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22 April 2016
And in fact: a country house does not look like a small portion, kebabs and roast dog booth no place to put, again, no tomatoes in the garden.City apartment?But then why so much space, two floors and a private garage?In short, it is difficult to take root in our foreign product.However, by offering customers a pleasant value for money, the developers were able to popularize the unusual home.Today, they are built almost all highway, leaving from Moscow, and in the capital itself.At present, 47 villages in the suburbs of townhouses.Including the Yaroslavl Highway - 8, in the Dmitrov - 7 in Kaluga - 6 on Pyatnitskoye - 5, at the New Riga - 4 on Rublevsky highway - 4. In other areas - 1-2.So spread the direction of greater, but the distance from Moscow is usually in the range of 10-15 kilometers.The proximity of townhouses to Moscow suggests that they are bought not as seasonal as well as a permanent home.In the capital of the most promising and prestigious is Kurkino townhouses and apartment houses in Ostoz
henka.But back to the story ...

origins and reality
townhouses appeared in the 19th century.Then it was "ancestral nest" prosperous population of England.With the English word "townhouse" is translated as "house in the city."Usually townhouse - a maximum of two or three-storey house divided into several sections, each of which has its own separate entrance and a small adjoining plot of land (usually 2 to 5 acres).Section townhouse drawn in the same architectural style.The advantage of each house are not only spacious apartment for the owner, an area of ​​about 150-300 square meters.m, but also a personal garage and parking.Ground floor apartment has traditionally been living room, kitchen and utility room, and living and working spaces are located on the second and third.All levels are equipped with separate bathrooms.

According to experts, today, to be in demand by buyers, townhouse must have the following qualities:
• Good transport accessibility, remoteness from Moscow not more than 15 km.
• favorable natural environment in terms of environmental area, the landscape, the presence of forests and ponds.
• Secure booking in modern townhouses built in protected cottage settlements.
• Modern engineering characteristics of the object, the presence of all city communications (centralized heat and water supply, electricity, a Moscow telephone, Internet, cable TV, etc.).
• Availability of infrastructure in the village.
• Free planning of apartments.


growth in Western Europe and North America townhouses are popular in places where

limited amount of land.But in Russia, townhouses "take root" bad.The fact that the townhouse was too similar to an apartment building, except that each townhouse has a private entrance.And in general, all the same.Behind the wall will cry babies, barking dogs, noisy neighbors' guests was late.Although, if done correctly and soundproofing materials used high-quality, then this problem is solved.

Another problem of the domestic market townhouses is that this type of residential real estate has long positioned itself as an elite.Worldwide townhouses primarily designed for the middle class with moderate incomes, while in Moscow at the moment the average price in the townhouse section is 200-250 thousand. Dollars.According to experts, the main problem of the market town houses is that the very wealthy people prefer to buy their own home, and the middle class - the usual flat.Improving the national mortgage system can make this type of residential real estate more affordable for the middle class population and will increase the carrying capacity of the market.

potential customers not only

This is suitable apartment in a townhouse?Typically, buyers of such properties - these are people who want to create the illusion of suburban life in the vicinity of the metropolis.As a rule, they either do not want to or do not have the financial ability to afford a full-fledged country house.

Elena Matveeva, head of interior suburban real estate "Residence", says buyers are attracted in the first place that the cost per square meter in townhouses significantly lower the cost of new buildings in Moscow, and this price includes albeit small (1-3 weave)but still uchastochek ground.In addition, it was originally a kind of exotic.

Why townhouse cheaper stand-alone cottage?It's simple.Cost of the village of townhouses is significantly lower than the cost of a cottage settlement.This can be achieved at lower cost for the construction and economy of land occupied by the village.Therefore, the same residential meters in the townhouse are 2-3 times less than in a separate cottage.Decrease will the cost of operating such apartments.In this village townhouses has the same advantages as a gated development - autonomous communications, infrastructure and land allotment for each owner

The issue price and quality

According to Svetlana Kondachkovoy, head of the country real estate "MIAN-Real Estate Agency"The average cost of 1 sq.m in economy class - $ 1,400, but the price per square meter.m in a townhouse located in the prestigious areas, for example, on Rublevo-Uspensky highway, can start at $ 3500-4000.

According Kondachkovoy, the estimated cost of operating the townhouse, including infrastructure, services (without utilities) - $ 150. The most expensive houses and townhouses are offered, in addition to Rublevo Assumption highway, the Novorizhskoe, Kaluga areas, and are also within the city.

Townhouse located in the niche economy class, and it's a definite plus in this format.After all, it provides an opportunity for a reasonable price to live in good environmental conditions.In addition, the town house is a cheaper alternative to urban housing.For example, a townhouse in the village of "Family Club", which is 12 km from the capital of Novoshodnensky highway, comparable in price to a three-room apartment in Moscow house type series.Now proposals for the "Family Club" experts call the most profitable in the market economy.The cost of townhouses in the "Family Club" at the time the sales starts at $ 151,800, and houses - from $ 303 000. The project, which will be completed in late 2007, includes 214 houses and 130 townhouses.Districts village differ own architectural style.Adjacent to the northern part of the river decided to make the building a seating area - with the courts, bike paths and sports fields.

Litinetskoy According to Maria, the head of the Department of suburban real estate Blackwood, demand for townhouses there.Although, due to the high growth rates for urban real estate, townhouses also significantly more expensive.And if before the townhouses were alternative to buying a cottage economy class, but now they have they are actually available to people with a budget of up to $ 300 000. This applies to all villas, except those on the east.

Spectrum offers

story townhouse in the Moscow region started with Setun village, located in the capital, at the intersection of MG and Mosfilm streets.Built in the early 90s, he has been focused on expats - foreigners coming to work in Moscow.Small comfortable houses had to remind them shelter at home.By the way, townhouses within the city and is still more popular than in the countryside.However, as a rule, they prefer to rent rather than to buy into private ownership.

In Moscow, settlements townhouses can be found in Kurkino, Mitin, Northern Tushino.There are townhouses in the center of the capital, in particular, on Ostozhenka.In Moscow they build mainly at a distance of 15-25 km from Moscow.These towns are in the frontal, Dolgoprudny, Rublevo Assumption, Volokolamsk, and Novorizhskoe Pyatnitskoe highway.However, villages consisting only of townhouses, a bit: developers prefer the mixed type, where, in addition to the cottages of the territory occupied townhouses.

According to Elena Matveeva, builders profitable to invest in the construction of townhouses, t. To. The land in the suburbs is very expensive, and their income is determined by the volume of construction."But it is impossible not to consider the following: if the design of the cottage village selling it starts almost immediately after the registration of the land, before the start of construction, then sell virtual townhouses almost impossible.The buyer prefers to see with their own eyes let unfinished, but already in the process of construction.Thus, the possibility of raising funds early buyers in the sale of townhouses becomes problematic, "- said Matveyev.

According to Svetlana Kondachkovoy, the potential of this market segment is large enough."The reason is that in fact offers townhomes are the only high quality proposals in the niche economy.Buyers of the target audience is mainly considering the purchase of townhouses in the suburbs as a single property.Therefore interesting offers facilities located as close to Moscow.And the available offers close to Moscow areas with developed infrastructure for acceptable for representatives of economy is very little money (partly due to the high cost of land in the radius), "- explains his position Kondachkova.

Currently, the market townhouses in Moscow is actively developing and covers about 10% of the total cottage construction