Advantages of plasterboard

By Admin | Building Materials
20 April 2016

Someone inclined to traditional plaster, someone thinks that it is easier and cheaper to sheathe the walls of wood or plastic panels.But more and more craftsmen and builders prefer modern and comfortable plasterboard.What, in general, it is not surprising, since drywall has many indisputable advantages.

Drywall - the best sheet material, with which you can quickly build walls, and the walls are leveled to the ideal state.And, unlike the popular plaster, such work will leave much less time, because they do not have to wait until the wall is dry, after mounting surface is ready for final finishing wallpaper or tiles.Plaster, of course, also possible to achieve smooth walls, but if you think about it a long, time-consuming and not very clean process.Another important advantage of the gypsum board is that the sheets have standard dimensions for length, height and thickness, and this in turn ensures accuracy and compliance with the parameters of the repaired areas is simplified and calculation amount of


Environmentally friendly and non-toxic building materials are concerned not only builders, but also each person doing repair - because he has to live in the new interior.From this point of view, to the drywall can not make a claim as this decoration material is made from natural components - gypsum board.The GCR no toxic substances, as often happens, for example, chipboard, the bulk of which are at the heart of formaldehyde glue.Plasterboard is able to regulate the humidity room, because they absorb excess moisture and conversely releases it when the indoor humidity is lowered.Sound and heat insulation constructions of GCR can be improved by adding an extra layer of insulation lining.

However, the most important quality for which the value of drywall - is its flexibility and plasticity in the literal and figurative sense.GCR can take any form and is suitable for the construction of structures of varying complexity, such as vaulted ceilings or mogourovnevyh, niches, columns, fireplaces imitation, furniture, and more.With it convenient to zone the room and give it an unusual shape, and play with light.Even ordinary partition or a niche, executed with imagination, can give your room a unique look.The so-called "arch" plasterboard (thickness 6.5 mm) is indispensable in the construction of all kinds of curved structures - arches, cylindrical columns, curved ceiling edging.Plasterboard space allows you to change the room without much effort and time consuming, significantly saving estimated total repair, and indeed indispensable when it comes to design and innovative solutions room layout.

Perhaps not everyone knows that the gypsum boards themselves, which is manufactured by Knauf, there are different kinds of as intended, because of the properties.So, for walls of premises, as well as for the construction of walls, the standard gypsum board.For bathrooms and other damp rooms is better to choose water-resistant gispokarton (gypsum plasterboard).It contains additives reducing moisture absorption, does not separate and does not lose shape.In addition, the sheets are produced elevated fire resistance and sheets with special X-ray properties.

drywall often blamed for the fragility and the inability to mount on the walls of the GCR heavy objects.However, such criticism is no longer relevant.By using the technology of drywall and veneer surfaces, using embedded elements and traverse wall can withstand loads of up to 150 kg per 1 meter.

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