"Dacha amnesty": will not draw in any terms, any costs

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21 April 2016
If you do not have "territorial disputes" with its neighbors, there is no need to rush to the survey and registration.

"Dacha amnesty" or simplified procedure of registration of land plots, as a good idea, but its implementation is far from ideal.To register on the ground, you need a lot of money, time and nerves.On Wednesday, a fact acknowledged head of the Presidential Control Directorate Alexander fluently."None of you have not tried to pass a simplified procedure for registration in person - he chided the heads of regulatory agencies, who came to the meeting in the Kremlin.

- Meanwhile, experiments have shown that, not to mention money, in less than a month and not10-12 hours after standing in line, this is not possible. "To learn how to change the procedure of registration of land, in an interview with "Izvestia" said the author of the reform - Deputy Pavel Krasheninnikov.

Duma Deputy Pavel Krasheninnikov (Photo: Igor Zakharkin Duma Deputy Pavel Krasheninnikov: "In many countries, land survey w
as conducted for centuries"

Julia Mironova

If the neighbors on giving not claim on your territory, then it makes no sense to pay money for "surveying". You can arrange the ownership of land, and without it. And with the design, you can take the time, because the right to" dacha amnesty "will not be limited in time, and they will be able to use even your heirs. On the new laws that make life easier for cottagers, correspondent"Izvestia" Julia Mironova told them the developer - the head of the Duma Committee on Legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov.

"Calculating centimeters is necessary when there is a dispute with a neighbor"

in our newspaper a discussion about the new law on "dacha amnesty"allowing inherit non-privatized sectors. It is true that now there is no sense to privatize the cottages and can safely live with outdated suburban garden-books?

In fact, these sites in the past, prior to the entry into force of the law on the so-called "dacha amnesty" could be inherited.But privatize them "simplified" scheme has been impossible.Now the "dacha amnesty" will be extended to children.That is, they will not have to go to court, do not produce any documents.In general, it will be cheaper and faster.

This is logical, because the state, when this law is adopted, it was not the task of quickly "drive" to privatization, so that they soon made out areas.We simply say that you have such an opportunity, please, you can use it.

But problems with surveying remained, and they are also inherited.

problems surveying and the truth remained, especially in those regions of Russia, which did not bother to read the law and does not set a limit on payment for land surveying.This is about 50% of the regions.But a law, which says that with uncertain territories, that is, without defining clear boundaries, it is possible to make out land ownership, to enter into transactions with it, bequeath, and so on, and so on.That is, it is not necessary each time to calculate the centimeter.They need to calculate when there is a dispute with a neighbor.And if there is a dispute, it is not necessary - it's called "the uncertainty of the borders."If the borders are not clearly documented - it does not mean that they are not at all.It only means that the boundary has not passed.I can say that in many countries, clearly defined boundaries exist only in its relations with neighbors and surveying as such has not been for centuries.

But lawyers say that without surveying, without precise boundaries nowhere - the deal will be illegal.

Listen, here in the UK only 20% of all land borders are defined.And nothing, they live as something normal.All my life they lived in the village, 100, 200 years ago, and no questions now arise.But why do we need to call these engineers, so that they were measuring out there, if there is a dispute?If there is a dispute, it is another matter.

advise you to opt out of this expensive land surveying?

No, I do not advise it, I just think that some colossal problems or konfliktovimenno because of this should not be.When citizens something they begin to divide, it is already in their heads conflicts.And if people live normal, please ... In this case, carry out surveying, or not, to solve the owner of the site.

"The declaration is filled with the property along with a plot ..."

When the new rules take effect?

All standards of surveying and "dacha amnesty" has already entered into force.The law was adopted, it works, but I repeat - only in cases where there is conflict, it is possible to do without surveying.But when a person gets a new land, then, of course, all you need to do.

And if the heirs will sell the land, then they will need to carry out land surveying?

No, you can buy and sell without surveying.

This order will be valid only for the owners of country houses or garages, too, can breathe a sigh of relief?

"Dacha amnesty" - a code name.Of course it applies to land for gardens, vegetable gardens, a private individual construction.If you have a cottage or garden house, the owner enough to fill in the declaration, and it is not necessary to cause the BTI.The law applies to housing privatization - we postponed, and now until March 1, 2010 can be free to privatize apartment.Previously, the final deadline was January 1, 2007.

declaration is made out, and to build on the site?

Yes.The declaration is filled with property along with a plot already.If this declaration to the cottage or garden house, and there are information about the site.And it can sell, donate ... to take any action.

And truckers, owners of houses and garages, too, the final deadline until January 1, 2010?

No, this limitation already canceled