Features and benefits of the two - and three-layer tile

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17 April 2016

Roofing new generation

roof - a business card of a country cottage.In recent years in North America in high demand special kind of roofing - two - and three-layer tiles.

According to statistics, in the United States and Canada every year laid more than 2 billion square meters.meters soft roof, and 65% of this amount falls on two- and three-layer tile.Now

bulk, or as it is called - an architectural roof, available in Russia.

What can explain the popularity of such multi-layered tiles?First of all, unusual, textured appearance with surround effect, which gives the roof of uniqueness and originality.A special production technology provides increased durability and reliability of the roofing, even in extreme climatic conditions in Russia.Tile SHINGLAS - is the flagship in the sea of ​​roofs.

features two- and three-layer tile

Understand what is the fundamental difference between two- and three-layer tile is best example.Take a soft roof TekhnoNIKOL SHINGLAS.Unlike conventional shingles, bas

ed on which there is only one base layer, the new material consists of two or three layers, which give the roof covering additional strength, moisture resistance and volume.3D-effect is achieved due to the special structure of the shingle and features of its production.

Technology of two- and three-layer tiles is as follows: the basis of the tile sheet is a heavy-duty fiberglass (specially woven fiberglass) which is covered on both sides with bitumen.Then the prepared granules are coated base.

Sprinkling consists of colored basalt granules, which does not crumble and do not fade when exposed to UV radiation.This is followed by sintering the layers together.

Three-dimensional tiles and texture is achieved due to the fact that the lower layer has a rectangular shape, and the top - shaped cutouts.The result is a double or triple shingles.A three-dimensional view of the roof is further enhanced by the use of granules of various colors and shades.

two- and three-layer advantages of shingles

Due to the structure of the material, from two- and three-layer tile completely exclude the possibility of scoring shingle with strong gusts of wind.

also eliminates the ingress of water under the shingles, which significantly increases the moisture resistance and durability of roofing.

two- and three-layer Lay the tiles can be even in the winter, at low temperatures.Additional layers

well protect the roof from damage and increase the level of noise isolation, that you will appreciate during hail or rain.

addition, high strength tiles allows you to walk on it (eg, installation), it can not be accidentally punctured, even if you drop a sharp object.

Two- and three-layer tile can be used for roof angles of 12 ° and negative angles.It can operate in temperatures ranging from - 70 ° C to + 110 ° C. This material is not afraid of increased snow loads, abrupt temperature changes, heat, rain and wind force up to 180 km / h.

Key features two- and three-layer tile:

  • Two- and three-layer tiles can be laid over the old soft roof that allows you to quickly reconstruct the roof and give the cottage a respectable appearance.
  • Shinglas can be used on the whole territory of Russia, in all climatic zones.The warranty period for shingles - 60 years.
  • the production of two- and three-layer tiles uses a special glass fiber reinforced base.This provides additional strength to the roof covering, sound and heat insulation.Due to massive
  • (two- and three-layer weight of shingles is from 12-15 kg per sq. M), the roof covering is highly resistant to significant wind loads, even without attaching a solid foundation to the roof.
  • With rugged two- and three-layer tile has good flexibility.It can be successfully laid on roofs with complex shapes.
  • use of two- and three-layer tile allows you to quickly mount a reliable and durable roof and completely transform the look of any home.

This topic clearly shows all the installation steps hipped roof covered with shingles.And this video FORUMHOUSE users can learn about all the features of modern roofing materials.

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