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29 April 2016

What if you put the bill for surveying many thousands?Where to go in case of absence of the tax notice?How to draw land ownership?

These and other questions were asked our readers during the "straight line" lawyer on land issues and Oleg Fomin Mikhail Roshchupkin.

- I have a certificate to the ground, resulting in 1992 Chairman of the dacha community says it is no longer valid - is this true?

- No, it is not.According to the Federal Law "On introduction of the Land Code of the Russian Federation" all certificates issued earlier (white - since 1991, blue - until 1993, pink - 1993) are valid, and the state registration of rights to land canbe carried out only at your request.However, if in the future - any transaction with the land, the state registration of rights to it is needed.

- Who can order the surveying of land and approval of site boundaries with its neighbors - the buyer of the land or the owner-seller?

- It can only make the owner of the site.However, if for some reason are unable to

do this, draw on anyone notarized power of attorney, in which order, check HOAR work, conduct cadastral registration of land will be able to any capable person.

- In 1958, his father identified a plot of land.In 1982 my father died and I came into the house on the right of succession, located on the site.Now I would like to draw the 6 acres in the property.Does me "dacha amnesty"?

- If you have acquired ownership of the house until 1990, you can free to privatize part of its land in accordance with the shares in the ownership of the house - on the basis of the Federal Law "On introduction of the Land Code of the Russian Federation."If the ownership of the house was purchased later that for the land will have to pay an amount equal to ten times the size of the land tax (in the case of finding the site in the Moscow region).By the way, now the State Duma in the first reading a bill that expands the rights of heirs, including with regard to the possibility of free land acquisition heirs, in the event that a right to have the testator.We recommend that you do not hurry up and wait for the adoption of the law in its final form.

- Are there rules of land more or less where that land can not be provided?

- The rules are as follows (according to the regional law "On limiting the size of land plots provided to citizens in the ownership of the Moscow Region") for the peasant (farmer's) economy - from 2 to 40 hectares for horticulture - from 0.06 to 015 hectares for horticulture - from 0.04 to 0.1 hectares for cottage construction - 0,06-0,25 ha.Moreover, these rules apply to the establishment (since 2003), but may not apply to land granted before the adoption of the Act.Norms space smallholders and individual housing plots are set by local governments in each district of the Moscow region.

- I got a house inherited from his parents during the Soviet era.But the plot when it was not decorated in the property.How it apply?

- If you inherited a house, and in cases where there has been the purchase of real estate for any other transaction (donation, purchase, sale, and so on. D.) Until 1990, the citizens having the actual use of landlocated on them residential houses, but which have not been designed and recorded right now have the right to acquire ownership of free land available.To this must be handled with the appropriate application to the head of the municipal district, in whose territory the land.The application shall attach a document of title to a house and a document on the area of ‚Äč‚Äčland on which the house