Shutters for the cottage

By Admin | Metal
22 April 2016

Mechanical protective devices - blinds or shutters, designed to protect window and door openings.They are made of aluminum and resemble shutters.The use of aluminum is not accidental.It is resistant to corrosion, weathering, UV rays and also environmentally friendly material.

Shutters for the cottage Aluminium shutters to cover the polymer lacquer, which gives additional protection and gives the product a nice appearance.

shutters are arranged in such a way that when you open the web slides on the side rails, and braided in a special box.Additionally, for a fee, shutters supplied bolt locks.This device blocks unauthorized opening of the window from the outside.

shutters varying strength

Aluminum, used to make shutters are made in two ways: by extrusion and rolling the roller.

roller rolling method is based on the manufacture of the strip thickness of 0.3-0.5 mm by successive bending rolls.Inside these lamellae placed polyurethane foam filler, so the product is not crushed during bending, and polyurethane foam provides

good acoustic and thermal insulation.In addition, these blinds is quite light.

But we must not forget that the light "window armor" made of aluminum is better to use, if the house is in a well-guarded cottage village.

shutters made of extruded profiles are more durable and reliable.The wall thickness of 1-1.5 mm, the presence of stiffeners protects the window from entering the house.Therefore, they are useful for unprotected homes.

As practice shows, at home, which are protected by shutters, less exposed to hacking.Because it is difficult to crowbar to open them, and noisy, and the circular saw with the robbers do not wear, and besides, there is no place on the street to take power for its connection.

Clever blinds

By way of management are three types of shutters: "manual", "automatic" and "combined".

Shutters for the cottage most simple and cheap - shutters with manual control, but they are less convenient.Electric closed and opened by a switch or remote control.The best option for cottages are combined systems, that is supposed to duplication of automation manual.This is the most practical option, given that the power outages in the country are not uncommon.

Like many electrical appliances, shutters can be equipped with additional options.The most simple - the opening and closing at a specified time.If you want more comfort, you can install sensors that react to the heavy rain and wind, and electric shutters close the window and protect from the weather.For example, the sun is shining brightly, the sensors work, and lowered slats.In general, the presence of automatic opening and closing when in winter reduces heat loss to 50%.


shutters are good not only for its security features, but also decorate the house as decorative elements.Among the colors, which are painted shutters, the most common: white, beige, gray, wood, brown, blue, silver and red.On request, the system can be painted in any color, and the facade of the building becomes more aesthetic and respectable appearance.

addition to home decorating, window systems to protect it from dust, noise and summer heat.With regard to fire, electric roller shutters can be connected to sensors of fire safety, and when triggered, shutters open themselves and the tenants who are in the house, it may leave through the window.


to install shutters invite the best professionals, but the installation of options need to talk in detail, because the choice remains with the owner.There are three ways of mounting shutters: the invoice, built and combined.

Surface method is used when the house is already built and there is no possibility of "wall up" shutters in the wall, but it is vulnerable from a security standpoint.It turns out that frames the doorway of roller shutters and windows mounted on either side, and a box mounted on it.It is best to carry out installation of the fa├žade cladding to decorate box and hide the guides.Built

option fits into window opening, thus ensuring maximum reliability of the design at the same time to turn or bend the shutters impossible - we can only make out the walls.The only drawback of such installation - reduced aperture window.

Combined option would hide the guides in the wall and a box located at the top

shutters mechanism must be maintained in good condition, but it needs to clear the canvas and the guides tire from dirt, ice or foreign objects.Roller is recommended to wash with a soft cloth, using non-aggressive cleaning solutions.

Despite the undeniable advantages of these systems, by themselves they do not guarantee total safety at home, so the effective protection they need to be equipped with alarms.