Shingles: Myths and Reality

By Admin | Building
19 April 2016
Shingles - one of the most popular to date, roofs.The versatility of this material allows us to use it for roofs of any complexity and used to update the old roofs.
However, despite the fact that the number of roofs covered with bitumen roof shingles, multiplied year after year, some homeowners still refer to this material with a grain of salt.To opt for the soft roof they often interfere with the myths that during the years of the triumphant march of bitumen roof shingles accumulated a lot.But as far as they correspond to reality?
first myth. bitumen and other materials and components used for production of shingles, are harmful to health.
actually. applied for the manufacture of bitumen shingles are non-toxic and do not emit toxic substances.This also applies to the natural, and are derived from petroleum, and to modified asphalt (namely, they are used in the production of high-grade shingles).For example, safety shingles TekhnoNIKOL SHINGLAS FEZ is certified, which means that it
includes no toxic and harmful to human health.
second myth. Bitumen - combustible material, roofing material based on it a fire hazard.
actually. Shingles is characterized by a high level of fire safety, its technology provides for the mandatory inspection of material flammability.So, thanks to the basalt cover compliance with fire safety tiles TekhnoNIKOL SHINGLAS confirmed by all necessary certificates.No sparks and embers from the furnace or chimney, or fallen on the roof of firecrackers and fireworks, and the heat from the burning wood is not able to cause harm to the coating of the shingles.
In addition, shingles - an excellent electrical insulator for a roof does not require grounding.
third myth. Installation of shingles - a complex and long process that only by professionals.
actually. Installation of shingles not difficult for a person to do a customized repair and carry out the construction of their own hands.Especially since it does not require special tools and equipment, and the material - it is compact, easy to take to a place of work.Tile TekhnoNIKOL SHINGLAS, among other things, equipped with a frost-proof self-adhesive layer, which makes it easy and convenient stowage.The most important thing - to strictly follow the installation instructions and requirements of the technology of building the roof.Numerous examples of successful self-installation of a soft roof and useful recommendations can be found in this thread FORUMHOUSE.
Myth Four. Installation of shingles only possible during the warmer months.
actually. to work in the cold season, when the temperature drops below five degrees Celsius is necessary to maintain the package with tiles in a warm place (about 20 deg. Celsius) is not less than a day and serve on the roof of 5-6 packages.Any roofing works with any type of roof being to - 20 degrees.Celsius - safety requirements.
fifth myth. Shingles - a fragile material and the roof of her extremely delicate and requires special care.
actually. Roof shingles from strength superior to most other roofing.Tile has a shock-absorbing properties, it is placed on a solid crate, so quietly and carries a large degree, and even thrown stone.And due to the fact that after laying the shingles quickly sintered together to form a monolithic coating, roofing resistant even to strong winds and did not pass water.But, of course, like any other coating, roofing shingles should be handled with the owner's treatment.For example, to drop off her snow should use light, wooden shovel and dirt and dust from accumulating the years of operation between the particles spreading basalt tiles, roofing easily washed water pressure.
durability of the coating is also impressive: the leading manufacturers of shingles installed on your warranty 10-30 years, and for some products TekhnoNIKOL SHINGLAS the warranty period is even 50-60 years.
Myth Six. roof covered with shingles, look impressive only in pictures in advertising.
actually. Today shingles, perhaps the most beloved designers roofing material.Indeed, its plasticity and the ability to take any form allows you to build a roof of any complexity and to bring to life and the most ambitious project.The building with a rounded roof, the house with a loft cottage with mnogoskatnoy roof - no geometrical form is not a problem for shingles.Plus, the shingles have the widest palette of colors and shades, as well as various forms of cutting.For example, in the range TekhnoNIKOL SHINGLAS currently 6 different forms of cutting, and the color palette is represented by 62 flowers.For such a wide range of professional gives scope for self-realization, and for the customer - a reflection of your own personality, creating a home unlike any other.
Myth of the seventh. Shingles - expensive coating is not everyone can afford.
actually. At a cost of shingles refers to roofing covering the medium price segment, most available stewards.Leading manufacturers offer a wide range of products - from budget to premium models feature increased performance and a variety of designs.In addition, the properties of the material can significantly save on installation.Firstly, because of the light weight application of shingles not require reinforcement of bearing structures of the roof, walls and foundation.And secondly, flexible tiles - almost waste-free material, the scrap rate during its installation in the most difficult in terms of the geometry of the roof, in the worst case is reduced to 5% of the total.
a matter of choice, installation and operation of various types and models of soft roof Gameday discussed in this section.In this theme - features a discussion and exchange of experience at the choice of bitumen roof shingles.About how to properly stack soft shingles, says this video.