Fireplace: decorative or refinement?

By Admin | Stoves And Fireplaces
02 May 2016

Fireplace: decorative refinement or heat source

Live Christmas tree on the site, newly fallen powdered snow garden path and the crackling logs in the fireplace - the perfect Christmas picture.You already see yourself by the fireplace in an armchair with a glass of mulled wine tart?Wondered what fireplace is right for your living space?Then our advice to you.

In today's market there are many companies involved in the installation of fireplaces.But no matter if you refer to a specialist or decide to put your fireplace own hands, our advice, we believe, will not redundant.

So that your fireplace is not turned into a cold decorative element that every time I look at him, do not recall the famous phrase "shines, but not warm," You should know what emissivity have different types of fireplaces.

fireplace traditional refractory brick fireplace with open hearth

The easiest and most common type of fire.Its heat is 10-15%, while the heat loss up to 90%.

If your home already has central heating, then you can cert

ainly afford inexpensive to manufacture brick fireplace in the living room.

Rather, it will be a highlight in the architecture of your home, but the heat will not add much.

cast iron fireplace with open hearth

iron, because of its chemical properties, has a high resistance and good heat conductivity.Heat of the fire will range 20 to 25%, while the heat loss will be 75-80%.Cast iron fireplaces, compared with brick, have a longer lifespan.

Energy fireplaces closed type

Energy fireplaces of leading European companies, not only do more than any other source of heat in your home country (70-75% of the heat remains in the room), but also will significantly save on wood.Moreover, as you can imagine, an indoor fireplace is much safer, especially where there are children.

Anyway, whatever your choice, we wish to become the embodiment of the fireplace of comfort, warmth and harmony of your home.

And finally.Choosing wood for his fireplace, remember:

  • logs should always be dry;
  • firewood from hardwood burn slowly, flames is calm, with long "language," the embers remain hot for a long time;
  • logs of softwood trees during combustion crackle, and form a "trembling" flame;
  • pine logs give a bright fire flare up quickly, but burn quickly;
  • beech and oak burns slowly, also leave less ash than pine;
  • say if the throw burning fireplace in a few dry stalks elder, then the room to spread the scent of lavender.

peace and warmth to your home in the coming year!