Improving fireplace

By Admin | Stoves And Fireplaces
04 May 2016
What you need to do:

  • paint (required Matte)
  • glass pebbles
  • or ceramic birch logs.

So, begin:

Stage One
There are three main ways to update your fireplace.The first - to paint it from the inside, using light colors such as white, light blue or yellow, covering it all three parties.Make sure that you use a heat-resistant paint.If you want to make your fireplace is really unusual, you can use a variety of images, which are applied on the edge of the inside of the fireplace: stripes, diamonds, etc.

Step Two
If you have a gas fireplace, fill the bottom of the fireplace with glass pebbles.When you turn on your fireplace, glass will sparkle and reflect light, and in addition, close the burner that will make the look of your fireplace much more aesthetic.If the fireplace is not in use, place inside a ceramic timber on the rocks.

Stage Three
If your fireplace is working on the wood, use a decorative birch logs when you are not using the fireplace.They have a nice crust and look much more
attractive than conventional wood.When going to drown fireplace, just take them out and use a conventional wood for the furnace.

Step Four

Large round candles will give your fireplace a sophisticated look.You can place these little groups on the fireplace and add white stones, so the fireplace is not just a source of heat, but will look like a single elegant ensemble.