Officials "mixed" with the earth

By Admin | Legal Issues
28 April 2016
Yesterday the chairman of the Duma Committee on Property Viktor Pleskachevsky drawn to the leadership of the RSPP his plan for a new land reform.Business plans like: reform has been going on for so many years, and the earth "capitalists" is given.

example, on paper, a business can buy the land under their own enterprises for 2.5 per cent of the cadastral value, but really is not.In addition, the laws of the right to sue the disappeared inventory appraiser, and creativity of the local authorities, it seems, nobody is going to control.

Now everything will be different, assured Pleskachevsky, and put forward his plan.
Firstly, the deputy promised to abolish the division of land into categories and intends to start with arable land, which, when taken out of the Land Code, became a participant of suspicious transactions for financial rehabilitation of farms, or simply an object of speculation."For bribes bought arable land, in exchange for bribes converted into land settlements, implemented, and from this c
olossal margin" businessman "is calculated with all", - said the deputy proverbial.Instead, the concept of "category" proposed the term "best possible use".For example, if the land can be planted and carrots, and build the house, the appraisers should be based on the latter.

Secondly, the MP promised to return the right to sue kadastrovikami.He believes that the truth often on the side of the business, the operating individual assessment, not kadastrovikov with their "integrated" approach.Admit it Rosnedvizhimost of Justice and, in his words, prevents only fear for the fate of the state unitary enterprises engaged cadastral evaluation.

Thirdly, the MP proposes to rewrite the law of the inventory from which mysteriously disappeared the notion of a single property (the building plus ground).Probably, this is a mystic, because he thought the inventory for this.

Fourth, Pleskachevsky vowed to defend the purchase of 2.5 percent and at the same time resolve to privatize the land at this rate, even those who can not prove that the privatization of property.
As already mentioned, all this business like it, but people are asking: what do "here and now"?Sue Pleskachevsky answered them, and so, starve, push the power lead to the idea of ​​reform."The power feels as if the private owner of the land, which may ask for it as much as he wants, - summed up the deputy. - The idea of ​​the need to clear the head."After this proposal known radical Grigory Tomchin "convince the authorities that the fiscal component in the inventory is not at all", and rewrite immediately Water, Land and Forest Codes, "written as if the different states," no longer seemed quite so radical.

However, experts have noticed that some of these plans are not so new, and the rest - little doable.So, the advice "sue" sounds with enviable frequency of a single spell of the property - for ten years, but this did not prevent GUPam together with local officials to remain masters of life.And with the fiscal component of do not understand: the earth - the basis of local budgets, like as no longer base.At the same time, the idea to destroy the category of arable land and equate to the construction site will cause extremely negative reaction of farmers.In general, land is not present at the end of the revolution.