Amnesty for gift.

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29 April 2016
Can not give privatized garden?Up to a year may be "amnesty" his dacha?"Land" of questions from readers of "RG" in an editorial post a lot.Having selected the most common, Editorial forwarded by the Council for Land Relations in the Moscow region.They said the lawyers of the Board Mikhail Fomin Oleg Roshupkin.

term "dacha amnesty" ends in 2010.After that, you can not register their land in the property?

Federal Law N 93-FZ of 30.06.2006 on the so-called popularly dacha amnesty does not set deadlines for registration of land rights, including after 2010.But before January 1, 2010 according to a regulatory act provides for a simplified procedure for registration of rights to objects of individual housing construction and housing privatization.Will it be extended and then - time will tell.

owner of land with a garage that I'm going to buy, refuses to book surveying and control his conduct, referring to employment.Who has the right to do it instead?

Any competent person who has received authorization
from the owner of the land to carry out these actions on their behalf.The power of attorney can be issued by a notary.

sure whether to privatize the yard (holiday) of land, if I want to give to his children?They then do not have a problem?

sure to privatize land.If you do not, then it is impossible to give, because only the owner has the right to dispose of their property.

I want to bequeath to children garden (suburban) land and a garage.What should be done so that they had no problems with taking possession?

necessary to make a will and make him a notary.But you can only do this if the land and a garage belong to you by right of ownership.To further your children did not have problems with the introduction of an inheritance, you should hold the cadastral registration of land and make the state registration of property rights and on the ground, and a garage.

If the title documents for the garden and the cadastral plan it listed different area of ​​the site, whether the state registration of rights to the land?

Yes, in this case the state registration of property rights of a citizen on this plot of land is carried out.The record of state registration of rights will make a land area specified in the cadastral plan.

Government Bureau of Technical Inventory for registration and preparation of the technical passport of an apartment house erected me demanding that I presented a resolution of the competent authority for the facility of individual housing construction in operation.It is legitimate?

No, not legally.Prior to 1 January 2010 was not required to submit this resolution for the implementation of technical accounting (inventory) of the object, including the registration and issuance of technical passport of the object.

If it is determined that my real estate object has different characteristics than its features defined in the document on state registration of rights, whether it is possible to make appropriate changes in the Unified State Register of Rights?

Yes, it is possible.Refined data of the object of immovable property (including the land area and the location of its boundaries) made in the Unified State Register of rights without re-registration on the basis of statements by its owner, the plan of the real property, or any other document provided for by federal law for state registration of rightsownership of such immovable property.If such an object of real estate is land - based application owner of the land and cadastral plan of the land.

"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" - Central release №4526 dated November 23, 2007