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27 April 2016
quickly and economically warm air heater furnace room can be.More specifically, one of their variants - gasifier.

Design and Operating

Furnace "Breneran"

Sitting by the fireplace, we warmed by heat radiation of open fire.Russian, Dutch and Swedish oven give us the warmth of the heated body.Gasifier warm air flow and put him into the room.Fuel is not lit a flame, and subjected to pyrolysis.Pyrolysis - thermal decomposition is insufficient oxygen: fuel smolder without flame as coal, and is converted into a mixture of combustible gases.

Let not scare the reader complicated terms and processes - furnace gas generator device is quite simple.It consists of two cameras with shutters, airway tubes and chimney - that's all.

In the first chamber (gasification) of solid fuel is converted into a mixture of combustible gases.In the second (afterburner), this mixture burns in the usual way, as in the kitchen gas stove burner.

pipes, ducts pass through the afterburner.Air is drawn therein through the b
ottom aperture, and is quickly heated to the room through the top opening.That is, the gasifier itself makes for himself fuel - gas it burns itself and then warms the air, and finally delivers it into the room.


Furnace "Professor Butakov."Model "Student"

The gasifier furnace can burn wood churochki, lignite, peat briquettes, wood fines, chips, sawdust, cardboard.That is all combustible organic materials.It is not recommended to use only large pieces of coal, anthracite, as the temperature of combustion is very high and the oven may overheat.Coal must-crushed and mixed with other fuels in a ratio of 1: 1.But best of all - logs all wood species: they are cheap, environmentally friendly, give good yields of gas and practically leave no ash.

gasifier furnace Fire starter - the usual: the fuel in the chamber and lay the set on fire.When the flames flare up, the door is closed and the choke cover at least half.

advantages, disadvantages, safety

Advantages kiln gasifier large.Its thermal efficiency reaches 80% - that is, 4/5 of spent fuel converted into thermal energy, while the wood stove thermal efficiency does not exceed 5-7%, everything else literally flies into the pipe.On one full tab fuel, that is filled with the gasification chamber, this oven can operate from 5 to 12 hours (depending on the design), and thus there is no need to harvest a lot of wood and on duty at the flushing as a stoker furnace.At the same time she almost does not heat up the oven - about their body is not burned, it is comfortable and fireproof.At the beginning of the firebox to warm up the room is usually not more than half an hour (in the Russian stove - 3-4 hours).

Lack gasifier furnace comes from its merits.Flue gas temperature is low (150-200 ° C), so the walls are not insulated chimney can settle condensation - water cooled and liquid pyrolysis products with an unpleasant odor.To prevent this, the chimney for the furnace gas generator should be straight, with no horizontal knees, insulated with non-combustible insulation material (asbestos, mineral wool or glass), with sealed joints (if this collection pipe).Must chimney better through the roof ridge, and not through the wall - draft will be stronger.

oven heating "dry"

gasifier - firing device.As a general rule you need to install it on a nonflammable base (preferably a metal frame with a tray), at least 1 m from walls and 0.2m from the floor.If the furnace is installed in the furnace wall, the distance from the furnace door and the wall must be at least 1.25 m.

Since gasifier furnace Carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide), the natural question arises: what is the danger of poisoned by fumes?It is negligibly small - much smaller than that of Russian stove as gasifier operates only in the exhaust mode.Follow the instructions for use, and everything will be fine.

prices and service

Modern gas generating furnace, domestic and imported, worth an average of 3 to 30 thousand rubles.Their service is reduced to cleaning the chimney and shoveling ash.Such simplicity is caused by the break in the oven nothing, if properly handled, it will serve the entire master's age.

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