Taiga bath

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27 April 2016
Member Forum "Home and Cottage" Igor D. often in campaigns and knows firsthand that many women do not seek a hike due to the lack of hot water, shower, bathtub.And if you do not have a bath in the country you can take advantage of this experience and build it quickly

About taiga bath

Earlier Igor with friends when going camping, they took with them and sewed polyethylene roll out of it for a certain amount for a tentbath.Fabric name he does not remember, but it was very strong, yellow and absolutely waterproof.

process of preparing the space under the bath and its installation

on a promontory of the river Igor with his friends chose a place with stones larger than normal shingles.In the Urals, every second a cape.And moor a boat, digging a hole.This will be the firebox.Normal width of the hole 50 centimeters and a length of about one meter.

Now the most important thing.Above this hole is necessary to combine the oven heater.Bottom row - stones bigger, then smaller, then another smaller set of
plates and then closes.This is a classic of the genre taiga among children in their company only two can put a vault.If the company does not have specialists, are a couple of piece of iron, which is done using a set.Code usually 60 centimeters in height, more than a meter in length, longer half a meter wide.

stacked stove began to sink.The furnace is heated for at least four hours.In general, when the lower stones have red flushing may be stopped.

River Shchugor

And here begins the ritual, which is called - "Cover".Everyone in the camp are going to have a bath.First they throw the coals from the furnace.A little water there was no room to "gas".Four corners of the bath put on the stakes, the other four at the ready with pegs for stretching.Samu bathhouse they rolled into a roll, put on stakes, go over the stove, hammer the pegs and drop bath itself.She immediately inflates like a balloon from the heat of the stove.

How steamed in a bathhouse

Covering the stove "bathhouse" all sprawled around the camp and wait.Immediately creep is not accepted, although there is no power.But strangely enough, sailed and sailed himself, did not feel anything.But it was enough to cover the bath, just a feeling that all is scratched and everywhere at once.

In general, Igor broke down and the first took off his clothes and dived into the bath.First impression - warmth.Literally two seconds.Then the body without the participation of your team gives you - get down.Ears rustling began, probably because heat imbues the body, and sweat great drops acts.Tolerant, fun and healthy.


While Igor was in the bath became friend - Roly.Do not get used to the bath, grab bucket, zachёrpyvaet boiling water (pre-cooked) and the heater.Igor remembers only that his body-wise, first fell flat on the floor.Then he lunged again flat, toward the exit.But the output was busy Vanin feet and body, which is also not suffered the blow is to itself and caused.In general, Igor crawled through the canopy of the bath, the one that lies on the ground.

with great pleasure and happiness, he took a deep breath of cool air.Eliminated in the river and plunged with delight in desyatigradusny water.But after a couple of seconds, the brain realizes that it is still not a penguin and penguin flies with the speed of the water.He does not understand what to do.In the bath, horror and terror in the river, but is most horror - mosquitoes and then again dives into the bath, and there is already all right.Brooms, steam heat, but after the river is not very hot.There's a spirit, birch and fir.From freshly cut fir can drive you mad.There's a strong smell of burnt stones.There's the smell of friends, happiness and purity.

River Vishera

And he's a great moment, you crawl out of the river one last time.The body sings, the world sings, friends yet.Everything is clean.He gets out of the bag very strong cup of tea, and alcohol.Those most cherished pisyat grams slabosolnogo piece, glass and everything ...
And then everything is simple - guitar songs in several voices, matching tools for years.

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