As I learn from my mistakes, or the house of aerated concrete in forumchanski!

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21 April 2016

err on the initial stage of construction may be any inexperienced developer.The main thing with this - do not give up and do not close their eyes to mistakes.From our material, you learn how users tips forumchanin helped overcome all difficulties on the way to the house of your dreams!


Construction History Alexander Markelov (forum name Markuel ) began, like thousands of others.Instead of buying an apartment in the town area of ​​60 square meters.m forumchanin decided the money to buy land in the suburbs of the construction of a large house.No sooner said than done.An area of ​​12 acres purchased, it is necessary to begin construction.

But how to begin the construction of the house?That's right - a project!


- At first my wife and I wanted to build a house out of a warm ceramic.We ordered the project for 50 thousand. Rubles.After all the calculations revealed that the house of our dreams will cost us nearly 8 mln. Rubles.It's too expensive, and the idea

of ​​building of this material we refused.

blessing in disguise.As a result, forumchanin at the hands of the project remained in the house of 400 sq.m.After treatment in another company decided to reduce the floor area to 306 square meters and build it from aerated concrete.

Work has begun to boil.Primarily, it is necessary to prepare the building site.On the site was bought forumchanin frame 6x6 m with a small annexe 4x4 meters.Sinceit prevented the construction of cottages, log decided to demolish.


- Demolition log, along with the removal of debris, we cost the 150 thousand. Rubles.

lot or a little for a house?Referring to the experience of members of the forum.


- I demolition of the old log house has managed in 26 thousand rubles.15 thousand was spent on dismantling the house and 11 thousand - in the garbage.To save money, I wrote an ad for free, with the condition of the wood give ex.And all the metal - batteries, pipes, bath taken for scrap.And I still have for it and paid.


- I blew dom6h10 45 thousand. Rubles.Waste wood I sawed on site and burned.And the remnants of the foundation paved parking area in front of the site.

Conclusion: The material of the house, which comes under the demolition, can still be useful!But instead of paying for the removal of combat, it is better to think where it can be used.

The construction

forumchanin house being built for the project construction company.However, in preparation for the construction of the foundation, it became clear that the company has poured continuous footing to a depth of 1.7 m and a width of 0.4 m straight into the ground, without formwork.Therefore Markuel decided to hire the services of technical supervision.It was also made the site geology, which showed that the soil heaving.


- Technical supervision decided by strip foundation on my site need to excavate 12h15h1.7 meters.It is planned to backfill the sinuses tape sand.

Usually with these parameters make the ground floor.


- in my opinion - to dig a pit on loams in order to fill the strip foundation, a very strange decision.

technical supervision work is impartial judgment on all issues arising construction or to protect the interests of the developer contractor jobs.Ierevision of the project, minimization of costs and compliance with SNIP.

Despite the apparent cost overruns on the "0" cycle, Markuel managed to keep the funds in time to catch the superintendent on deceit: he wanted to attribute the extra cars on the export of soil from the site.


- The amount claimed for digging excavation and removal of soil in 274 thousand rubles.It seemed unreal, and I decided to check things out.

know the average price for similar work, forumchanin arrived at the site and with the help of laser roulette measured the volume of the pit.It turned out - 300 m3.With an average amount for such work in the 300 rubles.per 1 m3 announced almost $ 300 turned out that the car had taken out 900 m3 of soil.


- Foreman (already dismissed at this time) told me that for the removal of soil took 33 dvadtsatikubovyh Kamaz, and showed me all the papers on the work done.

How forumchanin found cheating?

In order to accurately calculate the amount owed for the removal of soil, Markuel made the following.Sinceuntouched terrain and soil, which are loaded into a truck due to loosening factor has several different volume, then Markuel 300 m3 multiplied by 1.4 (for clay soils).It turns out that it really was evacuated about 424 m3.


- In the end, I paid for the actual work done - only 150 rubles.

Fill foundation

After all preparatory works and formwork builders have started pouring the foundation.Sincethe area was dug a well and septic tank installed, the foundation provided in advance technological holes for the entry of the house.

If you do not advance, then later have to gouge holes in already flooded basement.

At this stage, also not without errors.The workers did not complete waterproofing of the foundation.

objects that are in the ground, must be waterproofed.

addition, until you backfill the foundation, it is necessary to insulate it immediately and perform drainage, or later will have to dig up the tape again, and this is - the additional costs.

important to know that any construction project, no foreman nor the hiring of technical supervision still does not guarantee a quality of construction.Any developer should have a basic knowledge in order to understand what they do builders and personally monitor and check their work.

Characterized by the following example.


- When pouring the foundation, I drew attention to how workers are vibrated concrete.It seemed to me that this was done quickly and poorly.All my questions were one answer: we always do.So I decided to ask the members of the forum, how to vibrate the concrete.


- Once the concrete is poured into the design, lowered to the bottom of the included vibrator and slowly, as the lifting of concrete air bubbles to be hauled.Pull this way and do not need.

removing speed vibrator - about 10 cm / sec.Step vibration is the thickness of the structure.

So, the foundation poured, sinus covered with sand.Builders have started the installation of floor slabs and the foundation for the porch.And here was not without mistakes.

Error 1: after laying slabs revealed that on-site boiler forgot to make technical hatch, so that you can get into the underground.

It would seem that the solution lies on the surface - cut a hatch in the already-stacked plate, but not so simple.


- Finished w / w plates can not be cut across, asThey are reinforced along only.And inevitably it will cut sawing hatch fittings, which will lead to a weakening of the concrete structure.

optimal output in this situation - is to dismantle the slab and pour normal monolithic slab with pre-prepared hatch.

Error 2: under the veranda decided to pour pile-rostverkovy foundation.To this end, under the raft foundation dug a trench in the ground, which is completely contrary to the proper construction of this type of foundation.


- meaning rostverkovogo pile-foundation is to grillage (ribbon) hanging above the ground.

If the raft foundation is in the ground, and if there is no insulation, then under the action of frost heave can occur separation of raft foundation piles.


- Correct device grillage following:

  • planned under the pile cap beams (between piles) poured 20 cm of sand;
  • ram sand;
  • boards laid on the sand of the boards;
  • doing formwork near piles and beams;
  • knit reinforcement;
  • poured piles and beams;
  • after hardening of the concrete formwork is removed;
  • compacted sand from under the beams was removed;
  • then removed panels from the boards.

With this construction, in the raft foundation is not affected by the forces of frost heaving.

conservation foundation

Sincefrosts hit, forumchanin decided to preserve and continue its construction in the spring.The question arose: how to preserve the foundation?


- I understand that care must be warm in the winter foundation, but how to do it?

to properly protect the foundation you need to understand the forces acting on it in the winter, and how to reduce these effects to a minimum.

1. From the foundation necessary to take water.So, you need drainage.

2. Minimize forces of frost heaving.Therefore, the foundation and the perimeter around it must be properly insulated.

3. To ensure the results requires an integrated approach.So, we need to combine drainage and insulation.


- The method is as follows: we lay the foundation of a tent or b / banners at 1.5 m wider than the perimeter of the base.I cover the top and side dust thickness of 20 cm and then close all design film.

edges of the film in such a method of warming the foundation necessary to tuck and secure cargo to it, and no dust blown away.

It should be remembered that the film even 200 md, the spring could turn into dust.It is best to use a banner for the shelter becausethey are not destroyed by UV radiation.


- the Council is this: let the concrete to harden, then remove the formwork and Insulate basement, slab foam and blind area.

cheaper to insulate foam, but it needs to be protected from the water film.Expensive - extruded polystyrene foam.

top load cover ground or sand to the sheets during the winter is not blown away.Around the foundation to drain rainwater and melt dripping groove with a slope.

Treat consciously and construction of the house armed with at least a minimal knowledge.The only way you will avoid annoying errors or defects in the work of the builders.And if you have any questions, feel free to seek the advice of forum users.They are always ready to help!

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