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29 April 2016

Senin said that the complexity of the design of such attic rooms is that the lower part of the wall in the room to a height of about 1 meter vertical, and anything above - is inclined at an angle of slope of the roof.Therefore, the size of rooms at the same time depends on the angle of the roof and the height of the vertical part of the wall.According Senin without computer modeling to design a loft possible.So many refuse to mnogoskatnoy design attic roof.

When you look at the house from the street Senin, he seems a little rustic - either you open terraces on the second floor or the underground garage or in the castle towers.But the appearance of the house is deceptive.In fact, he has three full floors with a total area 220kvm through the basement and the attic, and it does not seem like much.

During the design house Senin was thinking primarily of a comfortable stay in it.And the construction of towers and other excesses increase the cost and complicate the operation of the construction of the house


principles that guided Senin when building a house

reliability and durability
rigidity of the whole of the roof is provided by two of her skate (1 skate and skate 2).One hand, they are based on an internal bearing wall, which rises from the basement to the roof ridge.The other side of skates lying on the two gables.The top 3 horse leans through small bars also bearing wall.Due to this structure, the strength and reliability of the roof increases.

Snow on the roof should not forget that in winter snow increases the load on the roof, so truss system must be reliable, and clean off the winter snow from the roof does not cause much enthusiasm.Considering all these arguments it made a pitched roof 35grad.The flatter the roof, the more it will accumulate in the snow, the danger of falling under the avalanche.

Appointment gables
They are needed for the strength of the roof.And thanks to the vertical wall gables increases the size of the attic rooms.Senin said that in the gable window is very convenient place.Others types of windows in the attic, in his opinion, have certain disadvantages.

example, fashion is now dormers, firstly delayed snow melt from the roof, and, secondly, in the winter because of the snow light from them is very small.Piled snow roof window can be clearly seen.Therefore, he made only one skylight.

staircase to the second floor
Senin said that the most optimal staircase to the second floor with rotating steps of 90 degrees.Other types of ladders, for example with a horizontal platform, have essentially one large step size, and, accordingly, occupy a lot of space unnecessarily.The lack of stairs with rotary stages - the complexity of its calculation, but there are special programs.

Facilities attic
walk up the stairs at night is very dangerous, and uncomfortable night with a pot, so it is necessary to design a toilet on the second floor.In the attic is convenient to design all kinds of wardrobes for clothes, items, shoes and the like, as well as shelves for TV, vases, elephants and other trinkets.The cabinet doors are good as wooden doors, blinds.They come in different sizes and are sold in stores.

«Pie" roof

In the attic of the cabinets is convenient pull heating pipes and electric wires.The whole house and attic inside are covered with plasterboard.For plasterboard air gap of 2.5 cm, followed by a layer of vapor barrier that is a fibrous insulation thickness of 10 cm.For insulation is an air gap of 8 cm from the eaves to the ridge, followed by a special waterproof film "Yutakon" for which there is an air gap, and the top metal "Pural" brown.Eaves sutured white plastic panels, ventilation grille - steel.

film "Yutakon" is the inside of the special anti-condensation layer of viscose fiber and cellulose, which does not condense on the inside of a pair of the film surface drip onto the heater.Through the air gap this moisture taken out to the outside.

correct layered "cake" of the roof - the key to its longevity.A particularly important role here belongs to the ventilation holes in the eaves and the ridge.

cost attic, taxes on it

Worldwide, the cost of one square meter loft is always less than any other floor.Two-storey house with an attic expensive homes, and the cost per square meter in it too more.This applies both to the cost of renting premises and cost for its sale and, therefore, construction.

For the same reason at the statutory rate of tax on the attic rooms in two times less than the space on the second floor.The area of ​​the attic for taxation is based not on the actual floor area and floor area with a ceiling height of more than 2m Therefore tax on a house with a loft is substantially less than the two-storey house in the same area.This is another plus in favor of the house with an attic.

at the same rate and the calculated tax basements.The area of ​​the basement is taxed if the height of its ceiling more than 2m.This tax rate is also 2 times smaller than the first floor.

therefore to reduce the property tax profitable to build one-storey house with a basement and an attic rather than a three-story mansion.For property tax we have now rather big, and there will be more.

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