Buyer area must know the law

By Admin | Legal Issues
25 April 2016

period of contradictions and ambiguities in the regulation of land relations will last until January 1, 2009.Therefore, the conclusion of agreements on the ground should be treated carefully.

main cause of a situation lies in the Federal Law "On General Principles of Local Self-Government in the Russian Federation."In the field of regulation of land relations functions mode "transition period".

The legislative and legal acts of the Russian Federation and the subjects of the RF are conflicting legal rules, there is no single concept in law and practice of the subjects of the Russian Federation municipalities.As a result, unavoidable disturbances that can lead to legal conflicts.

In this regard, at the conclusion of contracts, such as sale, lease land should be guided by the norms of the Civil Code, land, urban planning and other laws, which exclude the possibility of double interpretation, according to "Business Newspaper. South."

In deciding on the definition of land categories all correspondence sh
ould be directed to two addresses: the authorities and the control of the Russian Federation and the municipality in whose territory the land is located.

In transactions with the land should ensure that its legal support.If the transaction is made on the secondary market - be sure to check the purity of the documents the legal owner of the site.Given the current situation in the land market, such a test is unfortunately necessary to carry out since the beginning of the 1990s. That is a very time-consuming and expensive procedure.

Verification is required for registration of contracts of sale and lease of land for business purposes.Particularly relevant is the procedure in case of future business transfer by inheritance and transactions with agricultural land.