Secrets of laying shingles

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18 April 2016

about how to lay the shingles, written many articles.The technology is understandable and accessible for self-repetition.

However, there are points that you should pay attention, no matter whether you mount the roof on their own or attracted to this construction crew.And best of all technologies, of course, can tell manufacturers.

about the secrets and nuances of laying shingles says technical director of "Pitched roof» Company TekhnoNIKOL RafaelSerazhetdinov .

So, from our material, you'll learn:

  • How to start installation shingles?
  • What is the insulation and ventilation of the roof?
  • How to style insulation and wind / vetrovlagozaschitnuyu film?
  • What is the secret of kontrbruska and sheathing?
  • How to mount a substrate for shingles?
  • How to style your shingles?
  • How to care for the soft roof?

1. How to start installation shingles?

Reliability From the roof depends largely on the overall life of the house.Shingles - durable and durable material, with, as in any stage of const

ruction of 50% of success depends on the quality of installation or properly designed roof.

Rafael Serazhetdinov:

- Before proceeding with the installation of shingles, it is necessary to develop the project and conduct a range of preparatory work.The only way to ensure that the roof will last a long time.

to mount a high-quality and reliable roof, you must adhere to the following plan:

  1. Development Project.
  2. preparatory work.
  3. mounting base and roofing.
  4. control of work performed.
  5. Periodic maintenance of the roof.

A clear adherence to these items ensures a long service life of the soft roof.Moreover, this approach can be used for any construction work.

2. requirements truss system

on careful preparatory work depends entirely on the life of the soft roof.To illustrate the steps of the installation of shingles can be divided into the points.

So, you first need to mount:

  • truss system;
  • insulation;
  • steam and waterproofing;
  • base under the roof (crate and solid floor).

only after the end of the preparatory work can begin laying shingles.

Rafael Serazhetdinov:

- Becauserafters bear the brunt of the roofing, they are subject to special requirements.The important point is reliable fastening rafters.Also I advise treated wood protective compounds.

truss system is not being built "by eye", and not "as a neighbor," and on the basis of a careful calculation, which includes the collection of data on wind, snow load and weight of the roofing material.Since

shingles has a small weight, it does not need a powerful truss system, such as a natural tile.

After roof system attempting to install vapor barrier film.

FORUMHOUSE Members are well aware of how to arrange vapor barrier, and what negative consequences can lead his absence.

noted a moment like laying vapor barrier film overlap with obligatory bilateral sizing seams taped.

3. How to style heater and fill kontrobreshёtku?

After installation, move on to installing a vapor barrier insulation.Before the installation of insulation between the rafter nailed a piece of wood that will keep the insulation boards.

Rafael Serazhetdinov:

- insulation thickness is determined based on the calculation of heating.

insulation boards should be laid vrazbezhku then close them moisture windproof film.Film fix kontrbruskom who stuffed over rafters.

Besides retaining windproof film, kontrburs forms vent, which is necessary for the ventilation of roof space and remove excess moisture.

For this bar is nailed on top of the rafters in parallel.If you fill kontrbrusok perpendicular to the rafters (and this happens), then in the future it will become an obstacle to the natural air flow (from the eaves to the ridge) in the roof space.

kontrbruska height - 50-75 mm, while its width is the width of the rafters.The height of the duct depends on the length and inclination of the roof.Thus, with shallow slopes less than 20 degrees the height of the channel - at least 75 mm, above 20 degrees - at least 50 mm.If you do not, it will be difficult natural air flow.

kontrbruska After mounting on top of it, perpendicular stuffed sheathing, which is necessary for securing a solid floor under the shingles.This crate ensures free flow of air in the space mezhstrapilnom, saves on Large-deck gun and the thickness of the latter.

lath used for edging or not edging board thickness of 16 mm.

All boards stray nails.It is important to remember that the length of the nail should be such that, breaking and crate kontrobreshёtku its spearhead entered the truss leg by at least 2-3 cm.

Rafael Serazhetdinov:

- All wooden elements of construction for protectionrotting and burning, necessarily processed ognebiozaschitnymi compositions.

4. How to prepare the base for laying shingles?

Shingles is laid on a solid, hard, smooth and dry flooring.The most common flooring - it OSB-3, to a lesser extent - grade plywood WBP.The thickness chosen for engineering calculations, depending on the area of ​​construction, shape of the roof, etc.For single and double layer tiles thickness Large-deck should be at least 9 mm, for a three-layer - at least 12 mm.An alternative type of tiles used for flooring or decking edged board with a relative humidity greater than 20%.

Rafael Serazhetdinov:

- To compensate for thermal expansion of OSB-3, plywood WBP stacked with a gap of 3-5 mm and attached with screws or nails ershёnnymi.After preparing the flooring is necessary to mount two types of carpet underlay: self-adhesive - in the places most likely leaks, they carry the eaves and valley;for the rest of the surface of the ramp - the usual backing rug with mechanical fixation.Since

material available in rolls, it is rolled from the bottom up, with transverse overlaps 10 cm and longitudinal - 15 cm. carpet flooring nailed special galvanized nails (3x30 mm) in the wide hat, every 15-20 cm.Places overlaps in the usual carpet coat with bitumen mastic.

After laying carpet underlay mounted gable trims.Cornice strip is mounted on a wooden deck.Beat them (in staggered increments of 150-200 mm) with the same nails as carpet backing.The strips are placed at the junction with overlaps of 150 mm and nailed two nails.

5. How to laying shingles?

Shingles is a small sized lightweight roofing material, it is possible to own styling, without resorting to outside help.For this purpose, the eaves, over the backing of the carpet, laid Konkovo-cornice tiles.Instead, you can use the usual rows of tiles, previously cut off from her lobes.

Konkovo-cornice tiles nailed to the bottom of galvanized nails with a wide hat at a distance of 2.5 cm from the edge.

Rafael Serazhetdinov:

- Becausethe color of shingles from batch to batch may be slightly different, I recommend to conduct the installation of 5-6 packs - is a feature of all manufacturers of shingles.

Laying the first row of shingles begins in mid-slope.Installation is carried out in parallel Konkovo-precipitous shingles.The second row is placed on the center.It is necessary to shift the left and right shake half lobe.Shingles nailed so that the bottom edge of the petals is flush with the top of the cut the first row.

To control the straightness install subsequent rows, you can make a layout base, pulling the thread or the skip producing lace.

Nails should score so that the body was setting at the base of the nail is strictly a right angle, and the bonnet is not recessed into the shingle, and was flush with the surface of the shingles.Learn about how many nails and where you want to score, please visit SHINGLAS.

Rafael Serazhetdinov:

- Mount the soft roof should be at ambient temperature of at least - 20gradusov.If the temperature is below 5 degrees, it is necessary to maintain the packaging in a warm place for at least the day and feed on the roof of 5-6 packs.When intense heat over the surface already laid tiles need to move on a special scaffolding.If you do not, on the surface of shingles can stay dents or marks obuvi.Esli is impossible to build a scaffold, the working day is divided into two parts, excluding the day when the sun is at its zenith.

Particular attention should be paid to tunneling through soft roof ventilation elements.

-through element is mandatory coat with mastic asphalt and nailed to the ground.Then the installation location is greased with mastic and made laying shingles.Tiles for a snug fit to the pass element is cut on the spot.

6. What is the ridge aerator, and how to care for the soft roof?

The final stage of laying shingles becomes mounted on the roof of a solid skate skating aerator.Ridge aerator is necessary for the free release of air from the roof space.

Rafael Serazhetdinov:

- Along the ridge saw out the slot width from 3 to 8 cm in a wooden platform.The aerator is fixed with galvanized screws.

After installing an aerator at him from above, fit Konkovo-cornice tiles.

to roofing shingles serve long, it is necessary to observe a number of rules for the care of her:

  • spring and autumn should be cleaned with a soft brush the roof of debris, leaves, branches, etc.This is not to use brushes with metal bristles or sharp objects.
  • For a free flow of water pre-cleaned gutters and hopper.
  • If winter had accumulated on the roof is too much snow, it is necessary to remove wooden spades, layer by layer, leaving at the end of a layer thickness of 10 cm.
  • also recommended to periodically inspect the roof as a preventive measure and, if necessary, to carry out its repair.

should be noted that a two-layer tiles similar problems with installation less.

Learn all about the installation of shingles on our website SHINGLAS.This topic explains how to mount the base under the shingles.And this video FORUMHOUSE users can learn about the features of modern roofing materials.

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