Construction of the furnace

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26 April 2016

Member Forum "Home and CottageĀ» dvs5 has an old house in the village.The furnace in this house has long been broken, and it was dismantled as unnecessary.After a sober assessment of the situation dvs5 he decided to put the stove.

To do this he had to learn everything about furnaces and their construction.Seek advice Pechnikov in various forums.


House, which planned to build a stove, a log.Its dimensions are 4,7h6,0 meters, and the oven will be located in the center and built-in interior walls.The furnace is planned to do with the fireplace and furnace, it is not intended for cooking.After a long selection, he stopped on the stove Kuznetsova OIC PC1.

construction furnace

About the foundation furnace dvs5 advance care when raising the house and poured foundation.For the construction of the furnace he acquired Vitebsk brick, and the solution prepared from the Cambrian clay and sand on the stove-fitter familiar recipe.

Vitebsk Took it because it spoke well of
experts.Brick choice without internal cracks and withstand 1.5-2 hours furnace.

So he began by saying that the cut in the floor to the size of the furnace hole and lay a roofing material for waterproofing his furnace.Then I put the first - leveling range of the stove.First he laid the bricks for a string and once mastered by level.In the third row, he set three cleanout door and ash-pit.Fifth series of dry, grate on him.In the seventh row, he made the door of the furnace, and the beginning of the mantel of the fireplace insert.Up to 12 series installed fire door.It made under the arch cradling the fireplace grate.In a series of 16 dvs5 blocked furnace chimney, but still unfinished upper part.

Furnaces Kuznetsova not the easiest, but this model is not the most difficult.Most of the time he took sawing bricks than masonry oven.To facilitate the work during cutting (so as not to keep his or her hands or feet) brick, he invented a device that is attached brick, puts it there and saws grinder.

That has put a number 26 left 4. As he had expected the second clutch bell goes faster - poryadovkoy easier, reduced work sawing bricks and added experience in masonry, but with the shutters had to tinker.Before he made the ceiling fuzz.

with the top three rows and in particular on the number 29 - the overlap of the 2nd cap he had pretty sweat.The difficulty was that the ceiling was next, and then still had to cut a hole, move the beam and do the cutting device.

for laying pipes between floors, he made a hole 95h95 cm. The tube is six square bricks.Cutting is this: 25 cm fuzz + 13 min.+ stainless steel wool and bazaltkarton and fastened to the joists.

After the fuzz was made, and passes through the ceiling, he cleaned the oven, both outside and inside.And then I started laying pipe from the same brick with clay mortar up to the roof and exterior of the silicate in the cement.

finally made fire-cutting and everything is ready for laying the pipe on the roof of the sand-lime brick.On top of the pipe made of silicate bricks he put the metal casing.

That pipe and folded, left to dry oven.

Drying oven

During the first attempt to flood the furnace at the open furnace door in the room was a lot of smoke, but after the second and third protopki there was a draft, and the smoke was gone.

turned out that after lighting the wood furnace door should be closed and opened only after the complete combustion of wood.While the oven to dry completely and Combustion ash-pit door and gate should be open.Drying continues as long as the act is no longer condensation on the stove doors.

During dry firewood lay in the oven increase gradually.When dried completely flooded fireplace without problems and good traction.If the oven to heat every day on her need to dry for about two weeks.

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