides protection against penetration (put the alarm system or shutters with windows).
  • Remember that large windows - a source of heat.

Not all that is beautiful in the picture, can be implemented.Often, architects are not familiar with all the nuances.All non-standard significantly increases the cost.

  • Do not skimp on the foundation and roof.
  • Each compartment floor on the ground floor do manholes for access to the underground, otherwise do that then it will be much harder.
  • plastic doors When ordering please note that they have a very high box: the opening height of 2 m, door height is 1.75 m.
  • Think well, you need a ground floor.Most often it is used as a storehouse of things, and in this case its construction - wasted money.
  • garage is better not to do in the house, otherwise necessary to provide an intermediate space between it and the living space, as well as the ability to transform the garage into another room: studio, sauna, home theater, etc.
  • If you build a garage, and provide better parking under cover: most of the time the car will be there.This is especially true if you have two cars.
  • better not do balconies, especially if they are under the warm room: it will be necessary to insulate them, waterproofed, etc.Balconies are rare, but they have to be regularly cleaned of snow and fix leaks.
  • Instead veranda to better organize the sliding windows.

  • Provide technical facilities for the storage, laundry, etc., the vestibule at the entrance from the street, and walk-in closets - it is better to keep things there, you can use the cabinets and other furniture, which reduces the area of ​​the rooms.
  • Before installing the heating required to make teploraschet.One of the members of the forum have not figured out a large area of ​​the roof and a skylight.As a result, in the house - a maximum of 18 degrees at kipyatochnyh batteries and warm field.We'll have to dig walls and increase the number of sections in the battery.
  • If you want to organize a second light, remember that the windows will be difficult to take care of (high), and the room would have to pick up the interior volume elements: long curtains, a chandelier on a long chain, etc.
  • Do not build a country house, not a house for permanent residence: once you're still going to move there, and have to spend money and living space for his trouble, for example, for the purpose of insulation.
  • must be used every inch of space, and the path of the at home - to be minimal.

Imagine your future home: you go into it, where you're going first, consider all your way during the day.Think about how you will live there in the winter in severe cold and summer heat.Imagine that you arrive there alone or with friends.Get more imagination, and then many surprises will be able to avoid later.

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