Automatic gates

By Admin | Metal
22 April 2016

Sectional Doors In the old heavy gate had to be opened and closed manually.As if people did not believe in the cloth on the ground and other miracles of folklore and cotton hand wooden gate would not be opened.

We, however, live far in the Middle Ages and modern technology, extending their hands in virtually all areas of everyday life, help people save precious minutes at the exit and entrance to the garage, or when visiting a country house.

big assortment in the market of automated gate allows you to set a useful mechanism for motorists, even for the swing gates, still enjoys popular inexpressible.

example, a series of Amico Came perfect for the absolute majority of swing gates.For light gate or gates fit a series of simple Krono, and cope with high loads of automatic lines Fast and Frog.

It should be noted that a series of different Frog automation system for underground installation.Therefore, automatic and inconspicuous to the eye, will not spoil the appearance of suburban area.

sectional doors - the second m

ost popular type of goal in our country.The company and the Came for this type of offers your automation.

Series Ver and Emega, designed for sectional doors, has already established itself among a large number of buyers.First of all, Came products are reliable and durable, which makes automation of the company an excellent choice for people of all incomes.

It is worth noting that it was the most comfortable sectional doors for garages or homes with limited space.At its opening or closing sections do not require additional space in contrast to the swing gate.

At the end of the list are the so-called sliding doors.Series BK, BX, and BY Came from the company designed specifically for this type of gate.