Competitive advantages of the roof shingles

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16 April 2016

roof - one of the most important structural elements of the house.Its reliability and durability has a direct impact on the level of comfort when staying in the cottage.I agree that no one wants to repair roofs after 3 to 5 years after it was mounted.

In disputes about how to choose a roofing material, broken a lot of copies.Some developers praise the steel roof, while others want to cover the roof of the cottage with natural tile, and others prefer to evroshifer.How to select the best roofing material?The answer is simple - it is necessary to compare them with each other.

Compare the main types of roofing materials

Modern construction market offers the following types of roofing materials:

  • Slate.Until now, a popular and inexpensive material.But despite the strength, incombustibility and a high degree of insulation, it does not meet modern requirements for roofing materials.Slate is difficult and often impossible to lay on roofs with sloping configuration.Appearance slate roof leaves much to
    be desired: the structure covered with slate, resemble outbuildings.Also slate - brittle material not withstand shock loads.It is noteworthy that the product is banned for use in Europe and the United States.

  • Ondulin or evroshifer.This material was invented in Europe for outbuildings such as barns, piggeries.It is produced from a mixture of bitumen and paperboard.Euroslate widespread due to its lightness, ease of installation and a large number of colors.But there are drawbacks: evroshifer not like sudden temperature changes and frequent crossing "0", characteristic of central Russia.Also this product has poor resistance to solar radiation, very quickly burn out and fade.On the gentle slopes of the moisture it swells.

  • Seam roof.It is considered one of the most reliable and durable, asduring its manufacture in metal galvanized sheets.Due to the special rebate so the roof is tight.The main disadvantages of standing seam roof - the material rusts and requires devices snow guards, which entails additional costs.

  • Metal.This material is formed from a steel sheet simulates a conventional tile.Despite widespread, metal, due to the large amount of waste disadvantageously use complex shapes on roofs.In addition, the roof has a low degree of soundproofing, for example, hear the rain drumming on it.Also among the shortcomings - a simple production technology, as a result - a lot of handicraft producers and, consequently, a lot of poor-quality goods on the market.Because of poor coating metal rusts, crumpled under the weight of snow cover due to the intricacies of the sheet.

  • Ceramic tile.The material, known for a long time.Ceramic tiles have a long service life, it does not burn and has a high degree of sound insulation.But this material has a high cost, it is not easy to install.Due to the heavy weight, ceramic tile has a greater burden on the walls and roof of the house, which leads to additional costs associated with high demands on the strength truss.

  • Roof.It is a small sized roofing material on the bitumen-polymer-based.The roof mounted from shingles, can be operated in all climatic conditions.She eventually does not fade in the sun, does not rot and provides a high degree of noise and waterproofing of the roof.The main thing is what you need to remember when installing it - accurately follow all stages of installation, recommended by the manufacturer.

Shingles and its benefits

Day by day, the soft roof is becoming increasingly popular among developers.To sum up the experience of users FORUMHOUSE, among the key advantages of the soft roof can be distinguished:

1. waste-free.

home today, with complex architectural form, nobody will be surprised.The towers, bay windows, breaking and domed roof - projects not considered.The question arises - what to cover the roof of complex shape?You can go through the standard - used metal roofing, but whether it is profitable?In addition, this material is easy to mount on a sloping roof, it has one significant drawback - a large amount of waste.

For example, the percentage of waste metal to the roof of the complex shape can be up to 60%.But the amount of waste shingles on the same roof does not exceed 5-7%.Although 1Q.m metal is less than 1 square.m. of shingles, as a result, even with the need to mount a soft roof on a continuous basis, on the roof of the metal will have to spend a large sum.

slate and ceramic tiles can be installed only on roofs with a slope of not less than 20 degrees.The angle for the metal should be at least 15 degrees.Shingles can be laid on the roof with an inclination of 12 degrees and the maximum angle of inclination exceeds 50 degrees.Moreover, shingles, observing certain mounting technology can be laid even on vertical surfaces such as walls.

2. Noise and waterproofing.

comfort of living in a country house depends on the details.For example, if you like the drumbeat that will knock rain on the roof, mounted in steel or metal?What to do?Engage soundproofed roof?The same option, but why spend the extra money if you can solve the problem at the stage of construction.

Unlike metal roofs, shingles - a material formed from five layers.Shingles is based on glass fiber impregnated with bitumen, which further increases the degree of its sound and waterproof.And sinceShingles glued together, the roofing shingles is transformed into a solid, completely moisture-proof carpet.From any mechanical influences material reliably protects the basalt crushed rock, part of the soft roof.

addition, shingles, in contrast to metal roofs, are not subject to corrosion.If the installation or operation of a metal roof on it were small chips or scratches over time can begin the process of corrosion, and the roof will leak.Also, the installation of metal, special attention should be paid to the joints and places where holes are drilled fasteners.Any deviations from the installation technology or negligent attitude to work can lead to a significant reduction in the life of a roof and the need for its early repair.

3. Reliability.

One of the main characteristics of the roofing is its life.The main advantages of shingles:

  • Practicality.
  • convenience.
  • reliability.

Due to production technology and technical characteristics of the materials used during installation, roofing shingles can withstand adverse weather conditions: snow, rain, strong wind, hail, crossings "0", and can be used in severe climatic conditions of Russia (in the range oftemperature - from -70 C to +90 C).The service life of flexible shingles is 60 years.Also, due to the rough surface of shingles in the winter with the snow it is not moving out.

4. The speed of installation.

Laying shingles is carried out on a solid surface (most often used for this purpose OSB).Sincelightweight material (packaging shingles are transferred manually), then there is no need to strengthen the truss structure already built homes.Shingles can be used as a means of quick renovation of the old roof.And the installation of a soft roof takes several days.

5. attractiveness.

Shingles is cut shingles with cutouts on the edge.Because of this effect is created cherepichin.On top of the shingles are color basalt gritting.Shingles, due to the large choice of shapes and colors gives a special appeal of any home.A wide range of colors allows you to choose the shingles to the roof of any shape and style.

Learn more about shingles on our website TekhnoNIKOL SHINGLAS.This topic clearly shows all the installation steps hipped roof covered with shingles.And this video FORUMHOUSE users can learn about all the features of modern roofing materials.

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