What do you have under the soft roof?

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17 April 2016
bitumen roof shingles is no coincidence as one of the most versatile roofing.It is suitable for private homes with roofs of any configurations, and for lodges and outbuildings for renovation of old roofs.Easy to install, impressive appearance and durability - in soft roof has lots of advantages.A wide variety of colors and textures allows you to choose tiles, suitable to any facade decoration, any architectural style and landscape.
also relevant to many option of using shingles easily and without any problems cut off the old roof, as we described in a previous article.
Shingles is now widely used for pitched roofs of any complexity and the different types of devices roof space: for cold attics, and for thermal insulation of residential lofts.Laying of the tiles and in fact, and in another embodiment is performed by the same scheme and is not difficult.But the preparation and installation of roof system in each case has its own characteristics.Let us examine them together with the users FORU
WORKPLACE "cool" loft - a simple and inexpensive option that is often selected householders or gardeners who do not need the additional living space or wish to save his arrangement.Of course, the functionality of the cold attic substantially limited if the warmer months it still serve a bedroom or children's playroom, the rest of the time will be only a "buffer" protecting the premises from the cold and dampness.But this is too much.But the arrangement of the attic under the roof of soft and saves money, time and manpower.
constructive simplicity and plasticity of shingles allows you to build with its application to the cold attic pitched roofs of any geometry, complexity and size.Driving - is extremely simple: the rafters nailed horizontal battens, and on it - the solid flooring Oriented strand board (OSB-3) or plywood WBP.Top deck closes carpet backing, which laid tiles.No special waterproofing, films and membranes paroizoliruyuschih not required: shingles itself forms a sealed cover and the carpet backing is an additional insurance against the ingress of moisture.
- Condensate using shingles does not happen, t. To. Dew point is in the middle of the material.There are no leaks, too: with the correct laying of tiles and a good scorching summer sun (slightly podplavlyaetsya bitumen) becomes monolithic roof.
Such constructive scheme of arrangement cold attic used, for example, in the TN-Shinglas Classic, where the roofing shingles used TekhnoNIKOL SHINGLAS.
During installation you must strictly adhere to the technology, it will help to avoid problems - like consultant FORUMHOUSE Matilda .
- how to better monitor the installation, put a solid carpet backing and do not use film.Most often in trouble with leaks are weak in such places as skylights, and their cold attic there.And leaks from the attic is easy to determine.And you find a place - to fix.Soft roof is easy to patch.
During the construction of the cold attic Pay special attention to the organization of the ventilation system of roof space - warns the user Rostislav .Violation of the right ventilation mode is fraught with the appearance of condensation on the inside.
- need to ventilate the attic.Options enough: it can be skylights located opposite and open year-round skating ventilation, aerators.The eaves of the roof must be provided access to the outside air.The air temperature in the attic should be comparable to the street.
more expensive and difficult, but it is increasingly popular because of the comfort and functionality, the option - a full arrangement of the attic floor.Attic not only adds to the house of the living space, but also simplifies the heating main floor - of course, if it is properly designed and built in compliance with all building codes.Here, the work should be treated with the utmost responsibility: no superreliable coverage does not cover problems caused by errors in installation.
roofing pie to warm attic provides multiple layers of different materials that perform different tasks.All the elements necessary attempt to save one of them may subsequently result in intractable problem.The outer part of the cover is mounted along the same lines as the cold attic: shingles laid on the carpet backing, mounted on a solid deck.Flooring is located in the crate, and force the frame supporting structure is a truss system.
Here begins the subtleties: the installation of warm attic truss system is separated from the outer part of the roof membrane superdiffuzionnaya under which, on the filing of the attic, insulation is placed.
- mansard roof has its "loft", is it between the insulation and roof covering is called the ventilation gap.Heat rises from the premises, bypasses the vapor barrier and insulation, and is seeking to escape into the atmosphere.We will not discourage him and create all conditions for this - namely corridor for its smooth exit.
To do this, and serve superdiffuzionnye membrane (SDM): they have a high steam-power, and therefore can and should be laid directly on the insulation - so they work better.The membrane effectively contributes to the rapid removal of water vapor to the outside from the interior of the insulation and prevents its destruction.In addition, it prevents the flow of heat from the room, so - to improve the home microclimate.
How to put the membrane, so that it also served as an additional protection against possible leaks knows Consultant Matilda .
- superdiffuzionnaya membrane with good to put on without the rafters sag.Above, on the point of contact with the rafters, sticking tape strips.Then - kontrobreshetku fragments of the meter with a little.Conveniently cut kontrobreshetku length equal to the width of the membrane minus overlap.
Scotch is needed in order not to have spread from the fastening holes through the membrane to the rafters kontrobreshetki.Below the membrane is placed close to the heater.When installing insulation below need to make sure that it does not arched "hump".The inside of the heater is closed vapor barrier film: it cuts off the flow of moist air rising from below, preventing the formation of condensate.
As in the case of attic roofs, warm attics during the construction is necessary to leave a gap in the curtain parts and the air outlet in the ridge, dormers or aerators at the top of the roof.
With the right approach, the construction of the attic floor - a great way of arrangement of the attic space, providing greater freedom for planning and construction of dwellings.Use at the same time as the outer coating of flexible shingles simplifies the installation of the roof, and a huge range of colors and shapes allows you to soft tile roof attractive.
Finally - a few advantages of a soft roof, making the best use of it for cold attics, and to create a warm and cozy attic space:
versatility: it is possible the design of any configuration and atticsany area;
adaptability and speed of installation, a small amount of waste;
wide selection of colors, textures and forms of shingles;
reliability, durability and resistance to all types of inclement weather;
low noise;
environmental safety and flammability.
a matter of choice, installation and operation of various types and models of soft roof Gameday discussed in this section.In this theme - features a discussion and exchange of experience at the choice of bitumen roof shingles.About how to properly stack soft shingles, says this video.

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