The causes of long-term construction

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26 April 2016
The most common scenario is that a person with average income is not calculated the financial capacity and wanted to build an expensive house, and then he ran out of money, and he is forced to either sell it or postpone the construction at the time of accumulation of funds.In addition, according to experts, the most common cause of unfinished are technical errors in the construction or design found on the stage where more profitable to leave the house as it is, than to demolish it and build anew.Market statistics unfinished suburban sites do not exist.However, this market is, and it is huge.


Moscow and Moscow region, a paradise for investors, real estate agents, builders ... Demand for housing and office space exceeds the supply in half to two times.And suddenly such a phenomenon - Moscow, more precisely, near Moscow unfinished.Estimates of the market sellers diverged significantly.And the definition of the concept of "unfinished object" causes debate.

Let's first define the wording."P
rotracted" refers to a building or part of the building is not completed in time and preserved for a long time.Although there is some preservation!In reality, it is simply discarded and usually, crumbling house.High-rise buildings and luxury estates, office buildings and private homes - Moscow region abounds with such objects, once again reminds us of the level of our economy.Where did these monuments folk naivety?

First of all, it is the beginning of old projects - the mid-80s of the last century, caught in the debt trap due to "restructuring".Behind them in orderly rows go to projects of "troubled times" when pyramidal criminal structures, like mushrooms, fruits and the fruits of projects of the century - the towers of Babel with the budgets of the spacecraft, but laying the foundation and putting ten bricks, successfully dissolved in the spaces of our country.This group includes skeletons and large shopping centers, residential areas and spines, and grobopodobnye facilities once shone bank-by-night.

third type of "unfinished" - the construction sites with the growing costs.While the build - the price increases significantly.So what's the hurry.It will be a year to put itself on bricks, you see, ten years later, and without a drop of investment - a tenfold profit.There may already be rayonchik and private, small and cozy houses.

And the fourth kind of "protracted" - existent buildings: buy land and to build the case and so does not reach.Today there is a new kind of protracted born illiterate investment policy, wrong calculation, and as a consequence - a serious problem in the planning and financing of construction projects.Objects of this kind often in the capable hands again start to shine and make a profit.

Under construction

most often to the collection of the Moscow Region "unfinished" does not ready to move objects that are registered as such, and unready objects that have no title deeds at all.The situation in the company "Domostroy" outline as follows: 1-5% - it's abandoned buildings, often with a roof box or without foundation, or only 2-10% - homes without finishing (box under the roof with a fully closed loop), 3-30% - a holiday for finishing.

The company "Relight Real Estate" believe that about 70% of what is sold in the suburban real estate market of Moscow region - is unfinished objects.Natalia letterhead, marketing company, proves the figure this way: "There are several stages of construction.90% of developers prefer to sell the objects under the finish.That is a significant part of the funds in this house yet to invest, usually almost the same as already paid for the box itself.However, these houses are actively sold and demand. "On the one hand, the buyer is able to stretch the cost in time.On the other - some buyers underestimate the amount of future costs.And besides, most people simply do not have the opportunity to buy something else.

House under the finish is mostly brick or foam concrete box.Sometimes it is plastered on the outside, sometimes promise that then plastered.The roof, windows, floors - it's all there.Communications often do not even put into the house, and are in the area, ready to be connected.

Under final finishing - a completely different phase of construction, when communications routed through the house, there is a project planning and buying at the stage of understanding, which will be a bathroom (respectively, which will be announced on the water and sanitation), where - kitchen (hence, to hold gas).The heating system is installed.Batteries or fixed or pipes are connected for installation.The walls are plastered.No Electricity - understand the placement of sockets and lighting fixtures are closely connected with the interior solutions.Internal finishing works are also performed after the purchase.

«Unfinished object - the concept is very vague.So you can call and Foundation: began to build and was thrown.However, the mass market under the present stage of finishing and for finishing "- sums up the letterhead.

fact that whole villages are sold chronically under construction, has long been known.And this all used to.Stage of "unfinished" depends on the size of the settlement.The greater the area of ​​construction and the estimated number of homes, the higher the percentage unfinished.As a rule, in the construction of large projects, the construction is divided into several phases.But there are also cases when in the course of construction of the object from the developer the opportunity to purchase adjoining land to the village.Then the number of queues building increases.Depending on the concept of the village and its size, the term of the facility can be from three to five years.As an example may serve these villages as the Benelux, Paul, Pestovo.

typical portrait of the unfinished object to draw quite difficult, realtors say, but in general it is that part of the house was built, some have settled, some never built.Along with the houses built in the compulsory and infrastructure.

gaps in legislation

Tax practice in many countries involves the payment of taxes only on ready-made objects.And it is convenient not fastened the doorknob - and thus gave his house for unfinished.Whether it is overdue for the Russian market?

«Indeed, there are cases when people make out already unfinished house as unfinished (indicating, for example, is not ready one of the rooms), but live in it, do not pay taxes, - says Vladimir Yakhontov, deputy director of the company" MIEL -Residential Real Estate. "- But the changes in this sense, is not far off: the legislators are working to improve laws in terms of taxes on an unfinished housing. "

«According to Russian law, the unfinished building is not subject to taxation, - says Igor Ivanov, managing director of financial and construction company" Leader ".- The owner pays in this case only the land tax.When an object has already been put into operation, there is a property tax.Depending on the value of the annual tax rate is 0.1-2% of the value of the house.At a cost of real estate to 300 thousand. rate to 0.1%, from 300 thousand. 500 thousand. rub.- From 0.1% to 0.3%.If the house is more expensive 500 thousand. Rub., The tax rate from 0.3% to 2% of the value of the house. "

cost of land and real estate near Moscow today is that there is no "unfinished" simply has no right to exist, let alone almost finished new housing areas, cottage arrays townhouses.And return them to the real estate market today - it is the direction of a certain real estate brokerage.This is a very promising and interesting market.Some improvements of planning areas, changes in the appearance of buildings, the use of advanced materials and analysis of today's real estate market situation is commissioning more and more "protracted", returns to life ... whole areas.