Installation of suspended ceilings in the home

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26 April 2016

Many homeowners try to save at least a little, self-mastering new business.According forumchanin Aidarm, a suspended ceiling in the home is possible.The first thing to do - to acquire the necessary tools and technology to meet the installation, and it is desirable to observe how others do it.The second - a lot of patience and be prepared for accurate and careful work.

Technologies mounting

When ordering tension PVC fabric should be noted that there are several mounting technologies.The most popular - set ceiling harpoon and wedge method.When the harpoon system installation used the canvas with a harpoon - a flexible plastic profile, which is welded around the perimeter of the web and is inserted in a baguette.Tensioning the web must be smaller than the ceiling, since the installation is to be heated with a heat gun and stretched.

Harpoon mounting method is good that after the dismantling of the web it is easy to reinstall.Disadvantage - need specific dimensions of the ceiling.

harpoon method

Wedge method

If you are using the V-method, the size of the web must be greater than the ceiling.The material is inserted into a baguette with special wedges, then treated with heat and remove the remains.

V-stretch ceiling installation method is more common because it is considered the budget and allows for a short distance between the old ceilings (up to 1.5 cm).In addition, wedge technology requires very precise measurements of the ceiling.

seamless ceiling installation can be carried out without heating.In this case, a web of material on the basis of tissue, which is installed without a heat gun.

Materials and tools

To install the blade by harpoon technology you need:

  • gun (Aidarm used gas);
  • depending on the wall, punch or hammer drill;
  • special spatula from a good metal of 1 mm thickness, 5, and 10 cm - width;
  • screwdriver;
  • hacksaw;
  • file;
  • tape;
  • if the ceiling mount without assistants - 3-4 clips (clothespins);
  • stepladder, make better use of lightweight aluminum.

Training room

Before installing a stretch ceiling space should be freed from the items that will disturb you.If you are planning installation of ceiling heating using a heat gun, it is removed from the room or cover everything that can go wrong from heat.It is also desirable to protect the door and window openings.The room needs to close windows and doors.

You can not set a ceiling on the suture just pasted wallpaper: a strong and rapid heating may come off.

Installation baguette

install the suspended ceiling is better with a partner, or even a few - will be faster and easier.First, using a laser or gidrourovnya mark attaching baguette for which will wind up the film.

then around the room secure aluminum or plastic molding.Previously it napilivayut size wall hacksaw (more convenient - combined saw, miter box can also be).The metal profile with a file (sandpaper) redress place saw cut.To avoid tearing the film is better to paste over the joints with duct tape.Also prints drilled holes for mounting screws or dowels (every 15-20 cm).

Place the baguette 5 cm below the ceiling, but not less than 3.5 cm. If the installed lamp - 10 cm.

mount blade

Lay fabric on the clean floor and run the heat gun.Good warm room - to a temperature of 60-70 C.

Opening the package with the web must also be in the warm up to 40-50 degrees indoors.Do not hold the heat gun to the vinyl film is closer than a meter and a half!

When Vinyl is easy to warm up and stretch, begin to fill the corners, clipping clothespins.The last corner - the most difficult.If at first it does not turn out to pull, heat gun cloth and try again.Navigate to the central part - on the one hand tuck, and then - on the other.Cloth made upon the principle of "diagonally opposite".Over time refuel not more than 50 cm.

According Aidarm, the most difficult thing when filling the last section - to avoid creases.If they are still there, straighten them strong, but careful breeding movements harpoon in hand from the folds.

After mounting the blade on the harpoon method prints formed the technological gap.Her close flexible plastic panel strip, which comes complete with PVC film.


Ceiling lamps mounted on the main ceiling, performing under the holes in the film.Holes okleivayut special ring.

wiring must not touch the plane of the stretched canvas!Take care of it in advance, even before securing the mounting film on the rough ceiling, all wiring and communication.

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