Concrete poles for the fence.

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20 April 2016

Followers site FORUMHOUSE well aware that the fence, in addition to protecting function, is also a decorative element.

Qualitatively made the fence becomes the hallmark of the house and land.

We have already talked about how the idea of ​​a vegetable garden and how to build a reliable fence on the ground, exposed to the forces of frost heave.

Despite its apparent simplicity, the erection of the fence - troublesome and costly.Often, under the fence poles are used metal pipes.Despite the ubiquity and ease of installation, these columns are not without drawbacks.The metal may corrode in the exit site of the soil column, and a thick-walled metal profile quality is very expensive.

One alternative to metal poles can become self-made monolithic concrete pillars.Despite the increased complexity of manufacturing such poles, they have advantages over metal:

  • Concrete poles are characterized by high strength and durability.
  • column, to give any size and cross-sectional shape.
  • The concrete pole can zamon
    olitit at the correct height mortgages elements: anchors, hinges needed to secure the web fence, gate and gate.
  • Inside concrete pillar can hold hidden wiring required, for example to connect the motor sliding gate.

There are two basic technology of concrete pillars:

1. Fill pole with concrete into the formwork at the installation site.

2. Making post on the site and its subsequent installation on location.

consider the first method.First, it fits the reinforcing cage (b.p. concrete has low bending strength, and steel reinforcing structures) of the three or four steel bars, which is then lowered into the ground in advance proburёnnuyu well.

After this part of the column, which is in the ground, filled with concrete.Then, when the concrete strength of the pick up is set formwork and topped portion of the column, which is above the ground.

formwork can be:

  • Round shape, for example, made of metal pipe.To concrete is gripped with the walls, they may be a mixture of fluff lubricating oil and diesel fuel.
  • Square shape - brought down from the boards.In this case, the board inside lined with thick polyethylene film, "targets" in the stapler.

main problem monolithic casting the entire height of the column is the complexity of vibration poured concrete.To properly provibrirovat it, you can use punch running in the "hammer".Or use a method called "shtykovaniya" solution with the help of long fittings.

These methods do not provide 100% assurance that the solution does not remain set shells containing air, which significantly reduces the strength of the concrete.The solution may be the use of a sliding formwork.

she does so - is taken meter piece of pipe grinder and cut lengthwise into two parts.Parts of the shrink tube with each other bolt clamps.

After concrete is poured and set them strength formwork dismantled and rise above - to its lower part a few centimeters covered the top of the column is already cast.

So, step by step, the whole column is filled to the desired height.

Despite the complexity and increase the time to work (before you fill the upper part of the column is necessary to wait until the "grab" the lower part), the method makes it possible to achieve a good quality of vibration of the mixture.

also one of the variants of such filling can be use as a formwork ordinary plastic pipe.


- To fill posts under the fence, I took a red PVC pipe with a diameter of 160 mm.Reinforcing cage pillar - 3 steel rod with a diameter of 8-10 mm.Wells diameter of 190 mm I drilled a manual drill to a depth of 75-80 cm (depth of soil freezing in my 70 cm).Concrete for the foundation pillars poured into the sleeve of the roofing material, coiled in two layers.At the bottom of the well I made an extension, like the foundation TISE diameter of 22-25 cm. As the backfill used sand from gravel fractions 3-15 mm.

first pillar forumchanin poured mixes.Value: 3 parts sand to 1 part cement M500, but then he changed the proportions of the mixture, taking 1 part cement M500, 2 parts sand and 2 parts gravel fractions 3-15 mm.The height of the pillars of the earth turned 195 cm. Forumchanin estimates, the cost of this pillar is 200 rubles.Last winter showed that the technique works - POST kicked and twisted.


- My friend and I decided to pour concrete fence posts.As formwork used in napilenny size sheet OSB 150x150x2100 mm.And that on the pole turned rustication, inside casing wedges screwed 20x20 mm.Concrete was taken from the factory - M200.Total flooded 51 concrete pillars.Frankly - from an aesthetic point of view, these columns look much better than metal!

Another option fill the post in place can become a method without the use of a sliding formwork.In this case, concrete is poured into the prepared form - permanent formwork - asbestos cement pipes.The general scheme of filling this post looks like:

  • Garden borer is a hole in the ground to a depth of soil freezing.At the bottom of the well is an extension for "anchoring" the base column.

  • ruberoid inserted in the hole, "shirt", coiled into a cylinder.Diameter "jacket" to be a few centimeters larger than the diameter of the asbestos cement pipe.

  • The well established reinforcement cage.It is not established until the bottom of the hole.It is necessary to create a protective layer of concrete between the earth and fittings.
  • Ruberoid "shirt" concreted.
  • The "shirt" filled with cement, vertically installed asbestos cement pipes - so that its lower part was in the solution.The pipe is fixed struts.

  • Once the mixture hardens, asbestos-cement pipes concreted up to the top.

second option is the manufacture of concrete pillars - cast into shape and further installation of the finished product in proburёnnuyu well.To do this, going samorezah wooden box the size of a future column.Wall formwork lined with plastic wrap or a plastic obbivat.Also, for such a formwork can use laminated plywood.The box is laid reinforcing cage and the concrete is poured.After hardening mixture formwork understands and we get ready to post, which is then set in place.

With this method it is possible to produce shaped columns, for which concrete is poured into a specially molded formwork.

The main drawback of this method lies in the fact that the manufacture of a massive, heavy pillars for its installation may require the use of special equipment.


- I did concrete pillars measuring 100h100h2300 mm under the netting.Triangular knit reinforcement cage and welded from 3 bars 8th valves.On a six-meter edging formwork I took planed.I sawed it and collected boxes that put on a flat surface, and below them spread film.In the center of the formwork tightening screwed bar to avoid being raspёrlo when pouring concrete, then poured a solution.Technology installation of the finished column guileless - garden drill hole is drilled with a diameter of 14 cm, placed pillar cavities filled with sand mandatory layered tamper and pouring some water.

forumchanin As experience has shown, the pillars of this section are suitable for installation of netting, while a heavy fence is necessary to increase their size.For example, to make a cross-section poles 120h120h2500 mm and the reinforcing cage of the tie rods 4 10th fittings.

matter which column is taken - a metal or concrete, its cross-section and, accordingly, the bearing capacity depends on the intended n Loading Your.It is necessary to take into account the weight of the fabric of the fence, the wind load.

Metalloprofil has a low weight, but also a large sail.Mesh netting, on the contrary, it has a small sail.

therefore kindly requested to take into account all the nuances that are not subsequently engage in costly rework.

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