Preparing the stove for the first kindling

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24 April 2016
Trial kindling furnace

before the trial run of the furnace Yuri completed the support under the tee handle and pulled the bolts on the hinge which is located on the second floor, made a collar for the vertical position of the chimney.Accurately determine the position of the oven.I did not wait for the installation of the chimney and just painted it on the first floor in black color.

to secure a second layer of paint necessary to carry out the firing furnace.To this end, I decided to make a temporary tube from the old, wallowing in the barn.Angle, put it in a sandwich and the top sealed alyumoskotchem.The tube is brought into the window, I checked cravings - eat!

kindled the stove and started to follow, does not go anywhere if the smoke.I looked over there, too, all right.There was a slight smell, until everything burns, but is not very strong.

stove warmed up properly, the bottom is not heated, but at the level of the furnace heat is gone.In 30 min.chimney warmed, heated oven, a cast
iron hotplate sizzling when it drips water.Glass is not the beginning of the Copts and dimmed a bit, probably because it was cold.On the stove knobs are provided for cleaning glass and regulators have a door to the secondary incinerator.

When it burned in the oven, he blocked the gate, took the pipe and closed the opening of the chimney.Tired, but happy, Yuri went home ..

Final installation of pipes and the first kindling furnace

Next weekend Yuri came to the country for the final installation of the pipe and test kindling furnace.

arrived, he mounted pipe modified roof butchering.I punched "window" in the attic for the pipe to the desired size.Then climbed up the stairs, stick chimney.Then I gathered all the tools for working on the roof, tied at the waist belay rope and climbed up to the roof.There

found the right place for roof ladder, secured a safety rope and proceeded to consolidate the chimney.Then put on top of roof butchering knocked her mallet across the board, put on a skirt and tightened around the pipe, alyumskotchem taped and sealed it.He took "Alyuband" bitumen-based, began to stick to the cutting edge of the roof.Then she took an umbrella and placed it on the chimney.That's all tube ready.

Then Yuri went to the attic, gathered all the tools, vacuumed all around that there was no fire, and brought down the tools.

later, he lit the stove.Gradually the room temperature has risen to 22 degrees.Then I did not raise because the evening came, and we had to go home.I boil water on the burner made of coffee, and, slowly, he began to sip, watching the heating furnace.

Once fully warm up the oven, he began to check, how the gate looked like running in the attic chimney.It is, of course, it is heated, though the sandwich, but not as much as some people write on the forums.

As a result, the height of the chimney to get about 7 meters, and if you count the grate to 7.5 meters.Link excellent.After checking all the places it turned out that the hottest place behind the furnace, where the pipe from the stove fits to a tee in vertical passes and goes to the roof.Behind the furnace on all its height, he decided to make a wider thermal protection, and put a few more tiles.

have the ceiling wall of heat, too, but there it is possible to open the vents.On the glass furnace soot disappeared from the first kindling.After protopki furnace burner and hot door, and the handle to open the door, and shaking the grate normal.

After all the fuel burned, he closed the gate, shut the valve.He examined all the flue from top to bottom, everything turned out OK never misses.


near the stove top and bottom vents Yuri did.Within the upper hatch heat goes into the next room which is not heated.In turn, the cold air through the bottom hatch will fall to the stove and heated.

The model stoves MILANO-II which has bought Yuri cover that covers the burner, it looks aesthetically pleasing.When the lid is open, hot air rises straight up to the ceiling, and when closed, slightly forward and sideways through a gap of 5 mm.Yuri decided to use the cover on its own.For this he using copper wire cover set at an angle of 45 degrees.So, get a reflector hot air directed to the side of the room.

costs for the installation of stoves
  • oven Milano 2.Cost - 13 600 rubles;
  • Tee with a glass - 695 rubles;
  • pipe 1 m. - 655 rubles;
  • Schieber 0.5 m. - 582 rubles;
  • Daylight sandwich - 606 rubles;
  • passage ceiling - 2 pcs 1794 rubles;
  • sandwich pipe 1m (1708) - 4 pcs, 6832;
  • sandwich pipe 0.5m (1238) - 2 pcs, 2476;
  • Umbrella - 50 rubles;
  • Roof cutting - 2083 rubles;
  • Clamp 213 rubles.- 2 pcs, 426 rubles;
  • Ā«Universal" paste - 170 rubles;
  • Sealant 1 pc.- 127 rubles;
  • Alloy.tape - 149 rubles;
  • Alloy.bitumen h10sm 10m - 280 rubles;
  • Ognebiozaschita 149 rubles;
  • Basalt carton -90 rubles.- 9 pieces (1200h600h5) 800 rub.2, 5 sheet remains;
  • Basalt wool 180 1pl.(1000h500h100);
  • Basalt wool softly.150r 300 2 mat (1000h500h50) 1 was a mat;
  • Self 3,5h35 - 60 rubles;
  • tile on the wall 24pcs .;
  • tile on the floor 7 pcs.
  • Allyum.folga (12m2) - 360rub;
  • clamps 24 (25p) 8 (15P) - 720 rubles;
  • ventilation grille 2 pcs.h114 - 228 rubles;
  • Shutters ventilation 2 pcs x 150 - 300 rubles;
  • parentheses stapler - 99 rubles;
  • washers, nuts and bolts to 70 rubles;
  • thermal paint CERNA - 170 rubles;
  • Stand Tee - 109 rubles;
  • guides collar - 320 rubles;
  • fiberboard 2140h1200 - 120 rubles;
  • Trifle tile - 100 rubles;
  • Acetone - 53 rubles;
  • Bracket 2 pcs (219) - 438 rubles;
  • Corner 4 pcs (66.50) - 266 rubles;
  • Wood drills 6h160h235 - 211 rubles.
Total: - 37 299 rubles .

Jury spent the night at the cottage.It was nice!Only during the night from 00 to 08 in the morning the temperature dropped from 21 to 15 degrees.It should be noted that the house is not insulated, and the ventilation grilles in the next room open, and it's cold.Today, he decided to close for the night air grates ...

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