Kindergarten in my garden

By Admin | Building
19 April 2016
Adults will always find something to do at their summer cottage.With children is more complicated: not yet mature first crop of berries, and you can get bored.To the child in the area has always been interesting, he needs a place to play and his own personal territory.FORUMHOUSE Members are well aware, and not by chance the topic of design and construction of children's playgrounds so popular on the forum.
No matter what age children is based gaming complex, the main condition - a playground should be safe.Avoid complex design structures using stone, metal, glass and electricians, but a place for the site must be chosen, as far as possible away from the farm buildings, greenhouses, windows and thorny shrubs.The site must be well protected from the wind and located on the sunny side.However, there are a lot of hours in the sun, too bad, so we need to make sure that part of the territory of the complex game day for a few hours left in the shade, or to provide indoor shadow area: house, canopy, a
Another important point: a place in the area need to try to be chosen so that its "inhabitants" have always been in front of your eyes.Well, if the gaming complex will be viewed from the window or on the porch at home: you will be calmer and safer for children.
Ideas for gaming systems there are so many, but in any case, the implementation is best to start with the project: draw the layout plan of the future platform on the basis of its size, materials, age and interests of its future owners.Dimensions of the main structures - swings, sandboxes, slides, and so on - must be calculated, necessarily focusing on the child's age.For children from two to five is enough slides and swings up to one and a half meters and sandbox 1,7h1,7 meters.Younger students need to have a mound of 2.5 to 3.5 meters and 2.5 meters from the swing high.
regardless of size, to the security of the front and rear of the swing is necessary to provide at least two meters of free space.
for resettlement sites are often bought ready-made game design - so much easier.However, users FORUMHAUSE mostly prefer to build a playground with his own hands.So, instead of the standard designs, there are original places for games that are not only popular with children, but also become an ornament of the site.
Members Active kvv68 made space for her granddaughter on his own project, approved by her mother and grandmother.Ramp for slides and sports complex bought ready, the other elements made from a tree.The plans - to make a rope bridge between the pads and rope.
- The site received the "too big", precisely because proschityval all sizes with the possibility of an adult to come and monitor the child's actions.Perimeter planted grass.Granddaughter of the work took.
to gaming area, it is important to choose the soft security cover to protect children from possible injury during a fall.This can be a special soft grass or synthetic surface.Sometimes it is used for this purpose and sand, then the whole area turns into a big sandbox.
Family new posts Lolaku2 built on the site of the remains of the gaming complex formwork and the rafters renovated old house.Construction stages she described in this topic.As a coating using just sand, plank floors especially with a gap to the sand fall through the cracks, but still soon realized that this is not the best cover.
- We still play on the court and all the neighborhood kids, and we too, the crowd difficult sandbox them little.In wet weather, the whole house in the sand, and after the rain, too, the vertical pillars are covered with sand, but in dry weather can quickly whisk broom all.
When all device platforms embedded elements, supports for swings, slides, a house, etc.They must be well secured.They should deepen into the ground no less than half a meter and concreted.
sandbox for the kids - perhaps the simplest element in the manufacture of children's playground.Standard sizes - two by two meters and about 0.4 meters deep.At half the depth of the cushion fall asleep drainage gravel, pebbles or building rubble, close geotextile and filled 20 centimeters of sand.It is best to take the river sand, advise friends, the career may occur in contaminants.In any event, the sand should contain no extraneous large fractions of stones, glass, etc.So before backfilling in the sandbox it is necessary to sift.
sandbox to make good cover, which it will be closed for the night.The cover protects the sand from the excess moisture and debris.
independent production of children's slides - a task much more difficult.You will need to take care of the safety and durability of all the elements: handrails, ledges, columns, calculate the correct angle slope.For safe slope length of slope slides should be twice the height advised Gameday.For example, if the ramp length of three meters height hills should not exceed one and a half meters.The optimum angle of slope slides - 25-30 degrees.
Material ramp - a very important thing.Purchased plastic skates are good, but not cheap.Scat wood must be perfectly polished and lacquered for outdoor.The coating should be inspected regularly: lacquer wears very quickly, there may be a burr, and splinters.Some forum users covered slope slides suitable for the size of the segment of linoleum.This simple budget option and not all approve of: linoleum wears quickly, and quite heated by friction.Other options - galvanized steel sheets or stainless steel.For slides it is necessary to provide lateral protection bumpers.
require close attention as all connections and mountings mounted and suspended structures Playgrounds: swings, ropes and other "lazalok."Durability and reliability of fasteners should be regularly checked.
All wooden parts of the playground should be thoroughly sanded, coated and treated with protective varnish or paint for the exterior.
matter how many years did not have a child, he needs a cozy corner, where he will host and will be able to retire from adult moralizing.And for adults the construction at the site of the game lodge - a great opportunity to show imagination and at the same time find a use surplus materials.
- disassemble the old barn and out of the material that's built a house on the stumps.Dimensions 2,1h1,6 m height from floor to roof ridge - 1.7 m. To live himself.
DmitriyM built a house for children from pallets of silicate blocks.Four have gone on a pallet and two walls - the floor and roof.The roof is covered with Onduline.
Often children do not build houses on the ground and on supports made of beams or pipes - it turns out "hut on chicken legs."Too high supports are not needed, the optimum height - 70 centimeters.The best option to fix the house, set on pillars and beams - concreting, advises detu74 .Under the support of enough holes 30-40 centimeters deep, which sets the level and filled with concrete U-shaped anchor.A few days later, when the concrete strength will dial in to the anchor through bots attached bar-reliance.
User Forum Abdicator wall for their version of the game sheathed house block-house, and the roof built of yellow polycarbonate sheets: inside, even in the cloudy weather created a feeling of sunlight.
Members Active Magnumv first planned to build just a sandbox for the son, but learn from the experiences of other users FORUMHOUSE, designed and built out of wood a sports complex with a swing, a slide, a hammock, setkoy- "climbing frame. "Scheme his town, he willingly shared with other parents.
Different versions of the children's houses and playgrounds, the projects, the nuances of construction and other useful experience looking into this topic.Here - a description of the construction of the complex game with a sandbox, slide and swings for the baby.On the experience of building his own hands Children's playground on the site says that video.