Insurance and cottage area

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20 April 2016

no doubt has its own characteristics for insurance suburban property.But above all, it needs to collect a large number of documents.Under the legislation, the land and the house, which is located on it - a variety of objects, and therefore they need to insure separately.

property insurance Another feature for insurance suburban housing - a high probability of insurance payments.The fact that the country houses are more at risk.This is understandable - not around the fire station, police station.And all these features affect significantly on the formation of the cost of insurance services.

It is not easy, so insurers have come up to him with the utmost care: require a detailed description of the property, as well as the terrain on which the site and check everything thoroughly.The cost of this type of insurance is more expensive than insurance apartments.

main factors affecting the cost of insurance services

Among them are: the presence of the franchise agreement;the size of the sum insured;the material from which

the building is constructed;Selected risks;JavaScript home remedies.

the purposes of fire safety is taken into account the distance from home to the nearest body of water, the fire department, municipality.Pay attention to high-risk areas in the house;stoves, fireplaces.And next to the house;storage rooms, saunas.All this affects the size of the tariff for insurance.

there is a risk, which depend on the time of year.In winter, when the cottages and houses are empty, most likely to occur theft, the spring increases the likelihood of flooding or flood and in summer often there is a fire or a natural disaster occurs.Statistics risk of suburban real estate is as follows: in the fire - 21%., On unlawful acts of third parties - 29%, in the bays sites - 50% of all insurance claims.

Insurance during construction

When a property is under construction, insurers offer different rates in this type of insurance.Some insurers believe that a house under construction is subject to a greater number of risks and, therefore, the tariff is raised.And representatives of other insurance companies to reduce tariffs, because they believe that the finished house under construction more expensive.


Without exception, all insurers to objects of high risk include the house in which long time no one lives or housing leased by a third party, so to such objects are special allowances to the tariff.

classical insurance

most popular types of insurance at the moment is a classic and the title.What is a classic insurance?The list includes: water damage from heating, water supply, sewerage systems;Insurance suburban buildings from fire;natural disasters;blast, including gas explosion;To this must be added the theft, hooliganism, robbery, robbery.And as the main insurance risk note - malicious acts of third parties.

property can be insured in full - bearing structures, finishes, property located in the house.And it is possible in parts - finish or civil liability.This type of insurance is the power to choose the number of risks: either the full package or individual risks.

Title insurance

Another type of insurance - Home, enables the owner of property to protect their property from the other applicants (the former owners), whose rights have been violated in transactions in the past.This insurance is mainly connected with a mortgage loan because many banks require to insure every trade on a comprehensive program, including the title.

The tariffs for insurance holiday home depends on many factors: the type of home environment and home security, the regime stay in the home, on the remoteness of the fire station and fire pond method for determining the insurance payment with or without wear.

During the conclusion of the agreement is very important the correct assessment of the market value of property.Expert - appraiser determines the value of the two buildings, the real and the reduction ratio of which determines wear.The replacement cost includes the price of the same object with the same characteristics, but with the technical condition.Houses generally estimated at replacement cost, because in case of loss of the property he will have to rebuild it.