How to ensure the comfort and coziness of our home

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24 April 2016

Textiles in the house makes it cozy, filled with harmony, able to hide flaws and highlight the merits of interior.

What are the current trends and styles in the design of curtains.How to correctly choose the color of the curtains and the composition of the tissue, depending on the floor area and height of the ceilings, cornices and what are the more you will learn from the theme of the forum "Curtains, drapes, blinds - choose clothes for windows" and articles on the site NewHouse "Designinterior. Curtains "

And just as with the help of rag dolls and knitted, patchwork and embroidery, textiles, dried wool and jersey give originality and completeness of your interior.

Nothing makes life easier in the home and saves time modern man, as household appliances.In most cases, it requires long-term costs in the future gratefully repaying us for its purchase of the family budget.It facilitates our lives, it saves us time, in most cases, requiring serious spending, manages to save our costs.It has become

necessary for us and without it we can not live.

Household appliances and a detailed discussion of its pros and cons in the themes of the forum, "Coffee Machine", "Multivarki and that it is possible to prepare," "stove in the kitchen villa", "Central vacuum. Experience."

There is one more opportunity to give your home personality - to make their own furniture.Furniture made with their own hands, not only allows you to create an appropriate representation of the beauty and comfort of a country house atmosphere, but also to make its interior is completely original and unique.

and absolutely does not matter that you have become a source of inspiration.Will your dreams when used found items from antique cabinet or cabinet from IKEA.Matched while walking through the forest snags and tree trunks, or leftovers from the construction of the house.

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