Constructivism: in search of new forms of

By Admin | Building Materials
18 April 2016

he takes his start in Russian Futurism.Ignoring inaction contemplation European modernist constructivists set out to study the interaction, or confrontation of different geometric shapes.The purpose of the Creator in constructivism was, trying irreconcilable, creating a new space, filled with unusual futurist geometry.Today this task is accomplished by everyone who works with sheets of plasterboard Knauf.In this sense, the German brand can be safely attributed to themselves Constructivists.

The architecture is characterized by the supremacy of constructivism straight lines.The purity of the geometry of space is built with dry construction.At the beginning of the 20th century experiments with geometry means taking constructivists reality only rethinking and creative transformation.This was the mission of the people - not to go to, and in conjunction with others, to conceptualize and build a new world order.

However, in the camp of the Russian Constructivists split: some called for the pure art, c

alled the other producers.By the way, the last work was better known to the masses.Suffice it to recall about Alexander Rodchenko, El Lissitzky, or whose works take pride of place in famous museums around the world.The manufacturers have tried to combine human and machine.It coordinated the work of these "cogs and Shpuntik", in their opinion, it had to bring the arrival of the bright communist future.But it is the ideology of the Constructivists had no idea of ​​the totalitarian suppression of the individual.On the contrary, they emphasized that for the general case is important everyone.It is not surprising that with the advent of totalitarianism in the 1920-1930 biennium.Constructivist ideas declared insolvent and change the style of the Soviet Union came to Stalin's empire.

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