What kind of heating system to choose

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26 April 2016
Educational program for beginners is that the conversation poёdёt purchase and install the necessary equipment for heating normal holiday home.That is what you can do with your hands at a minimal cost to heat your home.

to heat your home to choose a system that will be effective to work in your home.This should not forget when choosing a project at home, as seemingly nice house can add a lot of headaches and additional costs.

Improper design of the boiler

often happens that even in large homes properly thought out the location of the boiler room, and in this connection it is difficult to conduct a "return line" - preventing the door (main entrance, access to the courtyard, a terrace).In connection with this pipe led into the boiler through the cellar.For this reason, the system without the circulation pump can not operate.

Another example of bad design.The floor in the boiler room on a level with the floor of the first floor, and the "tank line" is connected to the boiler at a height of 30 cm.
From the floor.In this situation, there are several solutions:

disassemble the floor of the boiler room and put it below;

make an addition to the house on the lower level and the place where the boiler room.

Put the pump.

But these changes are fraught with additional costs and changes in the project at home.These issues need to consult in advance with experts.

heating systems are of two types: single-pipe and two-pipe

One-pipe heating system

-pipe system for the coolant is also the supply and "the return."The grandfather said that when her application a plus - saving tubes.On the installation still does not save money, but without a circulating pump special effect from it will not.

More must not forget the main thing: how much battery is installed in the house?The more, the harder it is to adjust the room temperature - temperature difference between the first and last radiator may differ by tens of degrees.Santa allows effectiveness of the system in areas with a small number of cells.And then he said that he did not come across with the installation of a heating system and it is possible to underestimate.

Two-pipe heating system

Most often used for home heating two pipe heating systems (pipe and tube feeding "the return").In it, there are three most commonly used options.

1. Option . system with an open expansion tank

inexpensive equipment cost and a fairly simple installation is a system with natural circulation and open expansion tank.It's a pretty efficient system and not only works in small houses, and although it is called "the last century."

My grandfather built hozblok 85 sq.m.and is heated by the boiler.Heating system he filled with antifreeze and as a surge tank uses a can of milk.From the very beginning of operation for seven years, the level of liquid in a broad tank has not changed, so it was not necessary to top up (evaporation coefficient her lower than that of water).During operation, the boiler is only one-third capacity.The system is a circulation pump, but it is used very rarely.On gas heating in the winter, he spends 260 rubles.per month.

Advantages of this system - the operation is not a problem with the air in the radiator caps.Cons
systems - while increasing heated area and, consequently, the number of radiators is obtained, so that the top half of the hot radiator and the lower cold.

This is normal during cooling radiators, asit is cooled by the coolant and giving heat to the room.This phenomenon can be eliminated by adjusting the valves.But in fact, the reason for this phenomenon - the diameter of the pipe undervalued "the return" when a large amount of coolant in the system.A narrow tube does not allow rapid removal of the cooling heat transfer fluid to the boiler.But to install large-diameter pipe than the inlet to the boiler, also does not make sense.

Observations Santa this phenomenon does not affect the temperature in the room, and if there is no discomfort, it is better to leave things as they are.But in this case the circulation pump and the filter is placed in front of it that no system.

Experts believe that the use of the EC without circulation pump increases the flow of gas and the slow warming of the room.Father agrees, and notes that heat radiators can be increased only by the power of the boiler.But what is more profitable - to increase the flow of gas or to connect to the system circulation pump can only be tested empirically.But Father said that domestic gas boilers difficult to save.

In practice, Grandfather put such a system in the house 350 sq.m.She has worked in the house was warm, but the heat sink is uneven.

2. Option . system with closed expansion tank

She silent difficult, but if everything is properly connected, too, can be operated without a pump with EC.There will have a little splurge and purchase: expansion tank, safety group, automatic air bleed valve, but with the installation of this may seem a little expensive.

This system is good only because it does not have to constantly check the fluid level in the expansion tank.

3. Option.A system with a circulating pump

As the name implies this system uses a circulating pump.All advantages and disadvantages described above.This system is often used when the customer wants to hide all the pipes so that they could not be seen.The cost of installation of the heating system is significantly increased.In this case, better to use a pipe made of metal.

to this system is not faltering during a power outage in the home need to be a stand-alone generator.According to the grandfather is the most costly to operate the system.

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