Shutters - comfort and safety

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24 April 2016
Blinds In general, as you know, today we will talk about the security of our homes.It is no secret that we have with you country houses and cottages (thankfully, not often) exposed to "raids" uninvited guests.This "raid" - unpleasant phenomenon - is stolen, it can not so much (which can be stolen in the country, which in the autumn of prudent owners, knowing about the impending misfortune, all that can be taken), but will break and broke.For those who are permanently residing in a country house, the loss of such a "raid" could be enormous, and sometimes irreplaceable.

So what protection apply? great importance is the selection of a method for protecting windows and doors burglary.More and more attention is paid to protection from weather influences.What to choose?This question is probably asked all owners of country houses.So we decided to look for the answer to this question.Not to say that quite by accident, but we caught the eye of ads offering to order shutters.The word is all of us have probably heard,
but to learn in detail what it is, and what the buyer shutters offers modern Russian market seems time found a few.

To begin with, that the "shutters" - a purely Russian name, it is not surprising.This title is no longer in a single country.The West made a different name - "Rollet" (from the English word ROLLETS).In Russia, has long been outside the shuttered window.Apparently, the mixing of foreign and Russian words and born peculiar to Russian name - "SHUTTER".

shutters can be called protective shutters.But functionally, they are intended not only to protect.Not only do they protect against hacking, and they have thermal protection, and acoustic (noise) properties are protected from the effects of rainfall, and, of course, protected from prying eyes.

shutters are the best solution, whether it is just being built or on existing buildings.Aluminum shutters are characterized in that on the shaft in the coiled position they occupy very little space.This means that this design virtually closes the light from the street.The aluminum box in which there are shutters in wound condition, fit harmoniously into the architecture of the object.Aluminium shutters can significantly increase the attractiveness and comfort of your home.Benefits shutters speak for themselves: they allow you to feel confident and secure and if you want to get rid of unwanted looks - simply omit them.The use of roller shutters in buildings of industrial or office use also has advantages when it comes to protection from prying eyes and out of direct sunlight and protected from tampering.Using aluminum shutters to quickly and adequately respond to changing weather conditions.Installation of protective shutters to windows and doors provides additional protection of the building against burglary.

shutters are manufactured of steel and aluminum.For different purposes are applied slats (single element for the production of roller shutters) of different widths.For windows slat width - 40 mm, for larger openings - 55 mm, garage door - 77 mm.Steel - they naturally poprochnee - intended mainly to protect against tampering.Aluminium - less stable, well and accordingly they are a little cheaper.Why aluminum is cheaper?- They are, firstly, a lot easier, and secondly, they can use a simple manual and less powerful electric drive.

What distinguishes the German profiles of the slats from the Italian? Mainly because of that, and come from a different country profiles obtained by rolling the roller, ie,folded from a sheet.Germans used for manufacturing such a profile sheet of 0.7-0.8 mm, while the Italians generally used sheet about 0.4-0.5 mm.Accordingly Italian profiles almost two times lighter and cheaper, respectively (but not 2-fold).But we must remember that the Italian profiles are much less robust than the German (prominaetsya when pressed with your finger).The trouble is, in general, is not the point.The trouble is that in Moscow the Italian profiles somehow presented as defensive, whereas in Italy they are considered to be sun.In Italy, so bright and hot sun that simple blinds just do not stand up.Conventional aluminum venetian blinds exposed to the sun gradually they begin to deform and sag.Using them then becomes impossible.Aluminium shutters also equipped with thermal insulation, and heat transfer, and bright sunlight.) To protect the Italians use shutters made of steel sheet of 1-2 mm, the width of the slats ~ 100mm (firm "Bendetto Pastore").These blinds are used to protect shop windows, etc.Why in Russia walled aluminum profile of the Italian production is presented as a defense, while the protective functions, it is not something that absolutely can not be held, but they had rather weak?

In Germany, the picture is somewhat different due to different than in Russia and in Italy, a way of life.In Germany, aluminum shutters really used as protective.Founded conviction adequacy of shutters on the fact that the police arrived there on a triggered alarm 3-4 minutes, so there is no need for a durable and heavy steel shutters.However, as we have said, the thickness of the sheet used for making the slats in Germany almost 2 times more, and the quality of the sheet used multiple higher.In Italy, the police apparently somewhat less agile than in Germany, so really protective functions they use shutters of another class - steel.

Germany issued and protective steel shutters.From the Italian they differ mainly in Blinds that used for the manufacture of galvanized sheet, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the products.In addition the German slats shutters again to increase the corrosion resistance are covered with vinyl.This colored vinyl flooring does not fade for a long time, as evidenced by the company guarantee for a period of 5 years.Why this time?If during this time you crushed or somehow messed up one or more slats in your shutters, you can simply replace the damaged slats in the new of the same color.This new slats stand out in color on the background of older practically will not.

What should be used in Russia as a protective profile - what we recommend to the Italians, or the fact that the Germans recommend? as really protective, ie,protect against hacking, the best course to apply German steel profile.It has a certificate for a class of stability, confirmed in Russia.The quality of this Profile significantly better Italian.

as protection is still possible to use extruded aluminum profiles.From a thin sheet of rolled their features more wall thickness and the lack of technological joints.This profile is much stronger and stiffer profile obtained by rolling the roller, and by the thickness of the walls is not much weaker than steel.Therefore, it is in our Russian conditions it is possible to use as a security.
How shutters installed in existing buildings?There are various ways of installation of roller shutters in the existing buildings.They are mounted on the outside of the window into the window opening or the like are superimposed on the window opening, depending on the wishes of the client.

box size depends on the height of the window opening.The boxes themselves are selected to match the shutters.You can use aluminum profiles roller rolling.They bribe the duration of their service life, extreme profitability, lightfastness.If you need increased protection from burglary, then refer to the protective shutters of the extruded profiles.At the request of shutters can be equipped with a special mechanical lock against lifting them out.

What can and should use drives? drives can be used both manual and electric.In the manual drive is still effort to lift shutters have to spend quite significant.That is why manual actuator is used in those cases where the shutters weight not exceeding 30 kg.When more weight is better to use electric drive.

All controls displayed indoors.The actuator is mounted on a shaft inside the boxes, in which the shutters are collapsed, i.e.It does not require additional space.Indoors output only electrically, on which the switch.Shutters can be stopped in any position, ie,to slightly open the window at any value.

as remote control shutters mainly used radio control.This remote control can be either single-channel or multi-channel.Multi-channel - allows a single remote to control several roller shutters.For garage doors radio control is used only becauseare greater the degree of protection of the signal.

Tell us more about garage doors?Nowadays to locking garages increased demands, because they put expensive cars and other tangible assets are stored.Regardless of the "Zhiguli" Is this a representative or "Mercedes", more and more car owners are opting gates - shutters.The reasons are enough: increased burglary protection, optimum comfort, long service life, and visual appeal.They can be easily installed in existing garages.

in wound condition garage doors are a decorative aluminum box.The color of this box is selected in the color of the gate itself.Depending on the size of the gate height of the box from 200 to 400 mm.

profiles for garage doors are delivered in height 55 or 77.1 mm.Depending on the individual requirements of extruded aluminum profiles are available in RAL color tones of steel or aluminum profiles penonapolnitelem not containing ftorhloristyh and hydrocarbon compounds in 12 different colors (to order).

What is the degree of protection the radio? Degree of protection Radio key to open the garage door is the automobile anti-theft system.Of course any radio signal, as the signal off the anti-theft system and alarm garage door opener can be experts say "scan" and then play, but this requires a special high-class equipment and an appropriate level of technical expertise.But from the ordinary burglar, not equipped with the equipment, the extent of protection is enough.

What about roller shutters and garage door using electric drive, if a power failure (in Russian conditions, it is, unfortunately, quite frequent) garage shutters lowered, and you should immediately go for?In the event of a power failure in the network are equipped with a lockable gate crank (emergency manual opening).It can be said for each individual system, asopens only your key.It has to spend about five minutes.Of course we have to work a little bit and rotate the knob actuator arms, but you can both open and close the gate again.Of course, this emergency opening is necessary only for garage doors - window shutters in such a situation is not necessarily open.

indiscreet question: what modern "robbers" are discussed method of protecting us today? I must say that "common thief" who, as a rule, and climb in the absence of the owners of summer cottages and country houses, trying not to mess with the system of protective shutters.What to do with the grid in case of burglary - is understandable.In this age of technology, when invented the mechanical, hydraulic and other clippers, she just snacking.But how to be with roller shutters - here is unclear.With his bare hands simply do not open, crowbar or a crowbar their "kurochit" - a lot of noise done, pliers not bite - not the design.For their "opening" is good only circular saw - "Bulgarian", becausesaw through will have a pretty long.But not everyone is a fan rummage around in other people's dachas carries with him a saw, yes and necessary for this power saws -220v, with neither prinesёsh.That and trying to bypass the windows with protective shutters side.There are already such examples, when a number of houses facing exactly the cracked windows are not protected by shutters.Of course by "experts" to defend hard, but from the "petty thugs" - it is quite reliable protection.

What shutters reliably: built in the window opening, or "overhead? problem in terms of protection is generally not in themselves reliable shutters, and that customers are treated too late. Draws mainly when the house is already built, windowsand everything else is set and begins exterior trim of the house. As a result, have to install shutters on the outside of the window, not the window opening. The degree of protection of shutters slightly lower than the "built-in.The approach to the installation of roller shutters to be somewhat different.They just need to lay your project.Built-in roller shutters and look much more spectacular, and the reliability of their much higher.Overhead shutters have the same "thin" place - guides.They can and bend, and even away from the wall (though at the cost of great efforts).Built (and virtually "immured" in masonry or concrete) guides or twist or bend the impossible, it will have to dismantle the wall.Get up to them only when the shutters are raised, and it happens only when the owners of the house.That is why the protective shutters determined necessary at the design stage.

A guide laid in masonry construction at the moment, or they can be mounted later, leaving in the construction necessary for their installation "notch" in the masonry?It is no secret that the "average Russian" building a house with his own hands, and are generally limited in the media builds its scrap as it gradually - some money - laid the foundation has emerged - began to build a wall.In general, with such "funding", but rather when it is very irregularly, building extends over several years.Of course the last to be installed shutters.How to be here this "average" buyer?Exit at long building in a "fragile funding" certainly exists.Let's call it "working version".To implement it, you just have to come to the company selling roller shutters and roller blinds to choose those who will later be installed.When the choice is made, the clarity comes with dimensions of the guides.According to these dimensions in masonry or concrete wall around the perimeter of the window opening is left slot (groove), which can then be set to mount the rails and roller blinds.When installing the power to your home will be required to provide liner to the windows corresponding electric cables, if you have laid in the working version of the electric roller shutters.If you chose the shutters with manual control, it is possible to directly provide the output drive space inside the house, so you do not spoil the interior trim.Here is a working version of it is possible to offer your readers.
Blinds Tell me more about the properties of the heat-shielding shutters? shutters have a coefficient of thermal conductivity k = 1,6 W / m2K.A lot or a little?Put the plastic windows with triple-pane windows and get a window with a heat transfer coefficient of 0.55.This suggests that if the outside temperature, e.g., -26 ° C, the surface temperature of the glass facing the interior space will be approximately + 10-12 ° C.If you set the protective shutters with thermal insulation, the temperature of the surface of the glass will be able to raise about 20%, ieit will account for 15-17 ° C.Installed on the outside shutters on the thermal effect can be compared with the installation of a third glass in your windows.It is, first of all energy efficiency.Maybe it is for urban residents is not very important, but for the inhabitants of a country house, which is heated by liquid fuel (diesel fuel of the same), the question of saving the heat and, therefore, fuel is highly relevant.There can be very easy to calculate fuel savings as a result of such a seemingly small rise in temperature.And the savings will be quite substantial.

The same can be said of the reduction of noise.Sound absorption coefficient R = 37 dB.