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30 April 2016

not trust the workers?You want to save?Prefer to do repairs in the house with his own hands?If for any reason you have decided on their own to put the tiles, you will find tips participants.

How to put a tile without measuring instruments?

According muffins, tiles can be laid out smoothly and without special measuring instruments, while avoiding many of the problems.Given: bathroom custom sizes, in which there is no right angles.The owners of the apartment have decided not to line the walls (would have to build about half a meter), and deepen one of them a corner bath.

most important condition for the proper installation of tiles is smooth horizontal emphasis.This often screwed to the wall horizontal bar.Cupcake act differently.In the corners of the walls, he drove four dyupelya with screws between the upper and lower harness pulled (you can twine - what is available) and adjusted with the help of screws, applying the usual plummet (it shows the best level).

turned out two perfectly stretched on

a vertical column.Then he pulled between one cord in such a way that it can be moved along two vertical cords.

The result is a mobile beacon that will not allow to leave aside.With it you can preview, everywhere you will take tiles or somewhere littered wall.Because of this finding is not necessary to apply several times the level of which may be wrong.Mobile "tool" to successfully climb from one row to the next.The same way, you can view any deficiencies in their plaster walls.Thus forumchanin laid fourteen meters of tiles.

Another tip from cupcakes.Often when home repair, cut the edge tiles spread on top.According to the master, it is better to hide for the whole tile or area.

Krepjat whether the tiles on the putty or wet plaster?

If putty plaster, she can fix the tiles to draw water from the glue.As a result, tiles fall off together with glue and putty.If you want to put a tile, for example, on the apron, the forum users are advised to first remove the filler, and then use a primer such as "Concrete-contact."

builders have warned that you can not put tile on the wet plaster.Should wait until it is completely dry.

it possible to put the tiles on the plywood or GCR?

According to members of the forum, even soaked in linseed oil plywood can be very story from moisture.Therefore it is better to fix it over the moisture-resistant gypsum board, then cover and engaging primer laying tiles on special tile adhesive.Another option - to fill on the plywood fine mesh "perforation" to make tie and has her laid tile on the polymer-cement glue.

When laying tiles on the drywall it is recommended to be primed.

How to put tiles on a wooden or concrete floor is uneven?

To align the concrete floor before laying tiles pre-made waterproof, moisture-resistant drywall is attached on top of 9 mm thick.Then close the joints of cement grout and leave to dry.You can then glue the tiles.

When laying tiles on a wooden floor screed do first: stele waterproofing, and then laying out the grid with a cell 100x100 Cut a piece of the correct size, put it on the floor and fastened with screws.Then put a cement-sand mortar and after hardening glue tiles.

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