The plot, the son of hard errors

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29 April 2016
Yesterday you were an ordinary person, and have now become a landowner.What the dream apartment in the box, came to pass.You bought a plot with a beautiful view of the river and not far away, and the neighbors seem very nice people.Starting a new life, which previously seemed serene and joyful.But you're standing on the edge of their possessions, inspect and, according to a participant Pauline , «head of any thoughts other than panic» .
It is true: in the course of development of the site you are bound to make mistakes and do not just step on a variety of rake.But the good news is not necessarily fill all the bumps yourself.You can learn from the experience of others.Members dismantle the mistakes they made in the beginning of his villa-town life.
Which would be their wrong actions are not told later experienced site owners, they agree on one thing: rushed.Do not rush to think about every step, «measure, measure, measure and then cut» - that's the main advice t
hat everyone is ready to give yourself from the past.How much energy, time and money have been able to save time!
«Do not rush" necessary at the stage of selecting a suitable site.Many regret that they are not commensurate their material resources and physical strength with the size of the plot.Large plot - it's good, but think about how much work there!And you can create a paradise on six acres, as well as twenty - arrange the eternal unfinished and landfill.
Smocker «not measured out seven times" - he first wanted to shed its site only, and then a small one-story house, then came to the home of 6 * 7.But already dug a pit under the small and now have to redo.
have morz all gone even further.At first, he and his family decided it would be a summer cottage.Therefore, the toilet and shower made in the street, and the kitchen - on the veranda.Very soon, everyone wanted the cottage in winter, and it was then, and said the consequences of carelessness.
Leto99 with a ready project and has already paid at the hands of the superintendent called, posted workers for the construction of the basement and only then realized that he did not measure the land for right angles.And this is how he now realizes it was necessary to be done first, before writing project!In the eyes it could not see that the area is not rectangular.I had to go to make a decision: either to donate part of the land, or to change the project.A project at the forumchanin took six months, and has already come in September.
When it was dug a trench under the foundation, Leto99 realized that relied on the foreman and the workers and measured the area on the height difference.In the eye drop is no more than 20 centimeters, it turned out - meter.
Milo has not checked in compliance with the borders of the cadastral plan and on the ground, do not re-measure section before buying.Now he is brewing conflict with its neighbors.
can not save on surveyors.This mistake made by many participants of this forum, including PEP. He has not pitched axis, measured out the steps which must be the foundation pit.When the pit (17 * 13 m) had dug, it turned out that was wrong with the angle forumchanin location of the house on the plot.As a result, he had to increase the pit, and it is - the additional costs and time.
Do not rush, and you do not have to redo anything.Here you have cleared a plot of unwanted trees uprooted stumps and are ready to turn their land into a paradise.Stay.The main thing is not Align the land before you have on hand will be landscaped and construction plans.No new posts Olga Savelolg leveled on the site gorgeous terrace in the slope of 4 meters to 52 meters long.Now again do them again, but all the hard-packed earth tractors as a skating rink.
Regarding tractor Savelolg especially laments: it was not necessary to plow new ground, it is best to align all the little light planner, such as an excavator JCB.The fact that the tractor during plowing displaces ground portion in one piece, and one end you will mound, and in the other - gully.All this you will again have to level planner or hands.And any technique plowed at least once a place to get bogged down five years later.
Olga and regrets that the right to chop down all the old trees: now she baked 20 acres of hell on the southern slope, and not a drop shadows - it is simply impossible to work.We had to leave, at least temporarily, a couple of trees.
- Well, the fourth error: Exactly, flunked a collector 15 and a bottom located at the bottom of the site.Sewage system for the village were doing back in the bearded years.I see a huge pit, lined with brick walls, the floor concreted, and instead of "thank you" speak for Freestuff plums flunked.Another one falls, I think.Behold, now I unearthed.And dig far more than to bury.
Starting country life, many believe that the fence portion is not to build a house, do not - will call in heavy machinery, it is necessary to turn around, and so on.Listen to experienced people: gardens in any way and anything that you can see the border.To keep your land is not a place where motorists convenient to cut corners where cattle graze someone else, and neighbors trodden path, because they are so convenient.
After ten years of gardening Timychu it became clear that its main troubles associated with irregular plantings.He did not realize that some plants grow well in partial shade, but others need lots of light.Now it is up to the lighting scheme area, taking into account all existing and future buildings.And nothing would have had to replant.
Here's what landlords regret: that in the first winter of his suburban did not go to the courses of landscape design.Especially if the site - large enough.
- My main mistake during the development of virgin land in 20 acres - it was necessary in the first winter to go on courses of landscape design.And then it turned out that three years have to move the track to shovel tons of earth from one place to another, transplanted bushes.But now, having in hand a plan, I almost did not think where that shift or where to plant next rastenyushku.Slowly at sotochku-two of the season, and master the new ground .
with large areas want to be beautiful, "as in the cinema."At first it seems that all you can think of: all winter draw plans, and then start construction season, when you do not know what to grab first.In general, the site generated somehow.
After courses Kern made up of up to 0.5 m (in winter in the snow with a tape measure each tree vymeryat), which took into account all of the width of the track to select the plants in a shady area, utilities: watering,electricity, location of the shadows, and so on. n.
After his first season as an owner of the site forumchanin EESOM says the biggest misconception - trust the professionals, to believe in it: « we will pay,and we will do everything quickly, efficiently and on time ».In fact, nothing like this happens, and it is necessary to monitor the progress of work, to study the issue thoroughly as possible, and not to allow "Provisional Government" to itself what is advantageous or convenient to the contractor or seller.This also applies to the type of foundation and the type of sewage, and the well, and planning area - often.
Grunt - a favorite rakes users are advancing every second.It must be so: dug foundation - ground in a pile!Filled foundation - the land dug in the process, in a pile!Why bury fertile land?From under the foundation 12 * 6m dug two or three Kamaz of land from which you can then form a bed.It turns out a bad economy.
Another thing that then our friends, the usually bitterly regretted & amp; 񗰰 is too close friendship with its neighbors.I want to relax, to be with their loved ones, but here on the one hand talk call, on the other - for dinner.And not everyone likes standing on beds with ploskorez in hand, listening to advice and teachings that are always generous sociable neighbors.The best thing in this case - to a polite but detached behavior.
We have compiled for you a list of small "stocks", which is now Gameday regret: because they could avoid them, and then to respect themselves for prudence and thrift.So, here they are:
not collected large rocks that fall under excavation, well, etc.Then, when it came to the landscape, the stones had to buy at high prices.
should not be to the workers digging up the earth under the beds and flower beds, grass and chose throws it in the trash.It is long and tedious, but then you'll have to weed.
buy seedlings, anywhere - in most cases grew not at all what we promised the sellers.Conclusion - the only nursery!
stuff was used in the decoration of flower beds and flower beds.After a couple of years, all these bricks and pieces of slate will go into the ground, and under every stone or brick is an anthill.
mixture was allowed "for later" all sorts of stuff.Over time, they accumulate so much that it could lead to a separate construction.
saving instruments.This is wrong: the plot - not hard labor, and any work on it should bring joy.If the instrument annoys the quality of its work from the outset change it for the best.This does not mean that it is necessary "to remove the shirt," simply refers to a tool with respect, and he will answer you the same.
Becoming proficient countryside residents Gameday most regret that if in the beginning, not thoroughly studied the experience of like-minded people.Here's how it formulated Rinova :
- The Forum I had read on a regular basis rather than on a case by case basis.Some mistakes avoided thanks to him, and did not check where by searching out there and made a mistake.Conclusion: before each stage - here, look similar problems.
This article explains how to master the "wild" part, but here - a great video on the same subject.