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02 May 2016
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word barbecue in French - is the meat of a bull, roasted over an open fire.For these purposes, there are many options furnaces, which in the West is called barbecue.I am engaged in the construction of natural stone, so I would like to share the experience of building a barbecue made of natural materials, and with little financial expenditure.Such a structure will decorate any part of your house or cottage.This is a barbecue is easy to manufacture, so that the forces of any owner - does not require any special skills;It is built of natural stone, besides - multi-function, which means you can cook it in the meat and fish fry, stew, jerk, and even bloating products.

to begin construction of the barbecue, you should choose a convenient location that is need a little space, about 2-3 m2, it has to be in the center of the recreation area, preferably close to home, next to the pond or alpine slide.Needless barbecue eventually will decorate your rest area.And fro
m experience I want to say that barbecue should be under a canopy or to have their own roof.Again, the options for building a barbecue a lot, but I will offer you the most simple, versatile and practical option.

construction should begin with the foundation, it must conform to the barbecue area.Under it digs a trench depth of about 30 cm, which is filled with crushed stone or gravel, and water is poured carefully compacted.This so-called theft, it should be put on top of a metal mesh or more reinforcing rods, which are placed in a grid.After that, the boards of the formwork is constructed around the pillow height of about 10 cm and fill with concrete.After a couple of days to begin construction of the barbecue.

During construction, you will need about 15 ordinary silicate blocks, about 150 pieces of brick kiln, 6-8 buckets of clay, one bag of cement and medium grain sand is well washed with water.Of the tools required mason hammer, trowel, shovel ordinary couple desyatilitrovyh buckets, two tanks 80-100 liters a barrel, which would have to prepare a solution of clay, and a box (bucket) for the preparation of cement-sand mortar.

How to prepare a solution of clay?To do this, take six buckets of red clay, crushed it, and placed in a barrel, the Gulf up to the top with water.After 5-7 days, the clay is thoroughly mixed with water, until a homogeneous mass, the consistency of jelly.Then, taking 2-3 buckets of clay solution, pour it through a sieve into a box.There also put the 2-3 pre-sifted sand bucket, add about one liter of cement and mix thoroughly.The solution should be a medium consistency.How to determine what the normal clay solution - that is such a solution, which, when heated the oven does not crack?There is a very simple way: the edge of the trowel scoop a little of the solution and tilt it 45 degrees, if the solution is slid with a trowel, leaving no trace of his balance, then such a solution, they say, is normal.

Additionally required and sand-cement.It is made from the washed and preferably river sand to cement in a proportion of 3: 1.For facing barbecue will take about one ton of stones - the usual kibble size of a football, preferably red and burgundy.Pick up cobblestones should, of whom at least one of the parties was flat, it will be facing in the front.If these boulders small, they are easy to chop, using the normal sledgehammer.It should apply edge sledge pin 2-3, and cobblestone often pricked 2-3 piece, wherein the split pieces will have typically a flat surface.Having a pillow and prepared construction materials, proceed directly to the construction of a barbecue.I invite you to a barbecue with the following elements:

1. firebox.
2. Polennitza.
3. Two countertops.
4. Wash.
5. Roof.

We start like this: from silicate blocks spread pedestal barbecue with woodpile, that is a niche for firewood.The height of the pedestal 70 cm, the size of the woodpile at your discretion, but the count so that it fits on a 2-3 firewood furnace.Masonry is made on the cement-sandy solution.Then proceed to the construction of the stove.To do this, about 150 pieces of brick kiln since from it you lay out part of the furnace itself and the chimney, that is the chimney.As can be seen from the diagram, the base lay in two rows of brick masonry is made to the previously prepared clay mortar.

Brick placed along the furnace, with the edge of his need 1/3 to come forward, because in the future all the barbecue is covered with natural stone.Oven itself can be made as a woodpile, rectangular or in the form of an arch, in the latter case, the boards should you do form an arch.Size firebox: width, it should be 5-7 bricks and depth - 3 brick.If you do overlap in the form of an arch, the upper ranks of bricks should podtesat a wedge.For the strength to apply the valve overlap.

next stage - the construction of the pipe, ie the flue, also on clay mortar of the brick kiln, the last placed flat on each other.Do not forget to insert a chimney valve, as well as display on the rear of the small bend, so-called tooth that will improve traction.Having stove and chimney of silicate blocks, created on one level with a stove niche in the form of a hemisphere, which put the sink and move the valve to the water.On the rear surface of the top and bottom barbecue make minor niche for buckets of water, it is desirable that the doors are closed.

What you need hot water?In it you need to make sure that during the cooking and have to wash your hands repeatedly.Such a system is very practical, simple, and, as you can in the future make sure necessary.For convenience, the sides are also barbecue should make tabletop on which you place the dishes, the products in the process of their preparation.Niches for buckets and washbasins make of silicate blocks on cement-sand mortar.Countertops can be made of wood or poured concrete, stoned their surface normal wall tiles.All others lay empty as from silicate blocks.

If you have decided to make a barbecue on the roof, then the corners of the four sides in the vertical masonry lay the pipe, which will keep the roof frame (see. Diagram).Stoned I recommend building your cobble - it is very beautiful, comfortable and durable.Methods facing similar structures described in my article: "Base your home with natural stone," which will be published in the next issue of the magazine.Do not forget to bring and install a roof barbecue lighting and an electrical outlet.

to barbecue was a multi-functional, made of metal box with support for coal and skewers hot plates for cooking and fish.To all cooks quickly, do not forget to be done in the form of the furnace valve.It is advisable to build a barbecue under a large canopy, which can advance to make stone table seats.To the eyes of strangers was less, around a barbecue can be planted as a hedge pyramidal or columnar arborvitae or junipers.

I wish you success and bon appetite!

Sergei Tyunis, Vitebsk

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