Stalin's Empire style - the style of the glory of the builders

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18 April 2016

While nationwide specialists from American factories were built, the engineers opened the tractor, automobile, aircraft manufacturers and other businesses.

autumn of 1936, Stalin sent in the US Anastas Mikoyan - the people's commissar of food industry, so he borrowed foreign experience in the field of food production.As a result, the Soviet Union began to build meat plants, there were unprecedented for the Soviet consumer goods - doctoral sausage, milk powder, condensed milk, as well as the typical American products - sodas, chips, ketchup and other. Later, Mikoyan wrote: "It is hardly possible for two monthsIt has done more than our group did it.But each of us then, and sometimes even now - forty years later!- Is in your country any signs, echoes, traces of the work that has been done by us as a result of trips to the United States in the autumn of 1936 ".

not lagged behind industrialists and Soviet architects.On the personal order of Stalin, they began to explore the American neoclassicism.But it se

t the task before them to create such a building which would have eclipsed the splendor of the masterpieces of Western architecture - 103-storey skyscraper Empire State Building and one of the largest government buildings - Manhattan Myunisipel Building.However, interacting with foreign designers, Soviet specialists have concentrated only on the architecture and construction of advanced technologies have ignored residential and industrial premises.As a consequence, they did not immediately drew attention to the popular in those years in America Material - drywall.

great architectural projects, which later became Stalin's empire samples were realized only after the war.Then, in the first place we began to build skyscrapers.Parallel to experimenting with mass construction.In 1948 in Moscow were first fabricated homes made of concrete.At the same time they refused to wet plaster, which is much reduced deadlines for housing, and later developed into a technology of dry construction.In the same period, the first time began to use drywall.The first building constructed with it, was the home of sculptor Sandy Rosenfeld on the square.

In 1949, by order of the Moscow City was launched Pavshinsky plant, equipped with American technology, on lend-lease program.Just here we began to produce the first domestic drywall: flat sheets of gypsum-based and starch.During the year it produced about 5 million sq. M.meters of the material.

history of the original drywall began in the USSR in the 1960s, when it was purchased a license for the production of GCR brothers Alfons and Karl Knauf, they are from the late '50s focused on the issue of plasterboard in Germany.That German manufacturers instilled Pavshinskoy plant German quality standard.Today it is a company in Krasnogorsk near Moscow led the rest 78 KNAUF, built on the territory of Russia.

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