Stoves made of bricks in questions and answers

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23 April 2016
Now comes the construction of my house 6x6, 150mm wall, the foundation screw piles.That I decide - buy a metal stove or a fireplace made of brick oven (small) heating and cooking with a tile.On stilts 150h150mm piping, furnace is situated in the center of the house directly to the piping in the middle of one of the piles.

Do you think this will be enough to do the foundation or concrete foundations required to.Ceiling height 2.3 m. Heated need 2 rooms, dividing wall in the middle of the house.

First, the choice of the oven:
metal has only one advantage - it is cheaper.The rest of its shortcomings are well known: while the warm lights, heated metal is released into the air is not the most useful compounds, dust, falling on the surface of the furnace is burned, that too not very good for health.If there

Finance, then of course only a brick.Brick oven in the house provides not only heat, but also a healthy environment.And the infrared heat generated by the hot bricks, good for health.She a
nd warm, and fed and receive medical treatment.

Option furnace ring stove cooking a small size

It is convenient in that the tube is located in the front of the oven, which allows her to deepen the pier for heating the second room.

As I understand it, you want to put the stove on the floor?I think it is not correct.It can and will stand, but over time it can lead to buckling floors, distortions and other troubles.It is necessary to screw another pair of piles on each side of the binding and cover with a single reinforced concrete slab with support on these piles and piping for the entire furnace.Previously not recommended to connect the foundation of the furnace and at home, but now the new trends in construction.And ligament is even preferable, because the house and walk at the same time and the oven.And before the house shifts often broken pipe furnace, standing on a separate foundation.

Prompt, please, how much will cost the oven with integrated water heating?

This oven can be done, and perhaps necessary, if it is necessary to combine, and central heating and stove.But ... this design requires precise calculation and design depending on the house.Just as the street came a setter you will not.And if you do, the results can be unpredictable and deplorable.Oven-can and will work, but the heating ...

solution from the joints crumbles or if he is too fat (many clay), then crack when dry, or is too poor (lots of sand), and then it just pours badholds.
these stoves heat-resistant painted semigloss lacquer KO-85 (up to 400 gr.) You can also paint the furnace heat-resistant paint.

Outdoor barbecue oven.In winter, the temperature at which the air it is no longer recommended.I mean burst / bursts.And is there any such restrictions?

no such restrictions.The main thing here is gradual.It is necessary to melt a small amount of wood to heat was soft and gradual.To avoid heat exhaustion on hot raging flames.Then really frozen brick may break, and it will first gradually thawed, and then you can and fireman in full.

When the furnace stove lacquered how behaves this varnish (or paint)?Do you smell and harmful emissions?

When the varnish or paint has dried, they are harmless, with time 3-5 years, they may start to lag a bit on the furnace door, but only if there is not executed the lining of the furnace refractory bricks that most of the "masters" do not, alas, that is nottinker.

oven, covered with paint "under a brick"

On the other hand:
I have in the brick 2-storey building is the third year of a great furnace type "Dutch"in the furnace flue 3 course, a pipe passes through a second floor (not winter), 4 meters high.Problems with the stove was not, but this weekend is no longer completely closes the damper, the one close to the stove to keep warm after protopki respectively oven cools rapidly became

What could have happened to the stove and how to fix it without disassembling the chimneyto flap?

Before we cleaned the chimney stove-maker, and now probably have to do it yourself, hence the question:
- how often it should be done (fired Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday, Sunday - winter and Wednesday / Saturday -vesna /autumn),
- which "adapt" Need to clean and can they make themselves?

gate valve may not close for several reasons.
1. The slots are clogged with soot.
2. Her contorted because of the skew of masonry.Then the furnace is typically in the array has a crack in the valve.
3. distortions due to heat due to the fact that it does not cast iron, duralumin and (there are).
4. You could just get a piece of clay in the grooves, thrown out of joint.

can try simply intensely to move the valve back and forth to clean the grooves on which it runs.If it does not, it is necessary to disassemble the clutch in the gate and see why.

chimney at your chart should be cleaned at least once a year after the heating season.And the best half.In the fall and spring.

sell special devices for cleaning chimneys.On the strong rope suspended plummet, and above it a round ruff made of metal or plastic.Omit all the pipe from the roof and clean.To clean the oven, you can use the same ruff, removing the slug and pushing it into the furnace flue.By simple, you can use a metal korschetkoy.