Unlike the barbecue on barbecue

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03 May 2016

brazier External differences lie in the fact that "Mangal" is called a rectangular roasting pan in which the smoldering embers and from above to cook the meat on skewers."BBQ" is usually round a brazier, and top the meat on the grill.

If you try meat cooked on the grill and barbecue, the difference in the taste you will not find.The only difference in the methods of cooking - on a skewer or lattice.

Nowadays, for convenience, some companies are made of cast iron Dutch oven or oven grill with oven on wheels.Often used as the fuel gas and the smell of smoke in them feel.But they also have advantages - an open flame to heat up the stone and the surface on which you can put something that does not prick on a skewer, and that it is impossible to put on the grill.They have a temperature indicator which monitors the temperature of the cooking dish.

Types Mangalia

Movable grills

Movable grills are made from thin steel, brazier whereby the wood they burn out quickly, and keeps the heat is bad barbecue is not the s

ame.More inconvenient it that the site on which it is installed, must be horizontal otherwise the BBQ at the wrong time can collapse and ruin the joy of cooking barbecue.In addition, after using fastening may seize, and indeed you can grill soil all over with soot.Therefore collapsible grills are suitable for undemanding audience, and only for rare trips to barbecues.

barbecues Stationary

If you like to eat barbecue in the country, did not take the money and try to buy a cast iron grill with podduvalom, pipes and grates.Build from the oven or furnace refractory bricks.This grill heat longer holds, better roasted meat remains juicy and subject: the distance from the coals until the meat must be at least 15 cm. This furnace will not only delight a delicious barbecue, but also decorate the cottage and delight you and others as small formlandscape architecture.


«BBQ" - is primarily a round a brazier in which the heat is distributed evenly and at the same time it is easy to adjust, and raising or lowering the bars, you can adjust the distance from the coals.

barbecue There are several versions about the origin of the word barbeque.Some believe that it comes from the Roman word barbar - barbarian, the other from the Haitian word "bench", it is believed that it comes from the Indian word barbacoa, as they toasted their meals on lattices of twigs.

BBQ are of various kinds: fixed and portable, coal-fired, electric or gas, with or without a variety of devices.Portable easy to install and dismantle, so they can be installed anywhere, stationary may consist of various lockers for firewood, dishes, etc.Mobile barbecue - equipped with wheels, so you can move on and put the dacha where it's convenient.

More "BBQ roaster" is different in that the list of products that can be cooked in it, is very wide - it is fish, seafood, meat, whole chicken or a part of it (wings, legs), vegetables, fruits, and all that your soulanything.


for cooking meat using Mangala or "Barbecue brazier" fit not only coal logs from woodpiles, but also charcoal, birch and oak, which are sold in stores and is very suitable for cooking meat.When using it, there is no unpleasant odor, which emit some by burning wood (pine, spruce).In addition, it is well flares and also you can buy materials for his firing.But before you cook, you need to wait until the kindling burns, otherwise prepared dish will have an objectionable odor, such as gasoline.

To barbecue is not burned, the flame is controlled by bryzgalki water.And with a lack of hot embers enclose.In stationary braziers air flow can be adjusted and thus comply with the temperature conditions required for frying.

In cold convenient gas and electric "barbecue-brazier.»

And in the end we can say that in stores corresponding profile can purchase a variety of devices and accessories for grills, barbecues and barbecue.

example: double grille with round or rectangular.With their help, you will not have to fiddle with every bite, but rather take the long handle of the grill and turn it, and the products will be fried on the other side.Grid of

better to buy Teflon-coated, steel grating and before using better grease that will not stick to it and fish patties

In addition, you can purchase a variety of grills pallets, which can be put on the grill and cook all kinds of dishes, using forceps purchased,blade fork with long wooden handles.

for ignition of coal offered long matches, lighters, special bricks that lay in a corner and set on fire.