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16 April 2016

Private house for the most important attribute of a successful and modern family.Some decide this question: rental country house in the warm season, so you can rest from heavy everyday work.But most approaches the question is more practical: they are planning to build a house that will satisfy all the requirements of the family.
Once a thought about the construction of the first dilemma becomes: "What material is selected to build your own home?".

To answer this question we offer to identify the main criteria for the evaluation of existing building materials.


* The table was compiled on the basis of the statistical survey respondents during the exhibition "Wooden House 2015", held in Crocus Expo, journalistic and technical analysis data of modern technology suburban housing.

Each of these technologies has a positive and negative sides.However, if we talk about significant differences, in terms of price / quality / environment (that is, to consider the basic technical and aesthetic pa

rameters) is leading technology NATURI.

Wooden houses are very popular not only because of the provision of a healthy and comfortable indoor climate, but also due to other important parameters such as:

  • speed of construction;
  • unit cost of finished homes;
  • energy efficiency;
  • no mandatory requirements for finishing the interior and exterior walls.

All these parameters show a significant advantage in a group of wooden housing construction compared to other technologies.One of the traditional problems of wooden housing - a combination of three key features:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • stability;
  • energy efficiency.

For example, if we consider the house of laminated veneer lumber, is used in its manufacture chemical adhesive, although this house is conditionally stable.It is considered to be ecologically clean house from a log, but it requires a long contraction, and it is necessary to apply the system and sliding joints.Frame and SIP panels have good energy efficiency, but for them the big questions of sustainability and comfort of living.Combining all positive parameters could only be obtained in the vertical beam technology NATURI.Sustainability is ensured by using natural wood without the use of any glue.Stability is achieved in that the elements are arranged vertically.This eliminates shrinkage.Energy efficiency is realized the possibility of manufacturing the wall thickness up to 300 mm, and optionally 400 mm .. Moreover, all 300 mm provide a solid, monolithic wooden structure.

This technology was developed in 2000 by Austrian scientist and engineer George Ganaus.Main distribution of the Russian market technology NATURI received in 2008.At this time in the Kirov region it was built the first plant with the full technological cycle of production of housing sets using this technology.

To date, only in the Moscow region has implemented more than 100 projects in this technology.Changing the traditional view with horizontal beams to the vertical caused a positive resonance among architects and designers.A large number of requests from the regional construction companies to obtain dealership proves the popularity of construction technology Naturi throughout Russia.Significantly increase the demand and supply of housing sets for export in the maximum configuration (400 mm thick external walls of the project) in Europe.

For special lovers of ecology - technology NATURI allowing use of internal elements of the house cedar.This material is famous for its natural antiseptic properties and special flavor.The possibility of using external (street) Larch lamellae allows an order to increase the technological properties of the house, because, as you know, larch is resistant to environmental influences.It can not handle the additional protective impregnation.

Figure №1 *

* Cross-section of the wall on technology NATURI with internal cedar slats and external larch slats.

Domokomlekt NATURI technology is a set of wooden elements that have a special profile.It provides the connection between the vertical elements of a timber according to the "tongue and groove".Horizontal fixation is ensured by wooden pins.Filling elements of the upper and lower guide strapping ensure the stability of the vertical location of the timber when the relative humidity of the environment.

Ready domokomlekt packed in a special thermal film to protect the wood from moisture.Installation of home technology NATURI, for example, an area of ​​200 square meters on average carried out within 3-4 weeks.Then you can immediately start the installation of utilities and interior decoration of the house.

We should also focus on one particular wooden structures built on technology NATURI.The fact that after the assembly of the house for two months wood absorbs atmospheric moisture.As a result, beam expanding.As a result, the technological gap between the profiled elements are reduced, thereby providing a monolithic wall.

Specially designed projects NATURI technology can satisfy the needs of any customer.Adapt or develop individual project for a specific site and customer realizes architectural firm specializing in the technology.In the production domokomplekta on an individual project number and size of all elements domokomplekta expects engineering and design office.

Below are the features of homes built on technology NATURI:

  • stability of buildings.Maybe even multi-storey building without shrinkage (over three floors).
  • high energy performance, noise insulation and windproof.
  • natural ventilation (the house does not need mechanical ventilation).
  • walls of the house after the installation do not require additional finishing and insulation.
  • Reduces effects of electrosmog (radio frequency radiation).
  • special profile allows you to build a house of any shape, including - rounded.
  • Quick installation process.
  • Construction is at any time of the year.
  • technology is suitable for use in any climate zone.
  • compatible technology with the carcass structure.

only drawback of the construction of a vertical timber - a specialization Brigade, which is building a house.Specialists must possess special skills to build the wall kit.This task handle only trained team working under the supervision of an experienced foreman.

Learn more about the technology you can, ask a question on the official website of the company:

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For more information on assembling the house of a vertical bar, read this article.Visually on the construction of a vertical timber - in this video.

information provided "VistaStroyServis."The company offers its services in the construction and sale of homes NATURI in the Moscow region.

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