Holiday buildings

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22 April 2016
BBQ and garden furniture from scrap materials

First, he wanted to build the entire structure of science - out of clay and fire clay, but given the Occupied buildings, decided to make an ordinary sand-cement solution of 1: 4.

experience of pouring the foundations have already been fosa, so had to find materials to build a barbecue.And just on the adjacent, abandoned, burned-out area is home.

Without hesitation, he got the ashes: 8 concrete blocks, about 50 red bricks, silicate 30 and one charred barrel.Cement facing bricks and he had his.


Initially, he decided on the location, dug a hole in her sleep sand, put it all fittings and filled with concrete.Before pouring the foundation barbecue he inserted pins for a bunch of concrete blocks to the foundation.Then I put on the valve blocks and poured concrete.

After placing two units in height fosa harness made of rebar and put the third row of blocks on top of which made space for the barbecue from a red brick.

Once dry ground, he put three wall BBQ, sawed the barrel and set half on the wall, but before it made a hole, which is built on top of a brick chimney.

finished building a barbecue, he immediately next to built a wooden gazebo, and the floor in her built of brick.

As a barbecue, a gazebo made of all that there was in the country.Add to this the slate, bought on the cheap in the city and the bank impregnation for wood.To complete the ensemble was, fosa brought chairs and a table made for the gazebo.

constructing a gazebo with a barbecue, he realized that he needed to make a pipe above the roof, be sure to purchase tongs, grill, etc. sovochkiAnother good idea would be to make the windshield on both sides to cool days to heat the oven, sitting in a warm alcove in warmth and comfort.