Barbecue in the country

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03 May 2016
Choosing a place for barbecue

for effective and safe use of the barbecue is very important where you position it.

Location barbecue should not be too far from the house, easily accessible from the kitchen, as you will need to bring to the barbecue cooking utensils, dishes, and water.

not place the BBQ under the spreading trees, asintense heat can seriously damage them.For the same reasons of fire safety, do not install a barbecue too close to the wooden buildings and fences that could be affected by smoke and fire.

If barbecue is set on the lawn, the grass is almost certain to be trampled because of too active movement of people.Therefore, the ground around the stationary barbecue better pave the tiles or bricks.Make sure that on the surrounding area can easily accommodate several people.If space is insufficient, plan area so your guests can freely move around.
Design BBQ BBQ

usually in the form box, lined with brick, concrete blocks, stone, which does not have the front wall and an open top.Whe
n designing a barbecue to take into account a number of factors.

Height barbecue

Design barbecue should provide its absolute ustroychivost.Metallicheskaya broiler should be located at a height most convenient for cooking at about 9 ... 10 rows of brick from the ground.

If the lattice is positioned too low, you will have to lean heavily;if it is too high, you will feel uncomfortable about lying to her products or your face is too close to the hot coals.

grate for cooking (grill) and a pan of coals should be based on projections of bricks or metal rods embedded in the joints between the rows of bricks.They must be removable: in winter, when the barbecue is not in use, they are cleaned and removed to protect against rust.Terms


to normal roasting barbecue needs a constant supply of fresh air, so you need to create traction.

Colocation barbecue

Draw a general view of a barbecue, placing the shelves and work surfaces so that they best fit into the overall look and provided the necessary amenities for cooking.Provide a place for storing a stack of plates and an additional amount of charcoal, which may be required in the process of frying.

Such cookware as spatula, tongs and a metal brush to clean the grille, should hang on hooks attached to the side wall of barbecues.
broiler (grill) and a pan of charcoal

The presets include: grill, charcoal tray, fasteners.Such kits are designed for a barbecue on their own.This is the easiest way to organize space for cooking outdoors.

But as the grill can be used to take out a conventional grill cooker.Ideally, the area of ​​the grating must be greater than the area of ​​the fire, which allows food to move to the side and keep it hot without fear that it will burn.

under the broiler pan should be placed to charcoal, which is made of mild steel sheet.Directly above the tray stronger second, narrower grille, which is a hot charcoal: ash falls into the pan, where it is easy to remove.

broiler must be protected from the wind.To this brick wall barbecue side and rear must be above the grill.

construction of brick barbecue

Install stationary barbecue on a concrete strip foundation.Brick wall thickness in a half-brick lay in the shape of the letter U. broiler pan and charcoal set on brackets or embedded into the joints between the bricks at the desired height, or on the projections of bricks laid in the respective rows at right angles to the wall.

in the immediate vicinity of the area organize a cooking surface.The upper part of this surface can be made of plywood boards or concrete paving slabs.

easily extend the basic design, erecting additional baseboard wall to lean on new work surface.A slightly raising the wall can organize countertop of wood or tiles, so that people can stay in the vicinity of the cooking.


Prepare the strip foundation, the board and using a cord.

Pull the cord to mark the position of a future wall of barbecues, and apply a layer of mortar with a trowel to the prepared strip foundation along one of the walls.Making grooves on the layer of the solution, lay the first row of bricks.Check the horizontal level.

Lay second row, starting out with half a chopped across the bricks to create a stretcher bandage.Continue to lay the following rows by shifting each of them on a half-brick.In the fifth row, create a support ledge.

support protrusion

Fig.1. The unit of the reference projection in barbecue.

second series of bricks stacked poke (across).These bricks need to act on both sides of the wall.

number of speakers on top of brick masonry walls vpolkirpicha continue, placing additional 3 series.The result is a narrow ledge to lean on the broiler pan and charcoal.If the hand will not pan sufficient width, which allowed him to rely on projections in the wall to support the pan, you can use the metal shelf.

second protrusion Construct 10th next to bricks and add another 3 series by stretcher dressings to complete the bulk of the barbecue.

Fig.2. The apparatus of the second protrusion in barbecue.

metal rods as support

Do not brick ledge and continue to lay bricks and between the second and seventh rows of stitches put in the long steel rods.The rods protrude from all 3 walls about 75 mm so that it may be put grate and pallet.

Continue to lay the following rows of bricks, laying in the seam of each series of bars to get a set of different heights, which can be installed on the broiler.Finish the construction on the 10th row of bricks.

working surface

easiest way devices work surface for a barbecue - the construction of a low brick wall baseboard type height of 6 rows of bricks set on a separate tape parallel to the foundation of one of the side walls of the barbecue.Bricks 6-row wall skirting laid poking.

Cut a sheet of plywood.Place it between the plinth wall and the projection of the side wall of the barbecue, which relies on the other hand a tray for charcoal.

To form the working surface of the sheet is placed on the board, which is coated with ceramic tiles or tiles.The working surface can be used as a large paving slabs.

If Plinth wall to be connected to the main structure, it is possible to 6th rows of bricks (up to the height at which the work surface and set the tray for charcoal) to build a structure in the form of lying letter E, as then continue laying the rear and side wallsbarbecue until the 10th row.In this case, under the working surface is formed a place where you can store charcoal, and if it is to provide the shelves and the door, and the knives, kuhonnnye utensils and crockery.

Completion barbecue facilities

Fig.3. Install shelves and working surfaces barbecue.

graduating barbecue facility and related working surfaces, table and seats, Adv (treat) the seams: before solution grab, run along the seams jointing or cuttings garden hose to give them a rounded shape.

barbecue should stand for several days that the solution has hardened before the first time to build a fire, otherwise the design can be cracked.

Clean the barbecue after each use to avoid unpleasant work at the end of the summer.
BBQ free laying bricks

Provisional barbecue, which can be disassembled and stored in the winter in the shelter can be built of brick without mortar.This design not only barbecue cheaply and quickly erected, but very effective: the method laid cellular walls provide good air flow and complete combustion of coal.

Fig.4. Construction of barbecue free laying bricks.

Depending on your desires barbecue can be round, triangular, square or hexagonal shape.For the construction of a round barbecue takes about 100 bricks, barbecue other forms - some more.

erection sequence barbecue

Place the first row of bricks on your chosen form on a prepared foundation, but so that between them there is a gap of about 50 mm.On top lay the second row of bricks, moving them to a half-brick, to ensure the strength of masonry.Continue to stack the remaining bricks by shifting each row on a half-brick up until you reach the 5th row.Put on top of the steel sheet as a tray for charcoal, and then add another 2 rows of bricks laid dry and put them on top of the broiler.At the back wall and sides barbecue add another 2 ,null,null, 3 rows of bricks to form a windbreak