The distribution of the property owner

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26 April 2016
issues related to land, causing probably the most problems and misunderstandings.We are in this area went through a special privatization began with apartments and small buildings, and all the land was left for later.Now disentangle.In St. Petersburg, the accumulated land conflicts, based on the law and common sense, "resolves" charming young woman - Julia Kiseleva.

- What problems delivering the most trouble?
- If we talk about what needs more attention and application of forces - of course, this range of issues that are tied to the interests of ordinary citizens, inhabitants.They are generally unaware of their rights, but information about how to implement them, do not possess.

- have rights, and there is no mechanism?
- Even the mechanism is, ordinary citizens do not know.And lawyers who have special knowledge possessed on land issues, we, unfortunately, very little.The staff is composed of professionals only in those governmental bodies who have to deal with these issues.Any narrow branch of la
w difficult to understand.We need to study a large number of regulations.After all, the land - not just issues of surveying, and inventory issues, privatization, inheritance, property registration ...
If the average citizen suddenly begin to read the law - it is unlikely he will understand a lot.And it takes up the regulations - is likely to completely confused.People know that they put something, come and demand.We're trying to explain ... "Dear friend, thanks for coming.It would be great if you could even bring any papers ... »
Comes with documents.We say: "In order to exercise their rights, you should write a statement here."Because every gesture of power starts with the treatment.And - also negative reaction: "You owe me, and I did not write."This work takes a lot of time.

We have more than 200 gardening in the city, two summer community and a lot of individual sites.A vast array of small nadelchikov in private use ...

- It's not all housing?
- Houses seasonal residence law does not relate to the housing stock.Act dacha non-profit associations of citizens makes it possible to build a house.Including - for permanent use.But since the release of the law on "dacha amnesty" to cancel the procedure for issuing permits for construction and commissioning.

- This simplified life gardeners?
- If the goal - just to get a piece of paper, but it became easier.If you try to understand whether this piece of paper for something that you can touch - much more difficult.There are many situations in which the law on dacha amnesty leads to an increase in legal disputes.For example, under this law, a citizen can register a right not only to your home or garage, but also to "other property".Shed, toilet ... Lodge describes himself a citizen.And do not even plan indicates where it is.And enterprising citizens register structures which are our neighbors, on someone else's site.And suddenly the neighbors were surprised to learn that the building on their site already belongs to someone on the property right.And it happens.

- Property Fund recently started auctioning plots for individual housing construction.What do you think, why so few?
- To land put up for sale, it is necessary to fully describe, assess conduct surveying.And for this purpose - to get the town-planning documentation.In areas where there are no existing buildings, it is necessary to develop documents for territory planning.The thematic plan of KGA is gradually doing.
But where on earth the high demand, waiting for some kind of release of free sites is not necessary.A allotments, for example, in the Kolpino district, though inexpensive, but very few people are interested.For example, in the quarter, "New Izhora" investor and network paved and built headaches sources.Still, the cost of land and housing, which it has developed, significantly lower than in Repino and Zelenogorsk.If I was going to buy a house - I, of course, it is interesting that there was a gas, water.And that I did not have for some extra money to buy, for example, boilers, so myself beloved, to provide heat and electricity.

- As gardening is drawing up public land?
- Under current law, common ground gardening become the property of the legal entity.And dispose of the land - on the template statute - the general meeting.If they want someone to give the total area of ​​the plot - will draw up and approve a new plan for the organization of horticulture.You can give someone a part of the public land on lease.If you want to build a road or build a kindergarten - it is a question of using funds from membership dues.In principle, municipalities should be involved in this.However, we must remember that the non-profit association - a market participant: it is necessary building permits, approval of design documentation, and so on.

- What are the problems and inconsistencies in the current legislation are most noticeable?
- The implementation of the law on dacha amnesty ... I understand that regulations have made package, and quickly.Forgot your dock, for example, the law of the inventory with the law on registration ... It turns out that the registration shall be subject to the rights, even if the site plan is incomplete, but the law on cadastre plan should contain comprehensive information, including boundary.Water Code: gardening because often formed near water.And now the citizens who were in the areas of the 20-meter coastal strip, of the Water Code does not have the right to redeem them, although the dacha amnesty granted this right.

appears that such situations should be the subject of a separate legal regulation.The city is trying to find a way out of the legal stalemate.Now the legislature is a bill in which the painted powers of executive and legislative authorities.For example, government funding to be carried out surveying work.It is advisable to do centralized at the city level.The larger the purchase, the lower the price.

- to work on surveying - in great demand?
- There are so many companies are divorced - I do not think that there is a queue.The queue may be those firms that have a decent reputation.Since March 3, the licensing of such works is canceled.You will need certification and will carry out its executive bodies of the subject.There are a lot of complaints about the work of the small firms that take a lot of orders.

- Surveyors will cadastral engineer ... I do not fear a subjective approach to the certification?
- rules that are developing in the Ministry of Justice, simple as an orange.There are two or three hundred issues such exam for surveyors.Another thing is that the cadastral engineer could be anyone.And practically no levers of power checking their work.Whatever you intend - to influence their decisions you can not already do.Only through the courts.We are still at the stage of preparation of the law saying you can not remove the owner from the distribution of its assets.

- And yet, whether the city has some serious reserves of the earth - to bring down the price?
- On the secondary market power can not affect ...

- Why - if at times increase the supply .
- Increasing the proposed sites would make sense to say, if we had half the territory of France.We have a slightly different situation is.
Auctions on complex building I would not take as a reference point, but trades on damaged buildings in the suburbs give a result, roughly corresponding to the value of the land on the secondary market.

- And if these objects were not 8 or 80 - and 800?
- I think that if the price fell to.With today's demand, we can not provide all interested persons an adequate supply.

- How do you feel about the prospect of creating a commuter?
- Two subjects, who live side by side, must somehow agree on the rules of residence.Wrong, when both sides are under construction, with interests not joined.The region plans to dense development in areas adjacent to the Ring Road.And on the other side of the same Ring has already established an industrial zone.Planted a forest and gardens to break in the next 20-30 years - unrealistic.It's not just a matter of joint management.It is, first of all, the issue of zoning.Please agree where it should be, and then manage.Develop joint rules igry.Reaktsiya the idea of ​​joint management of property belonging to the area, is quite clear: they really take it as expansion.The area would be interesting to consider the territory adjacent to the city as promising for industrial and residential development.So we in the resort area there would be many who want to built near residential complexes.But we say: here we Parks.What set - the set.And in any building with neighbors must agree that if it is said that after 23.00 loud music does not include costs to listen to this.

- Do you have a vacation home?
- Cottage in the Luga district, 250 km from St. Petersburg.I've got a child spends all summer, and she go every weekend.House hereditary, even by the great-grandmother.Previously, there was a wooden, stone is now.One floor with a loft.There is a small river in the ravine.And on the other side - a temple built in the XIV century ...

- Can a suburban sprawl gradually become an alternative to the urban high-rise buildings?Whether formed the habit of living in the suburbs?
- The level of consciousness of the average person has not yet reached the point that you can not be the owner of the apartment and a separate house.To live in the suburbs - it is necessary to get it.But most of the jobs - in the center.Vitebsk Avenue just does not pass.It is necessary to raise the question of the roads to solve infrastructure problems.City past few years has been actively engaged in addressing these issues.


Yulia Kiseleva Born in Leningrad in 1972.I grew up on the Petrograd side.
graduated from high school with in-depth study of the English language and the law faculty of Leningrad State University.Since 1994 he has been working in the Committee on Land Resources.He likes to travel.