Protective blinds or shutters?

By Admin | Metal
23 April 2016

Prevent penetration into the room through the doorway can be the installation of metal doors and good locks.To protect the windows have long been used grids and shutters.Installing the metal lattice - the cheapest way to protect the screen from uninvited guests, but it is prohibited in terms of fire safety, t. To. The setting them, you override a emergency exit to the street through a window in case of fire.

much better to put the metal shutters on the windows - they are inexpensive and demanding care.The main drawback - not very high aesthetic and inconvenience of constant opening and closing of shutters, and it takes too much time.

In addition, they have a weak spot - the castle, which is accessible to all and which is open much easier than breaking the shutters themselves.In Western countries, where has long been developing cottage construction, having tried various ways to protect against unauthorized access to the house, to date, the best solution is the use of protective blinds or roller shut


shutters - is not nothing but a security shutters, folding into a roll.In principle, they are visually similar to conventional blinds, but in contrast have the roller blind other more serious function.The main purpose of roller shutters - Protection of windows and doors of offices, banks, stores, halls, garages, apartments and houses.Typically, shutters installed outside.So they are harder to dislodge, and it is absolutely impossible to break the glass, which they are supposed to protect.

If we talk about the design of roller shutters, they consist of:
- fabric that made of slats, or, in another way, profiles (horizontal slats, fastened together with hooks);
- guides on which the canvas moves up and down;
- boxes, which the shutters "leave", folding in a roll;
- shaft;
- bearings.

Appearance, function and cost of the roller blind are dependent on several factors: the material from which they are made, the dimensions of parts (in particular slat width), by weight of the fabric and the method of administration.

try to deal with these four components.

material.Typically shutters, more lamella consisting sheet, made of aluminum or steel.Aluminum is known to be a soft metal, but the alloy with silicon and magnesium, it is quite durable.With steel and everything is clear - she has "an iron character."However, steel, unlike aluminum, rust and corrosion protection required.

slats (profiles), aluminum and steel, are of different thickness and density, depending on the method of manufacture.

For example, take two thin sheets of aluminum (Steel), and pave the polyurethane foam between them, and then fasten it all special device, reminiscent of Press.By the way, polyurethane foam is used as heat and sound insulation.So the shutters are made in this manner retain 30-40% of the heat in the room.

There is another method manufacture of roller shutters.Profiles made with this technology, called extruded.The production process resembles cooking meat.Profile of the desired shape, "creeps" from a special machine - extruder, as of meat grinder.Slats are obtained thin, but more stringent than those made the previous method.

shutters made of steel, it is much harder and more expensive than aluminum.Indeed, for heavy construction need a more powerful motor, which, of course, not cheap.In addition, the steel shutters require a perfect installation - the slightest misalignment construction during the installation will result in the load on the slats.This, in turn, will affect the ease of opening and closing the roller shutter.So it is possible that not once need to use the services of repair and technical service.

It is no coincidence, according to specialists for the last five years in Russia, mainly bought aluminum shutters, rather than steel.

ways to manage shutters.

Protective shutters can be installed anywhere: inside premises (in a window or doorway), outside (in the garage at the cottage, on windows).Location not fundamentally affect the choice of control method, t. To. He depends primarily on the mass of fabric.There are two ways to control shutters - mechanical and automatic.

Mechanical control.

Band Management:
most simple and affordable, designed for lightweight aluminum construction, weighing up to 15 kg.The principle of operation control rod is the same as that of the seat belt in the car.A box with a ribbon installed indoors near a window.To close or open the shutters, the tape must be removed from the box and pull the (as usual blinds).If you have shutters ribbon control, the suggest that you set on the bottom slats mechanical lock.To block shutters, they should be dropped, close the lock and remove the key.

Rope (gear) Management:
This method is suitable for heavier structures (weighing 15 to 25 kg).The tape is more durable substitute for cable.The operating mechanism, as in the case of one belt, is installed in the room.The difference is that the shutters are raised -opuskayutsya with the handle, which is mounted in a box for cable.Rotate gear (wide toothed cylinder, which is inserted and the wound cable), you make go roller shutters to and fro.Block design possible and with a mechanical lock - it is mounted on the lower slats.

Cardan management:
intended for construction of up to 35 kg.As in previous cases, the box in which the control system is located at the window inside the building.Shutters driven by rotating the handle, but unlike cable control, this mechanism is more complicated.It joins the gearbox shaft drive (a long, thin metal rod).Cardan connects the handle at the bottom, and the gear positioned on.It's the resulting fabric in motion.

Automatic control.

Box in models with automatic control box looks like in a "mechanical" variants.But the contents of the "box" other: inside is electric engine through which you can effortlessly open and close shutters.

garage, office or country house, it makes sense to order shutters electrically controlled.

To choose the right engine, again, must be considered weight fabric.For heavier construction requires a more powerful and therefore more expensive engine.The most popular electric German firm "Somfy".The average cost for the construction of the engine up to 18 kg - $ 180, up to 74 kg - $ 260, up to 157 kg - $ 640.

There are two types of automatic control design: push-button and remote. switch control easier and cheaper.Externally, the switch control button recalls and is the same as the switch is attached to the wall.You can press to lower or raise the shutters.If desired, click equipped with lock.In this case, simply touch the switch in order to design went up or down.If you selected button switch in the "bezfiksatornom" performance, in order to lower or raise the shutters, it should hold up as long as the fabric will not rise or will not fall through.To it stopped, just lift your finger off the button.

Remote - the most convenient way to manage shutters.But it is also the most expensive.Shutters are served with a command console that resembles the remote TV.Just press one of the buttons - and the shutters immediately come in motion.Remote control should be applied where the set several roller shutters.

automatic control (push-button or remote) is used for heavy construction weighing 35 kg.
Automatic control by the client may be updated alarm system combined with an electric motor.In this case, close or open the shutters in the event of a power outage, you can manually via the universal joint, which is installed next to the box: simply twist the handle and roller blinds are set in motion.However, the emergency operation is 1.5-2 times more expensive than electric.To lock the system, we need to further invest and deliver automatic or mechanical lock at the bottom of the canvas.

There is also the automatic control sensor .On shutters with automatic sensor pose and ask him the program.Depending on the program, he will give signals and lower shutters at a certain time.

For example, you are away from home for a long time, and it naturally attracts the attention of thieves.So, the sensor will create a "presence effect", raising and lowering the protective shutters assume twice a day.In addition, it can "command" them down, If a window or sun fries strong wind arose.

Protective blinds or shutters - an effective system of protection, which has a lot of advantages, which is increasingly gaining popularity in Russia among the owners of country houses and cottages