Why the well needs a home

By Admin | Building
21 April 2016
House for a well on the site will not only serve for your water source protection from debris, dirt and rain, but also can be a great part of the decor.The market today offers the owners of plots and country houses a huge variety of designs manhole houses, from simple gable roof to a real massacre tower.However, many users FORUMHOUSE agree that it is much more practical and fun to build a small house for a well or wells with submersible pump yourself.This is not difficult, and purchased cheaper options, and allows you to display their design fantasies.
construction house many forum users are advised to start with a project that can be drawn in any of the currently popular computer programs or just on paper.Pre traced any project, even the most simple at first glance, construction, greatly facilitates its implementation and helps avoid many mistakes in the process, the user is sure blackschmied:
- The project will help to determine in advance the desired proportions of the house, drawing th
e individual parts will give the opportunity to do them in parallelwith others.Also, it is convenient to calculate the coupling together of individual elements.
House forumchanin have eventually turned out very original, but functional.Detailed account of the realization of the project with a detailed description of all the works, materials, schemes and photos, he shared in this forum thread.
Before you begin, it is important to determine the design concept of the future of the house: whether it will be open or closed on all sides, as the gate will be located, what materials will be used, etc.But before you proceed directly to the installation of the structure, it is necessary to inspect and condition of the well.Perhaps it will have to be cleaned, or to strengthen the protection against ingress of surface waters - refurbish a clay castle, the ring wall waterproofing process.
«correct» Sump house must:
Tightly close the well and prevent the ingress of dust, leaves, blades of grass, insects, etc.
protect the well from the rain, melt water, waste products of rodents, birds and animals.
Allow the well to "breathe."
Have lifting device for collecting water bucket.
be durable and do not require frequent maintenance.
most often as the main material for building houses Gameday choose wood, preferring larch: it is durable and resistant to moisture.However, many of the building that is at hand, but in any case, wooden structures require mandatory treatment antiseptic impregnation.Here's how a master Kolodeznikov Samodel:
- polished material soaked in antiseptic night, then land, then I put or render a couple of layers of impregnation, and then collect nodes and nanoshu three or four layers.If you just miss the mark with antiseptic, then your long sump house does not protect any preservative washed away, including condensate, which in a well in excess of the winter and summer.
simple and economical option "upgrading" of concrete rings of the well - to sheathe his wooden "face."The original version of "well-barrel" offers the user under the nickname RomanKul : riveting barrel simulates lining, sewn well ring.
- Wall paneling fastened together by a metal band on the top and the bottom (you can also in the center), doing it on the table.The result was a flexible strip of wood, which is equal to the circumference of the ring.Then this band wrapped the ring well.
Many also draped top ring natural stone, but here you need to be very careful.The problem is that when the upper ring obkladyvaetsya stone, it naturally becomes wider than the other.In the spring, when the earth moves away from frost and rings well under its own weight shift downwards the upper ring can "hang" on the rocks, and thus, between him and the second ring a gap through which the well will get dirty water.
height of well log must be about a meter that after lifting the bucket can be safely bend over and get it.
Often, worrying about how to winter in the well water is not frozen, the owners are trying to warm a house of foam or other materials.Experienced Gameday warn that this should not be done.Just need to insulate the top and the second top ring of the well, then the water is not freezing.
- insulated house pointless and dangerous, especially the foam and junk type of padded jackets.Often, after such thermal insulation has to be cleaned well.The foam is very fond of the mouse ...
best roofing sump house users FORUMHOUSE feel soft roof: it is easy to installation, it is a long and impressive looks.But the metal - a material for the roof of the unwanted.
- Metal is not suitable - it is beautiful, but dangerous.The roof is low, the corners are sharp.I know the sad case where a man, like a knife, cut through his shoulder.First we need to think about those who have children ... Ideal soft tile.
for diversion of water from the well is now used by many of submersible pumps, and therefore abandoning traditional gate with a bucket.And in vain: the first, gate rescue in the "fire" cases - when a power failure or malfunction of the pump.And secondly, the classic, traditional well - it is also beautiful.
most optimal, proven for centuries option lifting gate - well dried logs of hardwood, preferably alder, pine, spruce.The optimum diameter - about 20 centimeters.The edges of the beam it is necessary to fix by pulling the metal tape.
Members FORUMHOUSE «hide" in fancy houses not only the wells, and wells, and standpipes.User irusya8 well located three meters from the entrance to the house - very much like that it does not spoil the view from the porch, and therefore it was decided to disguise its decorative structure.In the end, it turned out twice as functional: in the split-level house-mill is located at the bottom of a well, and on top - Petrol, helping out the family during a power outage.
A forumchanin Aleyt from materials left over from the construction of the house, built a house on a drinking fountain.
- From the twisted remnants of the board frame sheathed block house, painted.For the roof roll material used hedge.They are made of cane, bamboo, and I bought out of some bushes.Roll sawed and lapped laid before this sheet was OSB surface waterproofing.
projects, design and construction of manhole houses nuances of different materials Gameday discussing this topic.Here you can see the step by step implementation of the project Pit wooden house with a gable roof.To learn how to make sump gate here.To learn how to dig a well, this video will tell.And in this video - Tips for proper operation, maintenance and repair of wells.Manhole design options houses - in this article.