How to predict the weather

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30 April 2016

  • Red sun comes not in the cloud - tomorrow will be the day frosty and clear.
  • If two rings around the moon or one dim-tomorrow will be cold.
  • Jackdaws and crows incessantly krichat- soon be snow and possibly blizzard.
  • Clouds float against the wind, to the snowfall.
  • firewood burning in the oven with a crash-frost;hiss and smoke-the sinking.
  • Around sunset visible white circles, high post-establish a strong cold for several days.
  • In January frequent snowfalls and snowstorms in July frequent rains will.
  • Winter snowy-rainy summer.
  • Red fire in the stove, frost, white - to thaw.
  • dog lying in the snow-storm will be.
  • smoke from the chimney-spreading will be snow.
  • On leaves room calla stands out water, will soon thaw
  • February cold and dry August is hot.
  • summer and nervous scream jackdaws and crows tomorrow will be snow.
  • Ravens and crows sit on a snow-thaw.


  • On thawed blossomed mother and stepmother - warm weather will last a long time
  • sun sets in shimmering red dawn - expec
    ted a strong wind and a chance of rain.
  • sparrows sit-nahovlivshis will soon rain.
  • Flows much juice from birch-summer will be rainy.
  • If birch leaves dissolved before alder-summer will be sunny, and if alder birch blossomed before - cold and rain tortured.
  • early departure bees, a sign of the onset of an early and warm spring.
  • on the surface of bodies of water appeared a sheet of white lilies-frost More
  • will not.
  • regularly cuckoo cuckoo-the weather is warm and freezing prekratyatsya.
  • Beetles worry-fly in the evening or tomorrow and colder going to rain.
  • If the sky floating clouds and dandelion flowers open, the rain will not.
  • a sunny day dandelion flowers close - soon starts to rain.
  • rowan bloom - come a long warm.
  • Two cold in May - blooming cherry blossoms and oak.
  • Frost is possible if in cloudy weather in the evening the wind decreases cloudiness subsides;if clear and cool weather the smoke out of the chimney and the fire pillar rises up.


  • nightingale sings all night, it will be a sunny day.
  • evening dropped heavy dew - tomorrow will be sunny.
  • sky is clear and the flowers mallow and field bindweed closed - going to rain soon.
  • In fine day woodpecker knocks much - soon starts to rain.
  • The rainbow over the red-stop rain, more blue - will increase the wind and rain.
  • a cloudy evening clearly visible objects on the horizon, and distinctly heard the sound of tomorrow is rain and possibly a thunderstorm.
  • on the leaves of horse chestnut were drops of water come-long rainy weather.
  • If earthworms crawling out of the ground, the clear weather replaced by rain and thunderstorms.
  • mosquitoes and gnats night club - to the good weather.
  • Dru┼╝no jumping and chirping grasshoppers - a dry and clear weather.
  • There is rain and puddles appear bubbles - long rain stops.
  • late flowering mountain ash - a long and warm autumn.
  • all covered with oak acorns - will warm winter.


  • Geese and ducks are hiding their heads in the sand - in the cold.
  • clouds float from the north to the south - to the sunny weather, from south to north - to the bad weather.
  • Listopad passed quickly - coming soon winter will be cold and harsh;and if the leaves remain green for a long time kept on the trees - winter be short and with little frost.
  • Moon in the dim haze - to prolonged bad weather.While
  • sheet with cherries singed, no matter how much snow has fallen, the winter will not come
  • abundance of cones on spruce - a snowless winter.