Houses made of metal frame

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21 April 2016

becoming more common for buildings get metal.With their application has been profitable to build as industrial buildings and shops, as well as country houses and cottages.

To date, the most popular are based on the design of the metal frame of the prefabricated panels or light sandwich panels, as they allow for only a few weeks to erect buildings of all shapes and sizes

project prefabricated buildings

Houses made of metal frame Before choosinghouse design of the metal frame, you need to decide - whether it's a finished project from the catalog or developed individually for you.

Individual project commissioned by the architect, not cheap costs.The high cost associated with a very painstaking work that requires precise engineering calculations.They involve the master of high qualification with a rare specialization in the development of houses from the metal frame.

If you do not want to overspend, you always have the opportunity to choose from a catalog of finished projects you like a variant designed for the construction

of metallokarkasnoy technology.The chosen project, you can make changes and adjustments, such as a wall or a move to increase the room it will cost less than the cottage design from scratch.

frame building

basis of pre-fabricated buildings is a rectangular frame made of high-strength metal profile.Vertical and horizontal designs because of its rigidity adapted for mounting external and internal cladding, as well as for the installation of interior partitions, doors and windows.

All metal products in manufacturing plants more protection against corrosion in two ways:
1. The metal is treated at an early stage by hot-dip galvanizing.
2. Cover the metal corrosion mixtures or enamels.

metal used for construction can be both standard and made of a thin profile.Thin-walled sections of its beneficial ease - reduce the load on the foundation that leads to its reduction in price;quick assembly that does not require welding.


After the erection of the framework to build walls, doors, windows, floors, roof.That is, all of the building envelope, which form the internal and external appearance of the house.There are two types of walling sandwich - panels and prefabricated.


Ready skeleton is sheathed outside the trapezoidal sheet, and then the entire structure is laid insulation, such as mineral wool which is laid on a layer of waterproofing, all sheathed with boards and then made interior of the house.Such time-consuming construction of the wall in the assembly, but well insulates the building.

Sandwich panels

Sheathing sandwich panels consist of galvanized sheeting with a protective polymer coating.The filling can consist of panels of mineral wool, polystyrene or polyurethane foam.Most often, all over the world as a filler sandwich panels polyurethane foam.

Sandwich panels - a very practical and relatively inexpensive material.It consists of two profiled sheets between which is a layer of insulation.The size of panels and varies depending on the frame of the building.On request they can be painted in any color.

They compare favorably with prefabricated primarily by the fact that their use significantly reduces the time of installation of the building and, more importantly, reduces the cost of capital construction.In addition, they have good fire resistance, good thermal insulation, environmentally friendly and resistant to unfavorable external environment.

advantages in the construction of prefabricated buildings

Houses made of metal frame Compared with traditional methods of construction of houses pre-fabricated buildings have several advantages.

First of all, the project accurately counted and the number of types of elements that are needed to build the house.It calculates the weight of the assembly and made an accurate calculation of the future of the foundation, thereby reducing the cost compared to conventional construction.

Due to the fact that the lightweight and compact design, reducing the amount of transportation costs, and significantly reduces construction time.

Under construction steel buildings do not require the use of heavy equipment to the site is given a minimum of space, there is the usual dirt and noise that always accompany construction.

lack of "wet process" allows the installation of the objects round.During the construction there is no need to wait until the solution hardens and typed his strength, what happens when the traditional construction of the house.With steel structures can be erected long spans without supports.

When assembling such structures are virtually no welding, since the entire installation is carried out exclusively bolted like a great designer that provides high precision assembly of all components and joints of steel structures.
to all elements of the design of your home, from the foundation, frame, walling and finishing system is organized drainage from the roof, is easily combined with each other, all the parts must be ordered from the same manufacturer.