Garage in the house - myths and reality

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01 May 2016

Senin According to the construction of the garage in the house is not a rational decision, both in terms of convenience as well as from the standpoint of economic and territorial benefits

Myth №1.Garage on the ground floor of the house allows you to save the site area 18kvm

real savings in this case amount to 9kvm.Calculation example: detached two-storey house with a total area 70kvm + garage will occupy an area of ​​35 + 18 = 53kvm.House with integrated garage will occupy an area 26 + 18 = 44kvm.

little more saves land area in the basement garage.The length is not very steep departure from the garage in this projection is not less than 3m.So this check takes at least 7kvm.

Myth №2.Garage in the basement

Firstly, with such an arrangement is likely flooding groundwater, and secondly, the complexity of entry and exit in the winter because of the icy and snow swept the descent to the garage.

Myth №3.Warm garage have to be built to house

In reality, periodically open the garage door and in

tensive ventilation of exhaust gases result in large heat losses.A garage warm by the heat of the house is impossible, it is necessary to put their heating system.Carry out the heating pipes or electrical cable from the house to the detached garage is not such a big problem.

Myth №4.It is convenient to have a way out of the house to the garage directly

smell of exhaust fumes from the garage will inevitably be in the house.Correct to walk down the street a few meters and enter the garage through the gate.Leaving the winter on the street still have, at least, in order to clear the snow from leaving.

Myth №5.Combining house with garage saves investment

Garage is a technical room, the walls of which there is no need to warm in the house.They could be made for a simplified, and therefore cheaper technology.According Senin garage is an ideal lightweight design without a foundation, something like a metal foam, which, if desired, can be insulated with polystyrene foam.

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