Wooden stairs on the metal.

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23 April 2016

reliability, safety and beauty - these words best describe a convenient staircase.Modern construction market offers a variety of options of stairs - from simple wood to the most unusual.

Despite the wide range of finished products, users forumhouse.ru prefer to roll up their sleeves and take up the production of the necessary things in life on their own.

We have already told our readers about how to make their own cargo trailer for the car and a cement mixer.

it was the turn of the stairs.

to the first attempt did not go lumpy, any deal is better to start with careful planning.This approach allowed the nickname forumchanin OneFrom make great staircase.

Referring to his experience.

- It is believed that in my house a perfect doorway under the staircase: the length of the opening - 5 meters, width - 1 m, height - 3 m. At this size, by itself suggests a direct - so called stairway.

However, during construction, to save space, forumchanin decided to deploy the ladder of 180 degrees and to refuse d

irect stairs.Aperture also had to redo it.

new dimensions of the opening made:

  • length - 3100 mm;
  • width - 970 mm;
  • height from the floor of the first floor to floor level of the second floor - 3000 mm.

After meticulous calculations choice fell on two possible types of ladders:

1. Option to the staging area at a height of 750 mm.

Lifting second march 43.9 degrees, tread - in 212.5 mm and a height of stage - 204.5 mm.

2. Option four zabezhnymi steps.

lifting angle - 38.4 degrees, the tread - 236.5 mm and a height of stage - 187.5 mm.

From the point of view of safety option with the intermediate area - preferably one zabezhnymi steps, but the parameters of this ladder is worse - because of the high angle of ascent.

OneFrom stopped on a variant with zabezhnymi steps.And sinceValidating did a ladder for the first time in his life, he decided to break all the stages of manufacture of several consecutive steps.

1. Production of the metal frame

Many novice masters think that working with wood is lighter and simpler than with metal.However, as the basis for the stairs forumchanin chose welded metal frame.


- Experience working with wood have little, so I stood on the metal.And spoil the metal workpiece, in my opinion, harder than wood.Fiddle with the concrete as I did not want to because of the cumbersome nature of this design.

Options ladder forumchanin calculated in a computer program, and before starting the welding work, make the layout ladder of wooden bars.

Prototyping helped visualize will look like or parts of the structure on the scale of 1x1.

went on a frame ladder channel 80h40 mm and 35 mm in the area.Material stages - solid wood 40 mm thick.

2. The choice of material for the steps

most affordable wood for stair steps - a pine.However, this wood has a significant drawback - the lack of strength and low abrasion resistance for long term use.

steps to the ladder you must use wood hardwood.

After analyzing the market and prices, members of the forum focused on the following types of wood:

  • larch;
  • birch;
  • beech;
  • oak;
  • ash.

best material for producing a strong and durable joinery is considered to be an oak.A significant drawback of the oak - the high price. When working with oak should use a respirator sincehis fine dust has carcinogenic properties.

As a result, the choice fell on the beech, because, according to OneFrom, he gives what little oak.

With all the advantages of beech has a significant disadvantage - vlagoboyazn.This may lead to the emergence of twisting or wood stains thereon.However, sinceSteps are indoors forumchanin decided not to pay attention to this problem.

3. Pre-assembly

Anyone who has ever carpentry, well aware that the quality of the product depends largely on the availability of the necessary tools.When you build a ladder use the following tools:

  • electric;
  • circular saw;
  • hand hacksaw;
  • hand-mill;
  • letochnaya grinder;
  • jigsaw;
  • clamp.

Before mounting the stairs, to avoid confusion, the Board tentatively forumchanin enumerate all the steps and podstupёnki.


- All Templates I handle pre-marked on the back side.

To compensate for possible progress ladder "near-wall sills" are attached to the stairs, not the wall.Then, installing poles and carried out the installation of handrails and balusters (they have forumchanin - forged).

According OneFrom, such balusters stairs give "air", and fit perfectly into the interior design.

4. varnish coating and final assembly

After pre-assembling and checking the size of the wooden parts are removed and sanded and then painted.Validating first wanted to paint in the color of the ladder "bleached ash", but after a series of experiments on the blanks he was from such a decision.


- Get Color "bleached ash" with the preservation of the natural structure of the beech is very difficult, and depersonalize the structure of the tree I did not want.

Finally, after several experiments, forumchanin stopped on the natural color of the beech.And for the safety of the tree he decided to cover it with paint.

According to our user beech wood structure gives clear and oak, and only a clear varnish to fully reveal the natural beauty of the wood.

Once all parts varnished, forumchanin proceeded to the final assembly of the stairs.

assembly was conducted from the bottom up.

For convenience of moving the stairs, first set the time step.

Then, during installation, the rough stages progressively removed, and in their place were installed finishing.

As a result, the stairs turned out the following technical parameters:

  • lifting angle - 38.4 degrees;
  • tread - 236.5 mm;
  • step height - 187.5 mm;
  • distance between stringers - 850 mm.

Excluding consumables total cost of the ladder was about 40 m. Rubles.


- Previously, I did not do these stairs.And if I could build it right the first time, so can you!

Validating share the experience of construction of stairs here and there."As I was doing the stairs?" Read a clear and detailed account of this can forumhouse.ru users in this topic.And in this video explains how to make a monolithic stairs.