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29 April 2016
Obiina did not want to lay the chimney through the ceiling of the whole house, so brought him outside, where he goes along the house upstairs.On the streets of installed pipes - sandwich.

During the construction of his house, the foundation is not strengthened by the fireplace, so heavy brick fireplace or stove immediately disappeared.We had to choose a metal stove fireplace "Yenisei" (the highest number of positive responses), or fireplace insert (wash with gate) with lining (Accord).Manufacturer of both furnaces Russian firm Meta.

Convenience oven - fire is what has brought, and set it ready for use, and fireplace inserts More oblitsevat need and the price is 2 times higher.

theory theory, but in practice it turned out that, seeing as the "natural" look both samples unanimously voted for fireplace inserts.In the end, we bought a set - and insert the lining, for it in the store they did a decent discount

Obiina wanted to buy here and chimneys, but they were very expensive, so we decided to look
elsewhere.As a result of searches purchased in the market - 44 km Moscow Ring Road chimney.Sandwich consists of: 1 mm stainless steel, 40mm insulation, 1mm galvanized.

After buying heavy fireplace inserts dragged into the house with the help of a neighbor, or not do it.Obiina husband decided to set their own furnace.

installation fireplace insert

First of all, from the corners, and he cooked pieces of rebar stand for heating (cost per company 1400 rub.), Invited the assistant and hoisted the oven on the stand.To derive the chimney into the street did a hole in the wall.

then went to build the chimney.Hard and unsafe thing when collecting his winter standing on scaffolding.To check the tightness of the furnace stoked and if somewhere dymilo not in the right place, the joints greased termogermetikom.

Obiina spent the weekend test furnace - do not smoke joints, the oven door is quite tight.With -6 C to +15 C stoked 4 hours, this despite the fact that the house is not completely insulated.

Fireplace insert - convection oven for action this wall lining and wall of the house obkladyvayutsya foil basalt wool, that would not be warming up and then heats the air as much as possible and increase its circulation.

regime for corruption was bought by a fireplace with built-in damper.Glass smoked if logs are close, but as the firebox is large, almost always have the opportunity to move them off the glass.During operation Obiina once used cleaning glass.

Facing furnace

More mounting kit purchased CME, it is designed to build the fireplace facings.It includes:
  • Gypsum g-16 - 8 kg;
  • reinforcing fabric (100 x 300 mm) - 20pcs;
  • adhesive lining - 5 kg;
  • wedges for leveling - 20 pieces;
  • gloves - 1 pair;
  • Instructions - 1 piece.
Materials for fireplace insert
  • Fireplace insert, lining - 36 400 rubles;
  • Basalt wool with foil, to protect the wall and facing the heat - 2 100 rubles;
  • Scotch aluminum, sizing wool - 160rubley;
  • Chimney sandwich.Thing 2 100 rubles., 5 pcs.- 10 500 rubles;
  • Tee sandwich - 2 100 rubles;
  • plug and umbrella - 2 000 rubles;
  • single tube (vertical in the house) - 1 100 rubles;
  • swivel elbow 90 degrees.- 600 rubles;
  • Sealant - 50 rubles.
Total: 55 010 rubles

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