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02 May 2016

Electrofireplaces Electrofireplaces burn as brightly as the real thing, creating a realistic and beautiful effect of living fire, and at the same time deprived of all the difficulties typical of wood-burning or gas fireplace:

  • do not require special installation (just turn into an electrical outlet)
  • quickly on and off
  • do not require the presence of gas pipes and chimney
  • safe (no open flame and sparks)
  • use are clean (no ash or soot), and some models with built-in air cleaner.

Electrofireplaces can work with heating, and without it, allowing the flames to enjoy the game year-round!

Modern electric fireplaces are equipped with remote control, automatic maintenance of temperature at a given level, and some models even allow you to customize the appearance of the flame!

electric fireplace can be used in a private country house, in a city apartment, and even in a modern office.

put such fireplaces and restaurants in the halls, in the halls and rooms of hotels, holiday homes and even in the cabins of sea li


To get more detailed information on the characteristics of electric fireplaces you can on the pages of Dimplex.Buy an electric fireplace, and you can get advice in retail stores in Moscow

electric fireplace - electric heater that simulates the appearance of flames classic fireplace.Usually it has several modes of operation.Some models are equipped with remote control management.

Indeed, in the modern city apartment to install a classic fireplace is not possible, and an electric fireplace can fit even in a small room.

electric fireplace brings not only a decorative function: standard electric fireplace produces not less heat than its classical counterpart.Furthermore, some modern electros are several heating modes.

In the result of the electric fireplace does not create dirt, fumes, ashes and ashes.Heating fans, built-in electric fireplaces, evenly distribute warm air in the space adjacent to the electric heater.

Electrofireplaces Electric Fireplace cheaper than natural, it can be installed in any location, even at the maximum heating, housing the heater does not heat up much, which also has a positive effect also on fire safety factor.

And, besides, the electric heater is easy to pick up for the interior of your apartment: A variety of models makes it easy to select the desired option.

Especially because today there is a great alternative to classical Fireplaces: electric fireplaces.

Electrofireplaces not require a call wizard to install them, they do not need a chimney, only enough power outlet.

Electrofireplaces easy to operate, and, if desired, they can be moved from one place to another - no classic fireplace will not allow you that.

In addition, there is one point that builders often silent - in our latitudes classic fireplace serves an aesthetic function rather than the function of heating.